Monday, December 31, 2007

New Year ,Same Old Me

I don't have anything profound to say about the passing of one year to the next. I will say that 2007 has been without a doubt the saddest year of my life.
Usually I recognize the passage of time by the seasons. Summer is my favorite time, so I think of those three months as a gift to enjoy. I know not everyone likes the heat though, so I'm sure there are people who think of Autumn as a seasonal gift from above, loving the riot of colors and crisp days. Then there's Spring, full of promise. Winter, Hmm... not a big fan, but ok the snow is pretty for Christmas. (It could melt after that though.)
Today I will get out my new calendars. I have a Victorian themed wall calendar, brimming with images of all things Victoriana, themed for every month. Then there is my 365 cat's page a day calendar that I keep on my coffee table. I'm a loyal customer. I've been buying these two for many years.
I will say that I'm very glad I found so many fun wonderful and heartfelt blogs this year. There is so much pleasure to take in the "little things" in life and there is so much love to be cherished with our loved ones; animals and people. May everyone's New Year be Blessed. :)

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Cricket The Beautiful 2007

This is my Cricket monster admiring her favorite ornament. The picture was taken with my Husband's cell phone camera, but you can kind of get an idea of how pretty she is. :) I will probably use it again to capture pictures of my other fur babies, but the pictures could be better. Right after I took this picture the battery went down so I put it on the charger. Then, of course she decided to bat at the ornament and make it spin.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Celtic Women- Fairies

Do you believe? Enjoy. :)

Friday, December 28, 2007

Cabin Fever

Well, it is blowing and snowing here again in Michigan. My cat Cody is going completely buggy stir crazy. See, when it's nice out he likes to sit on our front porch, feel the breeze in his fur, then wander around the yard and sometimes the neighbor's yard if the dogs aren't out. All through the warmer months he and I walk around the yard and he "helps" me pull weeds, plant seeds and flowers and then we sit in the sun and let it warm our bones. He's a sweet little pal. Though he does like to put the bitey on me when I'm weeding or planting. I think it's the movement or maybe he thinks I'm playing. So yes when I screech in surprise it's usually not a bug. It's Mr.C attacking me. We're trying to encourage him to play with the cat toys, but mainly he eats and grumps around making frustrated sounds, sleeps and eats again. Poor kitty with Seasonal Affective Disorder.
While scrounging around yesterday I found some really pretty glass beads that I had forgotten about! I'm such a pack rat and living in a house with way too many rooms for our small family makes it even easier to loose track of things. I bought them at a craft store many years ago just as I was coming down with what turned out to be strep throat. Needless to say crafting was the last thing I felt like doing and somehow they were tucked away. How nice that I should find them now when I'm needing something to keep my self occupied.
It's so nice to read the kind comments from other people who love their pets and are so understanding of my melancholy posts. I'm trying to write about happier things. I don't want to depress anyone. I'm hinting for perhaps getting a digital camera during all of these post holiday sales. Then after I figure it all out I can show off my cute kitties. I'm afraid I'm very much a novice when it comes to technology. I'm pretty much a Victorian/Hippie Girl and my husband doesn't always explain things in simple terms. (He's a Vulcan) ;)
I'm going to go work on dinner and then enjoy some of the books and a very cool new magazine I purchased with my Barnes and Noble gift card that I got for Christmas. I'll tell you about the magazine next time. I will say it's one of those obscure ones that I have a tendency to find.
Here's to snuggling with our furbabies and tasty cups of tea.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Too Many Things, too little time

Usually this time of year I like to resume my crafting hobby that I abandon in the Summer. Well, this past Summer I didn't have any crafts to set aside, so if I want to craft I will have to start fresh. My fingers have been giving me a lot of problems, but I'm still going to try. Miss Peach's mommy, Karla showed some pretty paper crafting on her blog, so I'll start with that. I have some pretty papers, but I'll practice with construction paper first. I also want to try beading again. I used to make necklaces and bracelets. I like the really nice glass beads and they can be rather pricey, so I don't do it a lot.I also like to embellish jeans with ribbon and small decorative patches, which adds a nice touch of individuality.
One would think I'm a "Martha Stewart" with all the baking, crafting, and gardening I like to do, but actually most things I do don't come out any where near as perfectly as her projects. I just like to keep busy, because I'm stuck at home on disability because of rheumatoid arthritis. I used to work at a library, but putting books away ,pushing heavy carts around and being on my feet all day just put my body through the ringer. If I don't start the "heavy hitter "drugs soon, my hobbies will become difficult to manage too. I told my husband that when I can't get out of bed to take care of the kitties anymore then I'll go on the biologics. (They won't eat if he feeds them. ;0 )
Another Christmas gone. Another year will begin. I wonder what it will bring...

Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve And The Kitty Is Definately Stirring

Well, it's almost 10:00pm here and the house is fairly quiet, except for the t v. Oops, I spoke to soon; Cricket has decided to run around... and now she's alternating between eating her food and trying to bury it. *-* It's a cat thing? Cody, my gentle black bear of a cat is snoring away on my bed upstairs and Billie, my extra fluffy little girl is washing up after eating. My daughter is reading and half listening to the t v and my husband is doing a sudoku puzzle. He's getting a new one just in time tomorrow as he's almost finished with this book. I think in a bit I'll make some tea and read before going to bed. Tomorrow should be okay: Visiting, cooking and hopefully by late afternoon I can relax, maybe do some crafts and read some more.
I visited some of my favorite blogs today and as usual they made me smile and warmed my heart. I am so glad I discovered these lovely people and their beautiful, sweet kitties. Merry, Merry Christmas to Everyone!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Happy Solstice. Spring is Next

Isn't that video lovely? I was going to post a performance video of Sarah but then I saw this and it was so tranquil and pretty. I believe it was filmed in England. Today I went grocery shopping so I have all my ingredients to make Christmas Eve dinner. I celebrate Yule and Christmas. I like many of the kinder aspects of the Christian beliefs, just not all the hellfire and brimstone nonsense. Today is the Winter Solstice. Soon we will notice the days ever so slowly getting longer.
Ok, as I'm typing I hear Cricket behind me playing with the ornament again. Only that one. She loves to make it spin. =^..^=
I finished wrapping my husband's presents and he promised to help wrap Daughter's, so I will try not to worry. I'd like to spend the day reading and baking tomorrow, but we'll see. Usually if I plan too much I end up frustrated when it doesn't work out. I really would like a cheesecake for dessert on Christmas Eve though, so the baking should be done by Monday for certain.
Hmm, I see Cricket has become bored already. I think she would like some stinky goodness with cunchies on the side. That's how she likes her meals served and yes I know she's spoiled. :) After she has her treat I think I'll have some tea and a piece of chocolate from our Whitman's Sampler. No caramels or nougats please.

Sarah McLachlan - River

Merry Christmas...

Friday, December 21, 2007

The Sun Will Return and I Wait For It's Warmth

My little kitty Serenity jumps out of her basket to play with the cursor. It's so cute! "Mom, you do know she's not real?" Yes, but I love cute things like that.
I have so much to do yet. I haven't wrapped any presents and if I don't do it soon, I'll have to find a way to get Husband and Daughter away so they can't see what they're getting. Today is the last day before their respective Holiday breaks, so I need to get busy. I have been so tired and sleeping so deeply.
Last night I dreamed about Tookie. It was morning and I was feeding every one their canned cat food. I took out four small paper plates, just like I did before she passed and put food on each plate. I always gave her hers first and there she was, waiting so sweetly. She looked so healthy, her eyes were clear and as I gave her the food she began to eat. I stroked her soft fur and began to cry. She looked at me and I felt so much love from her. The other three kitties meowed for their food so I fed them. When I turned back to Tookie she had resumed eating and I think she was purring. I went to pet her again and then I woke up. I've been teary eyed all morning and my heart feels heavy. I'm trying to be happy, but I just cannot forget her and how much I love her. It's been six months since she passed and I'm still so lost. I didn't mean to go down this path when I started typing, but I guess it needed to come out.
Well, I better get some things done. The day is passing quickly and I don't have elves to help. Tomorrow is the Solstice. the Sun will come back soon...

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I'm Thinking of a Different Hobby

After watching last night's episodes of Paranormal State I'm thinking ghost hunting might not always be fun. They were dealing with some really scary entities. I hesitate to call them ghosts, because the families involved seemed to be quite distraught, terrorized actually. I'm okay with collecting voice phenomenon and infra red and digital pictures, but I don't think I want something evil challenging me to get rid of it. I would still like to see a ghost, but let's just keep it to seeing. I don't want it to say anything and I don't want it to try to scare me out of the house. *o* Nice ghosts only! (Yes I'm a bit of a scaredy cat.)
Speaking of cats, Cricket, my youngest kitty girl has decided that there is one ornament on the tree that is for her personal amusement. It's eye level with her when she sits on the arm of the loveseat and she delights in batting it and watching it spin. I don't think it will break if it falls because it will land on carpeting. She's so cute I can't bring myself to scold her for it either. If you really want to see some breakage go to Purrchance to Dream and read about Isis. That little kitty has been very busy. :) She's a small version of Cricket. I hope her butt doesn't get as big as Cricket's... Oh, speaking of the little stinker, she just sauntered into the room. I can see by the time that it's stinky goodness dinner time. I better feed the furbabies and clean the kitchen. And another day is done...

Friday, December 14, 2007


I adopted that little kitty last night. Isn't she cute? I named her Serenity because: 1, It's the name of the ship from one of my favorite shows Firefly, 2, It's a very pretty name, 3, I could use a little Serenity.
This weekend I have to go grocery shopping and finish shopping for gifts. It's so cold outside which means stiff joints for me. I'm thinking Holidays on a tropical island would be much nicer. Palm trees look so pretty with lights on them. :)

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Wandering through a Wednesday

Paranormal State On A&E Monday night was really good. I actually found it to be more intense and scary than Ghost Hunters and Most Haunted. I think it's because the young man who is the lead investigator is himself a very intense person. He seems to have some past issues with paranormal encounters that were eluded to, but not really discussed. He does seem to think that a particular "demon" is following him and has it out for him. He refuses to say this demon's name out loud. Very strange... I will continue to watch. The upcoming cases look quite interesting.
A few weeks ago in the grocery store I found an old "friend". Victoria Magazine is back and just as lovely and graceful as ever. This is a magazine to curl up with a cup of tea and just allow yourself to be taken on a tour of beautiful rooms, gardens, and little treasures that people collect and create. I missed Victoria when it went out of circulation and I'm pleased that it's the way I remember it.
The sun came out for a bit today and melted some of the ice. I'm ready to move right into Spring. I just can't get into a Holiday frame of mind this year. I know I'm depressed. I'm not ready to deal with it though. So, everyday I get up, keep busy, find things to keep my mind occupied, then go to bed and start it all over again. On the surface it seems like I'm coping, but it feels like I'm watching my self do all this normal everyday stuff and I'm outside of my body. It's as if my spirit has separated and is waiting for some kind of "permission" to take off and be done with it all. Sigh... Well that's a little to esoteric even for me. Is there any chocolate in the house?

Monday, December 10, 2007

Meandering Through Another Monday

After my husband and I did our shopping for our daughter Friday we went to the bookstore for some coffee and "decompression" from Holiday shopping. I found a magazine that sparked my interest. Haunted Times is geared toward those that have an interest in investigating the paranormal. There are articles about hauntings that have been investigated and articles about myths that may or may not be true. The editors never say outright that the hauntings are real or not. They leave it up to individual experience and scientific evidence. It's only published a few times a year and it costs over six dollars an issue, though it is pretty thick. I might pick up another copy sometime as I am a bit "ghost crazy" :)
I made a little progress on a new story I started. I still have two other works in progress, but I came to a wall with them for some reason. I really should get a memory stick to store all of them that are in my computer so far. Even though these stories may never see the light of day, it would be a shame to lose them. Well, reading blogs, commenting on blogs and writing in my own blog has added up to a very "bloggy" afternoon. I should get some house stuff done, so I can justify writing and maybe even fitting in a nap. (shh... don't tell, only my cats know I nap)

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Lighting Up A Cold Winter's Night

Our living room is looking very pretty. We have lights draped over our fireplace mantle and even though I bought them for Halloween (they are orange) they are casting a very nice warm glow. Our fireplace was built to be a coal burning fireplace so we do not use it. Our house was built in 1891 and it gets quite drafty in the winter. We close the pocket door between the front parlor and the living room and keep the door that opens to the front entryway and staircase closed too. The front of our house faces North, so you can imagine the wind. We have an artificial tree this year and it is sitting in the bay window of our living room. We were getting real trees every year, but I just didn't have it in me this year. The tree has white lights and some orange and purple toned ornaments and a purple and gold ribbon winds down the length of it. Sometimes my sleek and shiny naughty Miss Cricket will curl up under it. =^-^=
Oh, there's a new paranormal investigative show coming on Monday night. It's on A&E at ten I believe. It's called Paranormal State.
I would like to thank Miss Peach's Mommy for adding me to her blog role as Tookie's Mommy. She nearly lost her kitty this Fall and she understands... I'm trying, but when you've lost someone you have been with for 20 years, it's difficult to say the least. Well, later I will post some book reviews and talk about a cool magazine I found. Right now I better get ready for bed. It's 11:32 pm and I'm going to go to bed so Cricket can use me as her personal heating pad. :)

Thursday, December 6, 2007

I should clone myself

Ok, brrr! I've had enough cold weather now thank you very much! It's the kind of cold that makes the snow crunchy and leaves dangerously slippery patches outside the back door. Last night the weather man said that on this date in 2001 we had a high temp of 69! In Michigan that is an anomaly. I seem to remember my larkspur and pansies were still in bloom. It didn't last long, but it was nice.
My daughter's friends are starting to make requests for cookies and brownies for their Christmas presents. *0* Say what? Yes I do like to bake, in fact at one time I had wanted to be a pastry chef, but I'm not sure if I want to start baking for everyone that asks. I'm kinda flattered, yet I also know that I'm considered a bit of a pushover. I'll think about it. Maybe one batch of brownies and one batch of cookies that they can mix and match to share. I'm feeling like my personal time is disappearing again. I haven't been feeling well, but when I get a bit of energy I like to write. However, every time I start, I'm interrupted . (Yes my writing Muse is back) I'm wondering if I finally make that spare room and "office" will I finally get a little respect for my writing? Maybe it's just one of things you have to deal with as a mom. :) Well, it's quiet now, so I better take advantage of it. At least my kitties appreciate me. They nap all day and only come to see me for cuddles and the stinky goodness. Yes, I am the "magic can opening lady." Off I go...

Monday, December 3, 2007

Of Cats and Passing Days

I discovered that Pierre Loti was a nineteenth century writer from France. I could not find any information about his fondness for cats, but I did see a portrait of him with a small tabby cat at his side. :) I think occasionally I will post cute and touching kitty quotes from my 365 page a day cat calendar. Which reminds me, I need to buy a new one very soon.
I've been visiting a lot of kitty blogs and I will have to get their urls (is that right?)
so I can put them on my cool blogs list. Let's see if I can remember their names:
There's the Purrchance to Dream kitties of Mo's, Daisy the curly cat and her sister Pixie, Miss Peach, sweet little Chase, Marilyn Monreow and so many others that I will try to visit. Well, I better go for now. I have lunches to pack for tomorrow and my furry three will want big servings of the smelly stuff before I go to bed. Sigh, where did the day go?

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Kitty Love

There was such a lovely quotation on my cats page a day calendar yesterday:

"It is with the approach of winter that cats become in an especial
manner our friends and guests. They sit in our chimney-corners,
watch with us the dancing flames, and dream with us vague dreams,
misty and melancholy..."
~Pierre Loti~

I'm not sure who Pierre Loti is , yet. I will be looking him up because he sounds like someone who loves his kitties. I love my three kitty babies and I miss terribly, painfully, my beloved Tookie. This winter, nothing will warm me, because I don't have You my Love.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Helping a very nice person

The Wrens Nest is a beautiful shop in Southern Michigan owned by Morgan who blogs at
it's a blog eat blog world. The good news is that if you can't get to Michigan, (and really if you live someplace warm, why would you want to?) You can shop from this store online. There's candles, books, gargoyles, fairies, neat stuff for kitties, cool stuff for bird lovers. Really, it's just a lovely assortment of gifts that one can only find in those fun little boutique shops. I love reading Mo's blogs, he's such a nice, funny, interesting person. I have my eye on some candles and some kitty stuff and I'm sure there's something for everyone. Happy shopping!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Pain, Pain Go Away

I found out that the jaw is vulnerable to RA damage too. Ow... :( The ol' hinge joint hurts when I open my mouth or chew. I upped my anti-inflamatory meds and then I needed extra acid blocker meds to protect my tummy. (The med circle goes round and round.) I've been putting off the Biologics because even with insurance they are very expensive. They also suppress the immune system down to like, nothing. That means I would have colds and other nasties on a regular basis and the side effects can be rather unpleasant. They do prevent joint damage, but I've been told that after a while their effectiveness wears off and you must switch to another one. I'm just not sure what to do. I'm tired of being in pain, tired of being tired, and tired of feeling like I'm constantly coming down with the flu. I know damage is being done. I feel it in every move I make and I see it in my bent fingers and crooked toes.
Ok, enough whining. On a more pleasant topic; I read that the next Harry Dresden book "Small Favor" will be released in late April. That's very close to my early May birthday. ;) I haven't heard about the new Sookie Stackhouse book yet. Usually one comes out around my birthday too. My husband can spot the distinctive artwork on sight and takes my 'hint" and picks it up. At least I make it easy on him. Hmm, maybe I'll get two books this time. *-*

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Books, oh how I love them

I don't have a lot of magazine subscriptions because they can really add up, but one I have to have is Romantic Times Book Reviews. This magazine reviews all kinds of fiction, not just romance: Mystery, Urban Fantasy, Science Fiction, Mainstream Fiction, Paranormal Romance, Historical Romance, Contemporary Romance Inspirational Romance and E-books in all categories. And, not just reviews; they have author interviews, tips for writers and publishing industry news. It's also loaded with glossy adds for all kinds of books. Oh, they also review Erotica and while there's never anything x-rated, sometimes the adds for those books can be a little racy, so if you have curious kids be aware. ;) Their reviews are never snarky and usually pretty good. And each category has all the books listed by author, book title, and publisher. (Makes a great shopping list.) Their website is Wouldn't that be a great job? Just think; reading books then telling what you thought about it, then getting paid for it! I wonder if they're hiring?

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Domestic Goddess vs Creative Muse

I've been fairly productive today. I watched Sylvia Browne On Montel, drank three cups of coffee, watched my daughter go giddy over the sight of her early Christmas/Yule present, (Guitar Hero 3) took a shower, and made a peanut butter silk pie with a thick, shiny chocolate ganache topping. Whew! I still need to vacuum and I might have to make a batch of brownies just in case her friends pop over to play GH3 this weekend. Hey, I try to be super mom. :) Unfortunately, my writing has fallen by the wayside. I'm so mad at myself for that, but there just doesn't seem to be enough time in the day for "me time." I think sometimes that I keep myself busy with the "mundania" side of life because writing romantic fantasy seems frivolous and self-indulgent. I mean, it's not producing an income, it's not feeding anybody and it doesn't make the house any cleaner. I know this is not a good mind-set for a writer to have, but I'm betting it's an issue that many women writers with families have. So, how do I move past it? Hmm... I think some inspiration may be in order. Happy Thanksgiving. Dessert here I come!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Blog Humbug

Well, the Larry King show about ghosts was a little disappointing. Jason from Ghosthunters was on, but no Grant, several psychics were on too, but Larry didn't let anyone talk at length about what they do. At least Most Haunted had some pretty cool activity. My daughter thinks they're a bunch of fakes because there is always activity, but no "science" to back it up. I don't really care, because it's just fun entertainment for me.
I'm trying to garner the energy for the coming holidays, but I'm just not that excited. I really do think the whole season is over-hyped to the point of only causing stress. Why? One day is set aside for cooking and eating too much and the other day is all about spending too much money on things that will be forgotten by February. Yes, the holidays are fun if you have little ones; decorating the tree, cookie baking and dreaming about the toys to discover in the morning. But, the poor little kids get themselves so worked into a frenzy, then by the week after Christmas they feel the same blah let down that we adults feel. Maybe we should just take a breath, relax and pretend for a little bit that there are no holidays looming. Watch a good movie or tv show (non-holiday theme) read a good book or go for a walk. I think I may even look at some gardening books. :) Soon the holidays will pass and then the commercials for weight loss products will be blaring, reminding us that bathing suit season is just around the corner.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Friday fun

Good things to watch tonight! On Larry King (CNN @ nine) Grant and Jason from Ghost Hunters are supposed to be on. At Ten on Travel channel is Most Haunted. And get this: Sci Fi is airing season one of The Dresden Files <3>On Fridays at seven!
Now I have the dvd set, but if I'm home I'm watching just so it gets the ratings. (yes, I'm weird and superstitious that way) So, perfect "telly" watching for a cold November night Happy Friday... ;)

Monday, November 12, 2007

Bookstore= Happy

Friday evening I had my bookstore fix. Actually, I wish I had more time than I did. So many books and so little time. I bought Sherrilyn Kenyon's latest, Upon a Midnight Clear and Kresley Cole's Wicked Deeds on a Winter's Night. I will have to add them to my books list. While in the bookstore browsing, I found a book called Ghost Hunting By Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson from the Sci Fi channel's Ghost Hunters. (one of my favorite shows.) It basically chronicles the cases they've investigated on the show and several cases from their early years and their personal experiences that led them to investigate haunting activity. I would like to buy it at some point, but I'll have to work it into my book budget.
I'm still in a mood about all the housework that's been left up to me to do. It's just that I'm so tired and my joints have been really cranky lately. :( grumble, grumble...
Maybe I need to start napping again it really helped, but I let guilt talk me out of it. Silly, I know. If one has a chronic illness they should rest. They should drink hot tea and read books that make them happy. So there;
guilt can shove it. :)

Friday, November 9, 2007

Domestic Unrest

You know how when people have things they need to attend to they say, "oh my laundry is calling me, or duty calls ,or housework beckons" *-* My chores do not call or beckon. No, that is too polite. My household drudgery mocks me, laughs evilly at me, dares me to tackle the dishes piled in my sink and the goo in the plasticware that used to be leftovers in the back of the fridge. The laundry hamper, full of clean clothes that need folding waits impatiently for me to empty it just so it can be filled again. And don't get me started on the clutter that breeds and multiplies like bunnies. Why doesn't anybody else notice it? I'm tired of all the stuff that needs to be dusted, swept, scrubbed, scooped, (eew, kitty! Why?) and de-odorized. (That's usually hubby's fault.) I'm all for embracing one's inner Goddess, but I do not want to be a Domestic Goddess. She's no fun at all.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Can I read and hibernate at the same time?

Darkness settled in around 5:30 this evening. That is way too early, I mean I'm ready to put my pj's on! I am so not ready for this. If I can manage to stay dressed, :) I would like to go to the bookstore this week. It's just absolutely one of my favorite things to do. I don't always buy a book, but I could happily wander around looking at books in every section of the store. It seems there is something of interest in almost every category. Well, ok maybe not computer programming or mathmatics, but pretty much anything else. Fiction though is what really draws me in. After I gather a stack of books, I like to settle in at a table and order a mocha or a hot tea. If I'm feeling really indulgent there's usually brownies or cheesecake to tempt me. Wouldn't it be fun to be locked in your favorite store for an evening?
I've been reading a few blogs, (actually trying to catch up on my favorites) and I'm noticing quite a few people seem to be rather down in the dumps. Maybe it's the change of seasons and looming holidays, I don't know, but I'm feeling it too. Hmm... Maybe we all could use a cup of tea and a few good books. now, if only the bookstore would let me wear my flannels. :)

Thursday, November 1, 2007

The start of a very long season

November isn't my favorite month. Where I live it marks the beginning of a very long and cold stretch; usually into April. Yuck :( I hate being cold. It hurts. I will try to make the best of it by reading, writing, (if I can shake this slump) watching dvds, trying new recipes and indulging in my favorite brand of hot cocoa. I like Ghiradelli double chocolate that you make with milk. It's worth the extra $$$. ;)
We didn't have many trick or treaters last night and the ones that did come were cute little ones. I kinda miss those days.... One little girl was dressed as a fairie and her wings had flashing lights that blinked green. Adorable. We have quite a bit of candy left over and it's not really tempting me yet. I want cake or brownies. It just seems more appealing than a fun size Snickers. I'm sure I'll give into the lure of the candy bowl soon, I mean Snickers are pretty darn good. Let the Seasonal Affective Disorder carb -binging begin...

Monday, October 29, 2007

Another (maybe) haunted house story

Okay, I'm going to tell another (possibly) haunted house story. I don't know why I'm always experiencing things like this...
A few weeks ago some realtors with home for sale in our neighborhood joined together to hold open houses during the afternoon. Since we couldn't afford the annual Heritage Hill tour tickets this year my husband and I thought this would be a fun way to see historic homes for free. We chose some in walking distance from our house and set out on a nice warm afternoon. Now the first house looked like it should have been haunted. It sets up on a little hill before the road dips down heading downtown and it's big with slightly peeling white paint and tall pine trees that are growing too close to the house. Inside, the rooms just go on and on; three floors counting the attic. The only thing scary about that house was having to clean it and the asking price. (ouch!) After that, we made our way to the next house a few blocks away. This one didn't look menacing at all. It was a cute Victorian era home that had been divided into upstairs/downstairs good sized apartments. Now, first thing, the realtor wasn't there, but, her husband was and he seemed really antsy and kept walking outside. He told us to just walk around. (
Okay...low pressure is good?) As soon as we started walking through the first floor apartment I got the "feeling." The tingle starts at my neck, making me involuntarily hunch up my shoulders and then moves down my spine. It didn't feel like something negative, but still pretty disconcerting. As we headed upstairs I said "Hmm..." and my husband said "No, really?"
"I think so, give me a minute."
So we walked through the upstairs sitting room and , you know that feeling when someone stands really close behind you, invading your personal space? Like, if you stopped walking they would smack right into you? That's what I "felt." Still the presence wasn't scary and I got a feminine impression from it. I also picked up loneliness, as if there was some relief that someone "knew" (she?) was there. Feeling kinda silly, I whispered, "What do you need?" Silence, thank goodness, because I'm not sure what I could have (or would have) done anyway. But I did get the impression that she didn't want me to go. I felt bad about leaving too. It was a really nice house with lots of natural light and new, pretty paint on the walls. I don't think that whoever buys it will have anything really scary happen to them. My husband says that whenever I get that feeling and tell him about it he suddenly feels claustophobic. :)
Later, I tried to get some background info from the HH online database, but there was only a note on how the entryway had been remodeled when it was converted to a 2 family. There wasn't anything about any of the former residents. Now, I wonder if I didn't imagine it all, who was that lonely female and will she go into the light someday? I'm still wanting to believe... I would really like to actually see something. (no, really, I would!)

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Animals need angels too

The fires in California have been on my mind quite a bit this week, (I'm sure they've been on everyone's.) I feel so sad for the people that have had everything they own turn to ashes. I'm especially worried though about the animals. Pets and strays and wild animals that must be terrified and confused amid the choking air and encroaching flames. I watched a lot of news coverage during Katrina and went into a deep, sobbing depression over all of the animals that had been left behind. I'm trying to limit my news watching this time, but they are in my thoughts and prayers.
I wish life wasn't so painful. Sorry, I'll try to write about some fun Halloween type thing next time I blog.

Monday, October 22, 2007

New notebook and new pen (poetry)

Twilight's Muse

When the Sun and Moon share the sky
And when Mourning Doves and Robins sing out a goodnight cry
That is Twilight's Muse
My Cat chases Moths across soft green Grass
Another warm, mellow day comes to pass
That is Twilight's Muse
After Twilight in Dreams I seek
My Beloved who left
My Heart Broken, fragile, weak
Am I Twilight's Muse when I bask in His golden Glow?
Or will He let Night take me
Down paths I do not know?
Morpheus take my hand
My feet wet and bare on the sand
Even as I search for Mine
I long to be Twilight's Muse

Friday, October 19, 2007

Mercury ,hungry teenagers ,and other scary stuff

The weather has been crazy lately and I'm wondering if Mercury in retrograde has anything to do with it. I know it affects all forms of communication and travel.... hmm... It was very warm for October the past few days and last night we had wicked storms barrel through. I actually kinda liked the scariness factor, (It is the season after all.) and, I will never complain about warm weather.
Speaking of scary stuff, Mo's blog talk radio show on hauntings was very interesting. People called in with their personal stories of encounters with ghosts and I actually felt goosebumps listening to them. I think I'll listen to the archived version of it again this weekend if my internet behaves. (stupid Mercury!) There's some fun scary stuff on tv tonight too.
On Lifetime it's Lisa Williams: Life Among the Dead if you like psychics, then there's Blood Ties also on Lifetime if you like really cute vampires. On the Travel Channel is Most Haunted and I always get a chuckle when they start swearing, especially when they start using British slang. :) I have a lot of work to do if I want to relax tonight. Yes, I'm doing it again, my daughter's friends are coming over this weekend. The physics project is due next week and they have hardly anything done. That means I will need food in the house and I will have to remove all my breakables from the living room. Now, I'm really scared! :0

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Billie, Cody, and Cricket

I have three cats and I'm certain they all are mentally ill. A few mornings ago I awoke to find all three of them on my bed looking at me. Intently watching. I don't mind them cuddling and sleeping with me, it's kinda cozy and sweet, but sitting there staring creeped me out. I'm still not sure what was wrong. Maybe someone knocked on the door and it spooked them, or maybe they wanted breakfast and were worried that I wouldn't get up. My pain reliever that I take for ra pain tends to knock me out if I take it when I'm already tired. I don't know... If it happens again I think I will wander around the house and investigate. What if they're hearing something that I'm not? Ick, I don't want to think about it. Crazy cats!
I think fall has officially arrived here in Michigan. Last week we had record heat, near 90 degrees for a few days. It was awesome. Now it's cold, it's gray, and it's been raining. I think my gardening days are over. I do have some more bulbs to put in, but that's it. :( Oh well, I guess that gives me more reading and writing time. It's just that I hate being cold. I would love to move south. My ideal would be Savannah Georgia. I've done a lot of research on Savannah for my writing and it is the coolest city. Probably too expensive to live right in the city, but I wouldn't mind living in a quaint little area near by. Yup, someday I'm going to head south, just like the birds, only I won't be coming back in April to a foot of snow. ;) Oh and if my loony cats are still with me they can come too.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Haunted Blog

I can't believe how quickly the days fly by. I get so busy with this and that, not sure if I'm really accomplishing anything and before I know it another weekend is encroaching. Let's see... I listened to The Mo Show on Blogtalk Radio. Very fun discussion about scary movies. I watched Ghosthunters last night. One of the cases was kinda sad. A little girl had moved in with her aunt after her mother died and ever since they've been experiencing strange noises and seeing shadows and figures.The Ghost Hunting team caught what was believed to be the girl's mother's voice on their voice recording device. She used a special nickname for her daughter. It was very touching because it seemed like the mom was just trying to make contact with her family. Technically not a haunting, I think it was what I would call a spirit visitation. I am so fascinated with ghosts and hauntings. I would love to go ghost hunting and I think I'm ready to actually see an apparition or hear "something". Next week on Mo's Blogtalk show he will be talking about ghosts and hauntings and I can't wait to hear some good stories. :)
Next time I blog I think I'll talk about my neurotic cats. I'm not sure what is up with them, but wow, they are strange little critters!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Halloween is near, hide the good candy

October is here, which means my favorite holiday is coming: Halloween or Samhain if you prefer. (I'm fine with either, but the word Halloween sounds more fun.) I've decorated a little bit, but I still need to get pumpkins. Baby pumpkin didn't fare too well and sadly became a treat for the fat and sassy squirrels that live in the many trees on my street. I swear those little rodents are part of some squirrel mafia. Even my cats are afraid of them.
I like the colors associated with Halloween: orange; glowing like sunlight through leaves, black;silky and dark like my two kitties, mysterious as the night sky, dark purple and green work well with orange and black and happen to be colors I wear and decorate my house with. My Best Cat Ever was/is orange and black too. I don't think one is ever too old to enjoy Halloween. Look forward to the candy, the pumpkin shaped cookies, doughnuts and cider, and crunchy leaves underfoot on a dark, cool night. Listen to the kids yelling Trick or Treat and try to capture their joy if only for a moment in your own heart. If only every night could be so magical.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

A very long not so silent night

Usually I blog with my laptop. (Actually I do everything computer related with my cute little 4 pound laptop) But, today I have, yet again, a bunch of kids over and they have invaded my living room. My computer stays there permanently plugged in due to a dead battery. I didn't feel like crawling behind a sofa to unplug it and move it to another room, so here I sit at the desktop that my daughter uses for homework. The only other time I use it is when I have to turn it on to use the printer. I'm not sure when my house became the place to hang out. Presumably, they were supposed to be working on a physics project, (they all happen to share the same class together) but, I haven't seen much actual progress and now the girls want to do a sleepover. Yay. Daughter told me not to feed them, because like cats they'll keep coming back for more. :0 See, if they were cats, I wouldn't mind so much. Cats are little and cute and eventually they fall asleep for awhile. Teenage girls talk and talk and never sleep. Well okay they wait until near sunrise then they fall asleep. I tell myself I'll miss these days when she grows up and moves out. I think I will... Mmm, we'll see.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Chasing my tail

I have been in a fog for several days. They say that happens quite often to people with autoimune diseases. (brain fog) I can't seem to concentrate and napping is about the only thing that I can accomplish. The streak of warm weather we had was very nice though. I warmed my sore joints in the sun and took lengthy strolls to keep my hips and knees limber. I wish I could get myself into gear, especially with my writing. I miss my creativity. The characters still play out scenes in my head, but I just can't seem to get the energy to actually write anything. I noticed that for the past several days that I haven't been reading as voraciously as I used to either. It takes me much longer to finish a book now. Mmm... Reading used to inspire me to write, so maybe my first step should be to delve deep into my books for a couple of weeks so I can remember what it is that I want to accomplish for myself. Now if only I could get this fuzzy, buzzy feeling out of my head. zzzzz....

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A book with bite

I found another good book! It's called Many Bloody Returns with short stories by: Jim Butcher, Charlaine Harris, Kelley Armstrong, P.N Elrod, Tanya Huff, and many other sci-fi authors. The theme is vampires and birthdays and so far the stories have been quite good, with some being more disturbing than others. Charlaine Harris and Jim Butcher are two of my favorite authors. I love her Sookie Stackhouse books and Jim's Dresden Files are great. I plan on checking out Tanya Huff's and Kellie Armstrong's books soon. The book is dedicated to Joss Whedon and all the "Buffy Buds." (That would me:) ) And yes, Harry stars in a story with his brother Thomas and Sookie and Eric attend a birthday party for the real Count Dracula, but will the guest of honor really show up? On other paranormal entertainment news; the new season of Ghost Hunters on Sci-Fi returns next Wednesday. I swear this is that network's last chance with me after they canceled Dresden Files. If they cancel Ghost Hunters I will boycott them :( grrr... Ok, rant over. Hope you find something good to read or watch!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Feeling Rather Zen

Ah, Sunday afternoon and it's quiet. I'm not "doing" anything, I'm not "going" anywhere. Why are weekends like that? What are we doing and where should we go? Sure it's fun to get out, but if you plan everything out and make it a must do then, the excursion becomes just another chore. So today maybe I'll read, or write. I'll definitely eat. ;) The bookstore is open until 9 tonight; I could have a cup of tea and look through their offerings. The fact is I'm tired and my joints are rebelling so I think I have a pretty good excuse for just relaxing. But, really one shouldn't need an excuse. People shouldn't feel guilty for just wanting to "chill" and yet we do. I don't believe in boredom. I used to when I was younger, but I've learned. Embrace the non-business. Relish a quiet afternoon. Trust me, havoc and chaos will find you soon enough.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Tao of Meow

There sure are a lot of "cat people" in the blogesphere. I love it! It's nice to read about kitties and their humans and know I'm not the only one who's crazy for cats. My family actually calls me "crazy cat lady" (and I'm sure they say it affectionately?) My husband is convinced that if I had remained single I'd probably have at least 30 cats. I'm not sure about that, but I don't think 4 is out of line. Right now we have 3: Billie, Cody, and Cricket. My Tookie, Jake is Home over the Rainbow Bridge busy being everyone's favorite cat. She's the best cat ever...
I truly love all my fur babies. They give me unconditional love, they don't pass judgment and their sweet souls are pure. Their only agenda is to get a plate of the wet smelly stuff. Give your pets scratchers or hugs and kisses and tell them you love them. I have a feeling they'll know what you mean.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

What not to wear, who cares?

It has become quite chilly here in the last couple of days, so I have taken to wearing my oh so fashionable hoodies. Call Stacy and Clinton from "What Not to Wear" I don't care, I love my hoodies. I buy them a size too big (sometimes two sizes) and most of them are the pull-overs with kangaroo pockets. Now I have never been a Fashionista. Is that how it's spelled? Comfort always wins out and slim fit jeans and tailored fitted anything just feels so constricting. I will, if forced, wear a skirt, but I prefer the flowing broomstick style. I liked the long feminine tunics that have been in stores for the past couple of summers and I'll wear them with capris, but again most of my Summer tops are loose fitting tee shirts.
Yup, send me to the mall with a wad of cash and I'll end up in the bookstore after half heartedly looking at jeans and tops in JC Pennys. Books are never a waste of money for me and browsing shelves is a lot more fun than browsing through racks of clothes that may or may not fit over my, ahem, curves... And don't get me started on sizing! Grrr... I'm not even an unusual size and I have a hard time finding things that flatter. Designers please, I like being able to breathe. Clothes do not need to fit so snugly over the boobs, ribs and tummy, and I don't care what celebrities are wearing. They're just silly. There, fashion rant over. Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to put on my flannel pajama pants and I'll be very comfy. :)

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Falling into Routine

Well we are now knee deep into the nine month routine and I'm tired. My husband is tired too. He does morning school drop off duty on his way to work and that involves not only getting daughter there on time, but three other girls also. (My daughter's friend, her sister, and another girl who lives a block away.) All these girls go to the same school and the mom of the sisters picks them up and does drop off in the pm. Whew! On another more relaxing subject, I am re-reading a book I bought last year Autumn Equinox; The enchantment of Mabon, by Ellen Dugan.
She's a very good down to earth writer who writes about natural magick that is all around us. Nature is magickal; our gardens, the changing seasons, the aromatic spices and herbs we use in our cooking. I like her books because she's just a normal mom and wife who talks about her home and family and garden and she gives fun easy ideas to bring a little magickal joy into every day life. I like all of her books actually. She's even written one about cats. I hate saying goodbye to Summer, but this book about Mabon makes the Autumn season a little more enjoyable. Ok, enough slacking for me, time to get going. Housework and finishing a chapter on my WIP are beckoning. Happy day! :)

Monday, September 3, 2007

Summer vacation is nine months away

I can't believe today is Labor Day. Yikes! First day of school for my daughter tomorrow... Wow, summer is waning and I'm just not ready. Right now she's still out with her friend and her family somewhere in the country. At least it sounds country like with lots of land and an old barn. They do this every year and my daughter's friend invites her buddies to go along so she has someone her age to hang out with.
Hubby and I spent the day puttering around the house, going to the bookstore, and taking a walk. Now, he's taken over dinner making and we're having chicken, shrimp, and curry rice. I hope it's not too spicy :0 , 'cause sometimes he gets a little carried away. I still need to make some cookies or something for lunches and my alarm will need to be set an hour earlier than it's been all summer. (Groan, urrg, grumble) Wish me luck getting myself and every one going on the dreaded routine. 9 more months until June :)

Friday, August 31, 2007

Bouncing Baby Pumpkin makes me smile for a little while

Today is the last day of August. Where did it go? Geez, I better not blink or I might miss September! Yesterday while meandering in my backyard I decided to take a look at my sad little pumpkin vines which have produced pretty orange flowers, but no pumpkins. Well, I found one. Yup, a cute little green pumpkin growing all by his lonesome far from where I had planted the seeds. I hope it makes it. I would love to have a big orange pumpkin for Halloween. Actually, I might not have the heart to carve it. I mean it is my first pumpkin that I grew in my garden ever.
I'm going to have more coffee and keep myself quietly busy today. (I may also take my stronger pain reliever because I'm in a nasty RA flare, still since Wednesday.) I'm still feeling so sad for Mo and sweet Ubee, but all anyone can do when someone suffers a loss is to let them know we care and understand. Losing someone we love is not something to get to "Get Over" it's more like something we get through slowly, never forgetting the love we shared.
Blessed Be

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Goodbye precious baby

The sweet little kitten that Mo from It's a Bog Eat Blog and Purrchance to Dream has crossed the rainbow bridge to the other side. I am so sad. I became so caught up in what Mo was going through with little Ubee and I really thought he would make it. I'm so grateful that he had Mo to show him love and care before he passed. It's brought up all of the pain I'm still harboring at losing my Tookie
Sometimes life really Bites!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Time flies while I stand still

Yesterday I had, counting my daughter, 7 teenagers in my house and I fed all of them. The house is still standing, but I'm pretty wiped out. Snacks, soda, video games, music and food seemed to be all they needed to keep them happy. They had all attended orientation at school that morning, so I knew I was due for a stampede anytime after noon.
I'm not ready for the whole school year routine to begin again: Making 2 lunches (yes I make husband's too) playing drill sergeant to get her moving and out the door in time, worrying that she didn't get enough sleep, or eat enough breakfast. I know I'll miss it all when she graduates. I think I just prefer the more relaxed non-schedule oriented vibe of Summer. Well, at least with an empty house, (except for kitties of course, who cause me no stress, usually) I will be able to get back to writing without distractions. Sigh... Is it just me, or does time begin to move faster as we age?

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Ghosties and stormy weather

Well, the sun did come out for a bit today and it got nice and warm. I love warm weather. Be prepared for lots of whining when winter hits. Now it's getting kinda wonky ,weather wise. There's storm warnings all around us and we could get hit with a nasty one that's near Chicago. It will have to cross Lake Michigan, so we'll see how bad it will be. Mo at It's a Blog Eat blog World might get some bad weather. Batten down the hatches and cuddle your kitty babies, Mo! :) This scary weather has me thinking about ghost stories. We live in an area called Heritage Hill. Lots of old homes; ours was built in 1891 and there are many that are much older and much more elegant. We're talking HUGE with libraries and long winding "Gone With the Wind " staircases. Several of them have been documented as haunted by a local author who wrote a book about hauntings in our area. Every October we have the HH Home tours and I have no doubt that many of these homes are haunted. I'm not a Ghost Hunter or a Most Haunted member, (love those shows) but there have been a few times when on these tours I've felt a heaviness, a sense of being watched, like a "Why are these people in my house?" feeling. Sometimes it's been downright oppressive. Once, we were going up into the attic of one of the homes and my husband swore he saw an old rocking chair rock by itself, ever so lightly. Now my husband is a Vulcan ;) so for him to admit to seeing something like that is pretty credible. Last year we toured through a big Victorian and I felt a "tug" towards the walk in pantry and sensed it was the former maid's stomping grounds. Upstairs there was a playroom that just gave me the wiggins: creepy dolls and an old rocking horse. Then came the maid's former bedroom. They had discovered her uniform and even some of her under things like stockings and pantaloons, you know, her unmentionables!:0 They had laid them out on the bed and I swore in my head I heard a voice say, "She doesn't like her underclothes exposed for people to see!" I could feel her embarrassment, poor thing. I told my husband and he reverted to Vulcan and felt I was being sensitive. I don't know. Like Mulder on the X Files ,I want to believe.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Clouds ,clouds go away

I have a rather sad, gloomy emotional cloud hanging over me. I'm trying to get on board with the idea that we are here to learn and experience to perfect our souls. I mean it would make life more bearable to know that after we're done here we graduate and go Home to eternal peace and happiness. But, animals don't need to learn and their sweet souls are perfect to begin with. Why do they have to suffer and deal with so much crap? Why do children suffer and die? What do they learn? I know what I "learned" from my childhood; people are bad and even someone who's supposed to love you can hurt you in ways that can last long past childhood.
It has made me stronger in many ways. I know I don't deserve to have cruel people in my life. I know how not to parent. I'm a darn good mom. I love to take care of my family; humans and kitties, and when I can't help them with their troubles I feel terrible. I read about other people, clearly good, decent
people who are hurting and my stomach twists in knots. I wish I had the answers to all of life's why's. The weather man said the golden August sun will come out tomorrow, so maybe it will be a better day. I'd like to have something fun to talk about, so maybe that will inspire me.
Sweet and peaceful dreams...

Monday, August 20, 2007

Monday,Monday Blah

It's been raining since Saturday night and it's been very chilly. I don't like it. Sure rain is good for the plants, but does it have to be so cold? August is supposed to be a warm, sunny, golden month. On a positive note; I found The Dresden Files dvd set yesterday. I've watched one episode so far while my daughter slept in. I plan to savor it seeing as @%$# SciFi canceled the series. Why? Jim Butcher is a best selling author and his Dresden Files books have a huge following. I don't understand networks and their choices. I'm always the one to find unique shows that don't go with the mainstream and then the ax falls and that's that. Thank the stars for dvds.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Kitchen "magick" and other things

I've been busy. Yesterday was stay at home and cook day, so I made roast chicken and roasted yukon gold potatoes. I used lots of rosemary and garlic on both and dinner turned out quite well. After dinner I made a huge batch of chocolate chip cookies; something that my daughter had been jonesing for since earlier in the week. The trick is real butter and a bag and a half of chocolate chips. I use the traditional semi sweet and half a bag of dark chocolate chips. I also use dark brown sugar. My daughter is naturally thin (Grrr) and can eat her weight in them.
Today I'm extra sore and stiff and the cool air and rain isn't helping. That's the nasty thing about RA; Things that used to come so easily, like baking and gardening now take a toll on damaged swollen joints. But doing things for my family is important so I won't give in to this disease. I will however take it easier the rest of the weekend (try to anyway) and read and maybe get some writing done. I finished Devil May Cry and have now started Sex and the Psychic Witch. It's a cute light paranormal romance, perfect for a rainy weekend. Time to relax

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Parental bragging

Where did the week go? I must have slept through Wednesday. My daughter asked me if I ever say anything about her in my blog. I think it amuses her that I actually have one. I'm not exactly the computer/tech guru of the household. I will tell this about her: She's wicked smart and I'm not saying that because I'm her mom. Her intelligence is actually a bit intimidating to those who don't know her. She's a very, very good artist. She occasionally posts her work on Deviant Art. One her most recent pictures is of Scott Weiland of Stone Temple Pilots (now Velvet Revolver). She's learning computer programming and has an interest in video game design, but she's not thinking too far into the future career wise. That's ok with me. She's only 16, no rush. So there, I said something about you sweetie. You're a brilliant, lovely girl and now the blogosphere knows it. :)

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Do you believe in angels?

Yesterday started off with a dead car battery and ended with finding a gift from a guardian angel. My husband was lucky that the battery died in our driveway, at least he wasn't stranded somewhere. It involved missing a day of work and a cab ride to the auto parts store. He had to use the credit card and take money out of the bank for the cab ride. After he came home and installed the new battery we decided to use the remaining afternoon to run some errands; The printer was out of ink and my daughter wanted to take advantage of a sale at the office supply store. (folders for 10 cents a piece!) But, yes more $$$ was spent and hubby was becoming cranky.
The day was warm and we wanted ice cream and that's when we found our gift. Actually my husband found it on the ground. I won't say how much it was, but we did look around and waited a bit to see if any one was looking for it. Weirdly, it seemed like we had become invisible to everyone around us. A moment of clarity struck me. This was meant for us. We've had more than our fair (or unfair) share of difficulties and now we were getting a little help. Okay, I can handle that. :) It was strange how nobody there seemed to notice us after we got our ice cream. We had to help ourselves to the napkins behind the counter because the employees had already busied themselves elsewhere. Nobody ahead of us, nobody around us. Last night I lit a guardian angel candle that I bought on impulse Saturday. It was only around 2 bucks, but I'm glad I have it. I thanked our angels and burned the candle past midnight.

~ I wish blessings to all who need them~

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Weekend stuff

I bought Devil May Cry this weekend. Sherrilyn Kenyon is one of my favorite authors and she's at her usual level of exellence with this book. Bonus: it was on sale at the big box store we shop at for around 5 dollars off the original price. Not bad for a hardcover. ;) We also went to the nursery to get some end of season plants to fill in some bare spots. Hibiscus, Daylilly, Artemesia, and some little Violas. The artemesia and daylilly are white and will go in what I'd like to be a moon garden. The violas went in a planter and the big showoff hibiscus went in the front garden. I also managed to get a little writing in last night, but I was so tired that I'm sure most of it didn't make sense. If I get back to it tomorrow I'll probably have to do a bit of tweaking. I know I did too much physically yesterday, because all of my joints are throbbing and of course the pain is nearly perfect symetry. I'm hoping tomorrow I can make time to relax and do that inner peace searching I think I need. Oh, and I'll have to catch up on all those cool blogs I love to read. I need those with my coffee like I need cream. Nighty night all.

Friday, August 10, 2007

I want to be alone (sorta, kinda)

I love my family ,really, but I really need some quiet time. Since my beloved kitty passed, I haven't really had the house to my self. (maybe that's good, I don't know.)
Daughter's summer break started right after and hubby's been taking a lot of vacation days. I think I'm ready to be left alone for the day. I could write, read, watch dvd's that I like without derisive commentary from the peanut gallery. (Buffy and Firefly are not "lame" and Joss Wheden is a genius.) Maybe I could just take a long nap, or instead of crying softly I could grieve as loudly as I need to over losing my best friend. Maybe along with some alone time I also need a little understanding. I don't know... It's just between the rheumatoid arthritis flares and all this heavy sadness, I feel like something has to break, and I think it could be me. I have my good days, but I feel like they're not genuine, like I'm putting on a happy face because my family doesn't want to deal with anything else. I think when I finally get some quiet time I'll light some lavender and rose candles and ask for some inner peace from Mother God.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Out of the broomcloset

I was going to post this yesterday and label it "Witchy Wednesday", but it just didn't work out that way. Oh well, so much for alliteration. I consider myself a witch. I don't belong to a coven or attend Sabbat meetings. I do light candles of specific colors or scents for the day of the week or certain spells. I consider spells to be more like a petition of intent, a prayer if you will, to the creator energy (God/Mother God). I have a very informal cottage garden of plants that I planted knowing their magickal correspondents. I plant trumpet lillies just because I love their scent and I think they're pretty. Same for roses. I have cats and two of them happen to be black, but I didn't seek them out, they came to me. ;) Halloween is my favorite holiday. How can you not love the colors and the hello, free candy? I am a peaceful, animal loving, tree hugger. I follow the rule of harm none and that the entire universe contains energy ,both positive and negative. Harness the positive, stay away from the negative. No dogma, no fire and brimstone, just live, learn what you can and then when the physical expires, go back to where your energy or spirit flows free and unencumbered. Hey, it works for me.

Blessings to you.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Mundane Monday Musings

I'm not a very dedicated blogger am I? I admire people who have something new to share every day. I'm not one of them. I worked on my latest manuscript the other night. I know where I want to go with it, but turning it into something that resembles a cohesive story is proving to be difficult. It's funny how I can have the entire book play out in my head, but getting it on paper takes forever. I write in longhand (first draft) before typing it out in Word.
I read a lot of writer's blogs for inspiration and it's nice to see that they deal with the same day to day family issues while trying to write that I do. Of course they are much more prolific than I am too. Speaking of writers, the new month means new books being released by some of my favorite authors. I'll add them to my books list. I've also heard that the 1st season of The Dresden Files will be out on DVD. Mmm... Paul Blackthorn; be still my heart :) (He plays Harry on the SciFi series) Well, back to Mundania for me. Bye!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Rambling away the afternoon

I have decided daughter can keep her guitar hero. She'll figure out life's lessons on her own and losing a video game would only make her more difficult. She's basically a good kid, so I suppose I shouldn't complain. (But, I'm sure I will again at some point.)
I should be writing or picking up clutter around the house, but I just can't find the motivation to do either. Not doing housework doesn't fill me with too much guilt; not writing does. I had a good flow going on my w.i.p too. If I ever finish it I have to submit it and there's the rub: Rejection. I tell myself I've had enough heart break and having someone say they hate my story would be devastating. I know better. No one is exempt from disappointment and losing Jake shouldn't be an excuse to stop trying. She's at peace and getting lots of attention from my grandmother on the other side. (Oh please let that be true) I think I'm the one who's not at peace. Wow that was a mini epiphany!
Now on to other things.... I would like to try Thursday 13, but right now I'm drawing a blank. I'm one of those people who needs to make an actual list on paper before I commit to it online and the only list I made today was the grocery list. The other bloggers that I visit have great 13's so I'll let them motivate me for next time. There's that word again; Motivate. :0

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

August is golden

Today is the first day of August and unofficially the final month of summer. I've noticed already that the sun casts a more golden glow in the afternoon. My plants are beginning to fade in the garden, but the sunflowers and sedums are still growing strong and the Glads should be opening any day. It's so dry here and really hot; mid 90's. We need a long all day all night session of thunder showers. Nothing violent, just rumbling thunder and a few lightening flashes, maybe a good 2 inches of rain. August is beckoning, "Come on, last chance to bask in summer's warmth, walk along the shore and wade into the water. Hurry, enjoy my glow before I pass and am just a memory on a winter's day." I will try to appreciate this month's gift of gold

Blessings, Lorianna

Monday, July 30, 2007

No more mister nice guy

I did something no parent should do if they like the young man who seems smitten with their daughter; I told her I liked him. Yes, not only that , I said I thought he was nice and sweet and kinda cute. I know, how dare I say such things! I don't think he's coming back. She was really rude and snarky to him last night and as sweet as he is I don't think even he could tolerate it. (I know I wanted to throttle her.) He left earlier than he usually leaves and I didn't even get to say goodbye. I went to bed and left my husband to deal with the awkwardness, because frankly, he's oblivious to awkwardness. When DH came to bed I asked how the poor guy was. My DH said he seemed ok. mmm... I doubt it. DH did say that daughter was being a grumpy snot, but if she wants to chase off friends that's her problem. Of course I feel like it's a reflection on me. I thought I taught her better than that. I'm disappointed in her and I feel bad for him. I'm sure he'll find a nice girl when he starts his first year of college this fall, but still, I'm sorry if my approval was the kiss of death in their courtship. I want my daughter to be a good person, but I can't force it on her. She has to see the benefits of good karma and feel the fallout of bad karma. Hey, I have an idea! Does anybody want Guitar Hero for ps2? Because I'm thinking losing that would be a good way to show her that karma can be bitchier than a 16 year old girl any day. Hope the rest of the week is better :)

Friday, July 27, 2007


Ok, it was my daughter's idea and she wasn't serious, but I thought it was funny. She suggested making Saturday's postings Caturday. Ha ha, I know, if you're not a cat person not funny and even if you are... well kinda lame. But, I'm not known for my high coolness factor. I don't know, maybe I'll do it in a fun meme kind of way.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

The most bittersweet of summers

Summer is usually my absolute favorite season. It's a short three months here, so I relish the balmy temps and soft breezes. I always looked forward to that first day I could open the windows and leave them open. So did my kitty Jake. She was mine for twenty years and then June 4 of this year, right at the beginning of summer she passed away. Oh, how she loved to sit in the windows and sniff the air and glare with disdain at the birds and squirrels. All it took was for me to say "Jakie, window?" and she'd be right there even before I had it open.
The Saturday before she passed I helped her into an open window. She could barely see, but her sense of smell worked fine. She sniffed the damp rain soaked evening air and seemed to be in kitty bliss. Her happiness meant the world to me. I still like summer, but I can never open a window with the same joyful expectation; not without my Jakie.