Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Bride'smaid Billie

Billie is Very Happy.

I am resting with my friend Secret Squirrel and admiring the pretty roses. Momma rescued Secret Squirrel from Toeshee who had taken him from me a long time ago. Momma found him in the upstairs bathroom. Stoopid Toeshee took his eyes off, but he seems ok.
Miss Peach have asked me to be a Bride's Maid in her upcoming wedding to Mickey. I am so honored! I am a very shy and quiet older ladycat and I never dreamed that I would be asked to join in such a momentous occasion. I wonder what my dress will look like? Will I carry pretty flowers like the ones on our mantle? Do you think a handsome mancat will ask me to dance? (blush)
I have been feeling a bit under the weather off and on, but right now, I am doing pretty well. If I continue to eat properly and rest I should be able to attend the wedding. Momma does worry so. She says I must be a good girl and let her groom me for longer than five minutes at a time. I must confess grooming time is the only time I lose my temper. Momma is very gentle with me, but I just do not liked to be messed with! I have arthritis in my hips and I do not like my hind quarters touched, thank you very much!
My I have gone on! I am very excited!
I hope my sister in floof, Praline is feeling better so she can go to the wedding too. And, There are so many kittyfriends to meet.
Yawn... I am sleeping now, just thinking of all the excitement. I better go take my nap now.
Hugs everyone! <3

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Comic For Cody's Cabin Fever

A comic for Cody

Momma saw this comic on Sunday and thought of me. "Oh this kitty is just like poor Cody!"
I love to go out and help Momma garden and keep her company when she sits on the front porch to relax. We have not been able to do that since October! I am getting very bored. Momma says there are no plants to tend to right now anyway. She thinks we may as well nap until Spring.
I guess I will just crawl back under the sofa and wait it out.

Before I do, I want to let Praline know that we are purring for her to get better. And Jelly Bean; we are purring for you and your family too.
Momma has been feeling very sad about her kitty friends lately.

The Daddyman had to use her computer to do taxes because he crashed his windows xp in his. Momma thought it was funny that he had to use hers because he complains about Vista all the time. I have no idea what either of them were talking about, but I'm glad Momma's computer is back so I could blog today!
Think Spring everybody! I'm going stir-crazy here!
Later Dudecats and Kittygirl Babes!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Floofy Time

It has been a long week. I have been so sad about Misty and now worried about Sweet Praline. My new dosing of Methotrexate has really been affecting my stomach and making me so tired. All in all, a pretty yucky week. Oh we are also under a winter storm warning. Ahh! Enough cold and snow all ready! So, I think I will end this week with some cuteness.
Um, is Toeshee looking a bit, ah... chubby? He waddles a bit when he walks. :)
I hope everyone has a peaceful, restful weekend. I will try to get around to my visiting. Hugs<3

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Goodnight My Angel Goodnight My Angel

This song is dedicated to Misty and PooPoo and all of our furbabies that have gone to the Rainbow Bridge.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Heart <3 Day

We send Lots of Love!

Billie, Cricket, Cody, Toeshee and Lorianna

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Wake Us When It's Spring Please.

Wake Us When It's Spring Please.

Oh look at Cody in the sunshine! How blissful is that picture!
The Valentine and kittens are from a site called Moonlight and Roses. Don't the kittens remind you of Toeshee and Billie? Of course, Miss Billie would not tolerate having a ribbon around her neck.

Our Springlike weather flew away with heavy winds yesterday. I did manage to get out while it was still mild and took a little walk around my garden. I let Cody go with me and we both came in with muddy feet. :)

My left hand is still hurting. The first and seconds knuckles are now quite swollen. I am trying still to get around to visit as many blogs as I can. I think I will have to get the Thermacare Hand wraps. I'm wearing one in my profile picture with Cody. Usually it's been my thumb joints, so this RA monster really likes nom nomming on the fingers.

Well, I'm going to soak in some hot water, give the kitties their lunch and hopefully get back online to do some visiting.

Two more weeks 'til March. Spring is coming!
Hugs from me and the Kitties<3

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Quiet Time

Quiet time is the best time.

Window gazing, naps, tummy snorgling... (I'm not sure what is up with Toeshee and Billie. They seem to like cuddling together once in a while.)

There's not much going on lately and to me that's a good thing. The weather has been calm and almost Springlike. The cats seem to be feeling well and they and I have the house to ourselves during the day.
My hands are quite sore and I have been using Icy/Hot patches on them. I think I will have to use a soft brace just to keep my left hand stable so the joints can rest. I have had hand pain before, but this is really really uncomfortable. Especially in the large knuckles. I will try to blog and visit as much as I can though. Hopefully this flare up will be on it's way soon. I really need my hands!

I want to wish Daisy The Curly Cat Happy Birthday! She's an Aquarius. :) They are know for being adventurous and curious and a little eccentric. Purrfect qualities for a cat!

I hope everyone has a happy day and that a little Spring finds you. Hugs! <3

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Space Invader Toeshee

Toeshee the Space Invader!

These two pictures are so funny to me. The first is Toeshee behind my laptop on the sofa. He is bathing and all that can be seen is his hind leg.
We knew a Scottish man who said that when cats are washing their err... behinds, they look like they are playing the bagpipes! There he goes again, playing the pipes! Very silly, I know.

The next picture with Billie just says it all. "How dare you invade my space!" The expression on her face is just too cute.

I have to tell you what Billie did yesterday. I was sweeping the kitchen after all the kitties ate and I found a ping pong ball in the corner. I tossed it into the hallway, figuring Toeshee would go after it. Billie ran after it and batted at it! This is huge! She was so sick just a week ago, shivering in her cat carrier and now she's playing! Tears of joy filled my eyes watching her. I told her that she was so cute and such a good kitty. She didn't play long because she is almost 14 and Toeshee barged in to take over, but still... It made my day.

I hope you all have a very happy, wonderful day!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Cody Re-Purrting

Cody Re-purrting

Hey everyone! Happy Groundhog Day! Do you think spring will come now? I sure love to garden with Momma when it's nice and warm. I have been so bored this winter!
See my cool box? I love boxes! Every time a new one comes in the house I jump in as soon as I can.
Billie is feeling way better! She comes in the kitchen to eat with the rest of us kitties now. I felt very bad for her because she wasn't eating very much and she was very stinky. Then she had to have a bath and take medicine! Poor girl! Momma was so sad too. It was a rough time here at Lorianna's Cat House, but now everything seems to be getting back to normal.
We will celebrate my 14th birthday this May! Toeshee will be a 1 year old mancat on March 18th. He will probably have a party too. I might get him a present if he stops playing so rough with me. Cricket's birthday is a mystery. Momma is thinking that celebrating it on the first day of summer is a good idea. She will be 7! Billie will be 14 too in July.
See, all the fun happens in the warmer months!
Well, I am bugging Momma to get up and give me a snack and then this afternoon she will start visiting all of you. Hopefully she will get some peace from the grumpy Teenagergirl and Thedaddyman. ;) (at least us kitties are cute when we want dinner)
We are sending Big Hugs!