Friday, February 26, 2010

Yoga Kitteh!

Yoga stretch.

Hi efurryone! Miss Billie here to say Hi. It's been a wee bit since I had a chance to blog!
As you can see, I take breaks from napping occasionally to get in some Yoga practice. Momma bought the mat for herself, but she has been having a hard time doing a lot of the poses. Usually she just ends up in "Child's Pose" and hopes she can get up from it!

So one morning while we were watching her she decided that we would probably have more fun on the mat than she was. She sprinkled NIP on it and put some toys rolled in more NIP on top of that!

Talk about a party! I am nearly a 15 year old ladycat and I had a blast! So did Toeshee. Cody was more than happy to eat some NIP and go sleep. Cricket sat in a corner and glared at us. She came out later to play after we left.

The mat feels cool and springy under my paws and I can dig my claws in without hurting it. Momma would love to keep it rolled out for us all the time, but it takes up too much room in the family room and the Daddyman got cranky about it.

Momma would like some cleaning advice. She is having difficulty sweeping up our litter. Not all of it will sweep up. She thinks it's the old broom she's using and is wondering if any of you have a favorite brand of broom or a really good way to get all the litter off the floor. She saw a cool one in the store that said it was for pet clean up, but it probably was for fur.

We hope you all have a really great weekend!

Cuddles and Purrs~
Miss Billie~

Monday, February 22, 2010

Cricket feels better!

A little privacy please!

Well, really! Momma discussing my personal potty problems! And what that VET did to me? Oh, unspeakable!
I am feeling much better. I'm crabby, but just normal crabby for me, not all growly and hiding.

Toeshee tried to act as if he wanted to be Alpha cat after I came home from the VET. He tried to jump me and start a fight. The nerve! Momma had to squirt him with the bad cat water bottle to get him to stop.

The next day when I felt much better, I let him have it! I hissed and swatted and him until he was cowering and behaving like the big baby that he is. I rule with an iron paw around here and Toeshee needed to remember that!

Momma worried herself into another flare up in her joints. She thought that the Enbrel was starting to help a little, but when she gets worried or upset and the weather gets bad she gets extra hurty. Right now she's worried about me getting tummy troubles again and not keeping up with visiting bloggie friends. She still has the big sads, but she is just accepting it, hoping it will ebb away like the tides. I think she just needs a long winter's nap with me and Billie until the Robins return.

Thanks to you all who sent me well wishes. I think your good thoughts helped me. I might try the pumpkin, but I do not like people food, so I will probably find it unsuitable.

Have a Happy week and remember to be a little bit Naughty Kitties!


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Tummy Troubles for Naughty Noodle

Purrs for Cricket

Cricket is at the Vet right now, waiting for x-rays. She has been having difficulty passing bowl movements and threw up her breakfast yesterday. She did not eat at all today. The Vet will check for any blockages or a foreign object, but she isn't usually one to eat strange things, so I don't know...

My poor baby! She was so lethargic this morning and last night, while she did sleep on my legs as usual, every time I moved she growled at me. I know she must be really uncomfortable.

Oh! Just now the Vet called! Cricket had lots of hard poo impacted in her colon! They gave her an enema and she passed some. They want to keep her until early this evening and she may need another enema. Poor Naughty Noodle! :( The Vet recommended canned pumpkin to perhaps keep her regular. I don't know if she'll eat that. I'm thinking less crunchies on the side of her wet food. No wonder she was so cranky! How miserable she must have been.
What is it with my kitties and their digestive tracts? First Cody with his massive hair balls and now Cricket with her poo. Yuck!

My husband is not real pleased right now. $$$ has been flying out at a regular rate lately. Our health insurance is not the greatest this year. I just wish we could get a break! I imagine this will cost around $400.00, because that's how much it cost for Cody. Thank goodness for VISA!

I am just so glad that my Nurse Cricket will be home to sleep with me tonight. I hope she eats a big plate of stinky goodness for me.

Thank you all so much for your Love and Kindness. You are just The Best Ever! We all here at Twilight's Muse Love You.

Purr that Cricket can feel better and not have a tummy ache any more.
Now, let's just hope Billie and Toeshee will keep feeling well!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Swimming to the surface

Beyond Blue...

Well, it's been quite a while. The only true, wonderful, purely sweet things seems to be my kitties and their antics and love.

My husband's father passed away a couple of weeks ago. It came much faster than anyone expected. The cancer was just beginning to cause him pain, but perhaps mercy visited, as it was his heart that gave out in his sleep.

He had been afraid of suffering and wasting away as his brother had and he missed his beloved sister Grace, who had gone before, just a month ago.
My husband understandably took it hard for a bit, but he is moving on fairly well. He said losing his Mum when he was 16 was much worse.

Even before dad passed I had been struggling with depression. Every day had been harder to get through. I can't seem to pinpoint one thing over the other that has me so emotionally incapacitated. I stay in my pj's most days, only pulling on jeans and a sweatshirt to get some groceries. My husband sometimes drags me out for coffee, but I can't wait to get back home and nap. I have not been able to find a good pain reliever yet, so rest and hot baths and showers are a refuge.

I have three books started and I can't finish any of them. I re read the same paragraphs over and over before tossing them aside. I stare at the tv and not really notice what I'm watching. It's just noise to fill the silence.

I haven't turned on my computer for nearly a month. I've been afraid to blog. What could I say? This. All I have right now is how sad I am. Yay, what fun for you to read!

Now, my fingers hurt again and for what? A sad blog entry...

I know I need to snap out of this. My kitties are all happy and healthy right now and they should be the stars of this blog. Perhaps after some time I will do an overhaul of the blog.

Thank you ALL for being so kind! Karla told me that my friends have been worried and I was very surprised. She said that Spring will come. I just have to hold on to that.

Cricket is now, quite full of herself after saving me. She wants a nurses cap
a paycheck and two weeks paid vacation. We settled on unlimited Fancy Feast in her favourite fishy flavors.

Billie and Cody are doing really well. Billie has taken to sleeping on my bed a lot, so I bring her food up there. Today, she actually came downstairs and is napping on the sofa. Maybe she knows I'm finally blogging.

Toeshee is his usual naughty, sweet little clown self. He loves to chase the cursor on my husbands laptop. Look at his funny, cute little face.

I hope you all aren't mad at me, but I understand if you are. I wish and hope I can swim to the surface of this deep blue pool I have fallen in.