Thursday, December 6, 2007

I should clone myself

Ok, brrr! I've had enough cold weather now thank you very much! It's the kind of cold that makes the snow crunchy and leaves dangerously slippery patches outside the back door. Last night the weather man said that on this date in 2001 we had a high temp of 69! In Michigan that is an anomaly. I seem to remember my larkspur and pansies were still in bloom. It didn't last long, but it was nice.
My daughter's friends are starting to make requests for cookies and brownies for their Christmas presents. *0* Say what? Yes I do like to bake, in fact at one time I had wanted to be a pastry chef, but I'm not sure if I want to start baking for everyone that asks. I'm kinda flattered, yet I also know that I'm considered a bit of a pushover. I'll think about it. Maybe one batch of brownies and one batch of cookies that they can mix and match to share. I'm feeling like my personal time is disappearing again. I haven't been feeling well, but when I get a bit of energy I like to write. However, every time I start, I'm interrupted . (Yes my writing Muse is back) I'm wondering if I finally make that spare room and "office" will I finally get a little respect for my writing? Maybe it's just one of things you have to deal with as a mom. :) Well, it's quiet now, so I better take advantage of it. At least my kitties appreciate me. They nap all day and only come to see me for cuddles and the stinky goodness. Yes, I am the "magic can opening lady." Off I go...

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MISS PEACH >(^.^) said...

i suspect the poem twilight's muse might be about your beloved kitty tookie. sorry for tht painful loss.... miss peach nearly left me this fall while i was away. now she is improved and a velcro cat once again in mt arms right now so i can only type one handed...can you tell? i will get capall tunnel yet today with this one handed thing, but itwill br worth it to feel her warm tiny body purrrring softly into my neck. take heart this time of is hard to miss a beloved. maybe with time your 3 fur kids will help you easy the pain. what the heart once loved, it never forgets!
love miss peach