Thursday, January 21, 2010

Someone Saved My Life Tonight

Cricket saved me.

Hi everyone. For most of this month I have been in a really bad RA flare up. The pain is constant. I went to my doctor last week and had x-rays to see how much joint damage has been done. The Methotrexate I have been on is just not working any more. I will be starting Enbrel along with a half dose of Methotrexate now. It's an injection once a week too.
My doctor called in a prescription for Vicoden for me because my pain was so unmanageable. Vicoden contains an opiate, which I discovered the hard way, I am allergic to.

I took a dose last Thursday so I could feel well enough to make dinner. At first I just felt a bit light headed, which was strange, but normal for that drug. I went upstairs just to lie down for a bit. By the time I reached my room I felt very, very sick to my stomach and the dizziness was overwhelming. I pretty much crashed on the bed and saw black.

Then I felt a rough tongue licking my hand. I opened my eyes to see Cricket staring at me. I closed my eyes as another wave of nausea and dizziness overcame me and the world went black again. But, once again I was roused by a persistantly rough tongue. I opened my eyes and she stopped licking and stared with what looked like concern into my eyes. Every time I closed my eyes Cricket would begin licking my hand and when I opened them she would stop and stare with those big green eyes searching my face. Finally, I was able to keep my eyes open and made myself sit up. I practically crawled off the bed and down the steps and Cricket followed me as if making sure I made it down. Then I was sick and barfing for most of the evening. If I had passed out I could have thrown up and well... choked on it. Plus my breathing had slowed down a bit as I hit the bed. She kept me awake.

Cricket saved me, I'm sure of it. She truly is a wonderful nurse kitty!

Now, I must deal with my pain with over the counter pain meds and hot baths and rest. I hope the Enbrel can start kicking the RA monster's butt soon. Until then, I am learning to take it easier on myself. No big dinners for the family every night, no obsessing over house cleaning.

My hands are throbbing and stiff and my left hip especially is so painfull. I'm tired of feeling so cruddy, but I'm so thankful for my kitties. Having pets really does make one feel better. They are funny, naughty, sweet, purring bundles of love. Never underestimate how much they are tuned into us.

Yes, this gives Cricket a free pass to basically get away with anything. :) Even my husband had to admit that she probably was concerned in her own weird way.

My daughter has made a full recovery and is now going to her college classes, complaining all the way. That's how I know she feels better. She hates adhering to a schedule. ;)

My husband's dad has now gone into Hospice. He is not doing well. He has fallen twice this past week and his heart is in "A Fib". We jump whenever the phone rings now, wondering if it's bad news about him.

I am trying to downplay how hurty I am so my husband doesn't feel any more stress. All in all, it's been a rough month. A long, cold month.

I miss visiting my bloggie friends so much! I haven't forgotten anybody okay?

My kitties and I send you love and purrs. I will try to visit when I get some free moments. I'm going to rest my hands for a bit now.


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Be Nice 2010!

Oy! What a week!

Forgive us while Momma has nervous breakdown # 531.

The Teenagergirl's throat did not heal as well as expected. This past Sunday she started spitting out lots of bloods! Momma and The Daddyman took her to the ER and she had to have a spot in her throat cauterized. They had to put her under for that.
She is starting to feel lots better now. Seeing her daughter cough up all that blood made Momma cry, but she tried to be brave for Teenagergirl. The doctor said blood always looks like more mixed with saliva.

Cricket: This whole conversation about bloods is kinda bordering on the oogie! I'm just glad she is okay now!

Toeshee: Yes, and now maybe she can eat more delicious foods! I love delicious foods! I have been so bored lately. There are no birdies outside to watch.

Cricket: It has been boring. Cody played with me a few days ago, despite the limp he seems to have. Momma is thinking he might have a touch of arthritis, given his age. Better be nice to him Tubby, or you'll get the squirt bottle of water aimed in your direction!

Toeshee: Stop calling me Tubby! I'm big boned is all!

We hope you all are handling the Mid-winter blues okay. We would like to extend our sympathy and sadness to Whickey and his family over the loss of Angel. Another Furbaby Angel has joined many at the Rainbow Bridge.

Momma must play the catching up game with bloggie friends again.
We love you!