Thursday, February 18, 2010

Tummy Troubles for Naughty Noodle

Purrs for Cricket

Cricket is at the Vet right now, waiting for x-rays. She has been having difficulty passing bowl movements and threw up her breakfast yesterday. She did not eat at all today. The Vet will check for any blockages or a foreign object, but she isn't usually one to eat strange things, so I don't know...

My poor baby! She was so lethargic this morning and last night, while she did sleep on my legs as usual, every time I moved she growled at me. I know she must be really uncomfortable.

Oh! Just now the Vet called! Cricket had lots of hard poo impacted in her colon! They gave her an enema and she passed some. They want to keep her until early this evening and she may need another enema. Poor Naughty Noodle! :( The Vet recommended canned pumpkin to perhaps keep her regular. I don't know if she'll eat that. I'm thinking less crunchies on the side of her wet food. No wonder she was so cranky! How miserable she must have been.
What is it with my kitties and their digestive tracts? First Cody with his massive hair balls and now Cricket with her poo. Yuck!

My husband is not real pleased right now. $$$ has been flying out at a regular rate lately. Our health insurance is not the greatest this year. I just wish we could get a break! I imagine this will cost around $400.00, because that's how much it cost for Cody. Thank goodness for VISA!

I am just so glad that my Nurse Cricket will be home to sleep with me tonight. I hope she eats a big plate of stinky goodness for me.

Thank you all so much for your Love and Kindness. You are just The Best Ever! We all here at Twilight's Muse Love You.

Purr that Cricket can feel better and not have a tummy ache any more.
Now, let's just hope Billie and Toeshee will keep feeling well!


Helena said...

Poor Cricky!!!!
Oh dear!

Over here you can get biscuits for cats with a probiotic in them, which is meant to help them poo :)

I'm now trying to think of when Scooter and FLuffy poo most...
oh! TURKEY! Turkey goes through them rather fast. People think it's as mild as chicken and give it to their pets at Christmas, but it isn't, and so they have farty pets on Boxing Day. Ha. Maybe some turkey food for Cricky then....
Poor thing!

When I had my old cat, Katie (She was 19 when I had to say goodbye) I used to massage her tummy when she had tummy ache. I would put my head to her tummy and if I heard lots of rumbles I'd rub it till she farted and then she'd feel better and purr her head off.
Oh! The "gustin" things we'll do for a beloved pet! You'd never get me doing that for my partner. HAHA!

Mr Scooter had a run in with Tiggy from up the road last Saturday. He lost. He had a big chunk of hair ripped out and a big hole from a claw mark behind his ear. I washed it and left it for an hour- then I cleaned it again and there was an abcess already! Amazing how fast that came. So I cleaned it up again and off he went to the V-E-T on Monday. He looks exactly like your Cricky too.

Angel and Kirby said...

Kirby went through that last month! He was in the litter box 6 times in 30 minutes and produced nothing! He, too, had an enema and we feeling better the next day. They did not suggest pumpkin, but put him on a stool softer. He bounced back over night.

I understand the blue funk! I wish I has a cure for it. We are hoping that spring will bring warmed and drier weather and lift us all up.

Amy and The House of Cats said...

Oh poor Cricket - she had to be super uncomfortable - I work with a woman who has similar problems and for her it gets bad enough to take vicodin. So she must have been so miserable - but unfortunately there isn't any way to find out about this kind of thing ahead of time (honestly I would never have even thought about cats getting that - I know they get diarreah, but never thought the opposite). Hopefully the enema will help her out. I have always heard pumpkin is good, and probiotics could help too. And the girl I work with who has the problem has actually used massage to help - it might help with her too.

We are sending her lots of purrs and prayers to feel better soon - and we are still sending you lots too. We hope you are feeling a bit better - I saw your comment over at our blog - I am glad the comic gave you a little smile.

Sweet Praline said...

Poor Cricket. Praline has had blockages several times during her 14 years and it's usually because of too much floof. I'm glad it was nothing serious and that Cricket will be okay. Praline wouldn't eat the pumpkin, but of course, she doesn't eat any people food.

My prayers and thoughts are with you. Praline says she is sending comforting purrs.

We got your Valentine's card! It means to much to us knowing how hard it is for your fingers to work. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Feronia said...

Hello Lorianna,

Just stopping by to say I'm enjoying your blogs and to send you a hug from Australia.

I know the depression deal really well - have been in and out of it for the last eighteen months or so. It's a hard ride, isn't it!

Thinking of you :)

Daisy said...

Ah, poor little Cricket! I'm glad she's feeling better. Lots of cats will eat canned pumpkin. Or you can mix it with some delicious canned food.

Elin said...

I'm sending Cricket a healing purrs and purrayers~


JB's Big and Small Worlds said...

Oh noes! Poo problems! Those are the worst, but it sounds like Cricket will get well?
We will all purr and purr and you know that is a lot of purring from our house!

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