Monday, November 30, 2009

More naughtiness with Cricket

It feels so good to be naughty!

Almost as good as a warm sun beam...

Cricket, did you knock FiFi Feline out of her chair?

Maybe. Can't prove it if you didn't see me do it Momma! Why does she get a boa and a strand of pearls anyway?

Would you wear a feather boa and a strand of pearls Cricket?

For a price. A very big price!

I am not even going to ask what... Sigh~~

Hee Hee! Do something naughty Kitties. It is so fun!


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thankful For The Sweetest Gifts

Everything Sweet. Especially the kitties!

Hey everyone! Cody Mac Boldly here to say hi and Happy Thanksgiving!
I am feeling so much better. I have to take this goopy stuff to keep the hairballs away, but I have put on weight and am eating really well.

The other kitties; Billie, Toeshee and Cricket are all good too.
As you can see sometimes Billie and Toeshee will share floof and body heat. Momma loves it when they do that.

Cricket is trying to be her usual glamour puss self. She has such a Diva complex! Again, Momma thinks this is adorable too and calls her Queen! (snort! Whatever!)

Me? I'm Mr. Easy Going. I try to be well mannered and thankful. I'm 15 years old, so every day is pretty good for me as long as I get stinky goodness and baby talk and pets from Momma.

Momma made herself very busy today. She made a pumpkin pie and hopes to make those little cakes tomorrow. If you want the recipes just ask and she will post them. Us kitties just want the turkey!

Her hips are a little bit hurty, so she's going to take some medicine and start doing some Blog Hopping so we can say hi to you all.
If we don't get to you, just know that we totally Love You All!

Have a really great rest of the week and if you celebrate turkey day make sure you kitties and woofies get your fair share of bird!

Cody ~

Monday, November 23, 2009

Do not adjust your moniter. It's Momma's Fault

A little blurry today.

Hi everyone! My picture is pretty blurry Momma. Maybe you better learn how to work your camera a little bit better.

We are fine. Teenagergirl is all over her flu and is back to her old moody self. Momma is much relieved! Us kitties are looking forward to some turkey on Thursday and Momma is going to try to make little chocolate cakes that have melty chocolate in the middle. She found little pans for them and everything.

Right now though she is tired and cranky with canker sores in her mouth. The medicine she pokes herself with gave them to her. She is eating yogurt and drinking cool water for now.

She promised to help us kitties visit our bloggie friends this week and hopes to get to lots and lots at least once this week. She has adorable pictures of us in her camera, but it squawked at her because it's batteries are deaded. She will have to attend to that after she makes dinner.

She is making Christmas cards right now and now is fretting because she thinks they are not cool enough. I'm not sure what that means, but yeesh! Momma sure frets and fusses a lot!
Us kitties are just content to nap and eat Fancy Feast and Party Mix.

Maybe Momma needs a yummy treat to help her relax and nap.
Think like a kitty Momma!

Hugs and Purrs.
Miss Billie~ (who is really not blurry!)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Toeshee Spies with his green eyes...

More window views

What do I see out the window Mama?

It's a squirrel Toeshee. They are everywhere! Sometimes they get into our attic and the Daddyman must trap them in the humane trap and take them to the park so they can live in the big trees and not in our house.

Are they delicious Momma?

Um, eew! I do not think so, but then again I'm not a kitty. They can fight back pretty well, so I wouldn't tangle with one. They are cute though. And remember, I don't eat mammals.

But, kitties do, right Momma?

Yes Toeshee kitties do.

Then I will dream about catching a squirrel and it will be delicious!

Have a great daydreamy day efurryone!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Kitty Crush

Sylvestero and Crickiette

Sylvester is still coming by every day. His beans will not let him in, it seems and Momma feeds him and gives him scritchers and baby talk. She thinks that perhaps he has a crush on me because he makes a point of looking in the window when I am looking out. Notice that I do not look amused!
(Notice that Momma really needs to clean the window too!)

So far no one else has caught the flu and the Teenagergirl is getting better. Momma has had a nasty RA flare up and isn't sleeping really well, but for her this is becoming almost normal.

It has been rather mild and sunny here lately and it's nice to have that golden glow during the short daylight hours. Silly Momma has been getting into her pj's at around 7:00 pm almost every evening. Way to live it up Momma!

Well, not much else is new to report. We may put up our tree before Thanksgiving, just to cheer up the living room a bit. This time of year every little faerie light one can plug in helps chase away the dreariness.
We will get around to visiting all our blogging friends too, as that chases the blues too. We see Whickey visited us and that made Momma happy as she has been a bit worried about him and his siblings. Now, there's a handsome mancat!^..^

We hope you all have a great weekend!
Remember kitties; Be just a little bit naughty!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Go Away Big Sick!

Flu Update

Hi efurryone! Well, the teenagergirl is slowly getting better. Her doctor thinks it was either H1N1 or just a really strong strain of the regular flu.
She has had it affect her respiratory system and her G.I. tract. (barfing)
Her highest fever was 102.2, but thankfully didn't stay there really long.
She has been just miserable! Momma has been so worried. But, finally the tummy ache is gone and she can eat easy to swallow food. There haven't been anymore fevers either.
Now we wait to see if the Daddyman or Momma get it. Momma has even heard about a kitty getting H1N1! She hopes that us kitties don't get it! she would rather have it four times over than see one of us get sick. Cody and Billie are too old to have something like that!

We sure hope none of you get this big sick! It's the worst flu Momma has seen in a long time.

Momma will try to get back to visiting as soon as she can. Thank you all so much for all of your well wishes!

Health and Happiness and Hugs and Purrs,
~Toeshee Maru~

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Cricket Here...

The flu is here.

Hi everyone, Cricket here. The teenagergirl has the flu. Momma is afraid it is the Really Bad One. She is very busy taking care of her and may not be able to get around to visiting all of our blogging friends.
We hope and purr that none of you get it!


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

News and Mews with Toeshee

Momma and the Daddyman went for a walk

It was kinda nice weather for the first day of November, so Momma and Daddyman let us kitties nap while they went for a walk around the neighborhood. Momma decided to take her camera, which usually she forgets.

She took pictures of gargoyles on the big high school nearby. The building is very old. I think they are a little bit scary! That school would be a good Hogwarts, wouldn't it?
On their way back they usually walk by this wooded area behind some big Victorian homes. Last year Momma saw a white cat in there and she still looks for her. But, this time they saw another kitty!
Momma said this kitty was as big as me! He posed for a couple of pictures before giving them the "tail" and walking away.

Now, it's cold again. Next week the Teenager girl is getting her tonsils out. I'm not sure what those are. Do kitties have tonsils? The Teenager girl gets sore throats every Autumn and they come and go all winter long. They are very big and she is tired of them.
She will get lots of ice cream. I wonder if I act really cute, if she will share.

How is your week going? Us kitties are napping and eating and sometimes Cricket and I will fight and run around like crazy, wild things. Billie and Cody just ignore us, but they are old.

Rumbly Purrs everyone!
~Toeshee Maru~

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sweet Gentle Boy

Please Don't go!
I'll eat you up, I love you so.

~Here in the world there is nothing more than your absence.~

Amy's beautiful kitty Floyd had to go to the Rainbow Bridge. He was loved and still is loved very much by his Mommy Amy.

Whenever I see the commercial for Where the Wild Things Are movie I just can't seem to not cry. When the girl monster tells Max that She'll eat him up she loves him so. She says it in just this broken sad way. When you know you have to say goodbye to someone you love and it hurts so very much.

My thoughts are with Amy and everyone who has lost someone that They Love So.

Hugs to Everyone.