Thursday, March 26, 2009

Cody and The Chocolate Farm

Cody's Garden Tour and A Little Friendliness

Hi everyone! Cody, your gardening cat here! I help Momma in her garden when it's nice and warm outside. It is not nice and warm out yet, so I thought I would show you something Momma found in a magazine. It is a nursery called Chocolate Flower Farm. They are in Washington State which is where the lovely Miss Peach lives. All of their plants are velvety dark and chocolate colored. Some are darker than others, and some go with chocolate, like cream and purple. In their gift shop they sell chocolate scented candles, teas, cocoa, and bath pro
ducts. (Not my thing, but I'm a cat you know!)
They even sell garden statues like this kitty that Momma says reminds her of me. But, I'm cuter of course. ;)
She put her name on a mailing list to get a catalog if and when they ever make one. Right now you can only order through the internet. Momma is bummed because we are not allowed to order through the internet because the Daddyman is afraid of "identity theft." Why and how do beans steal each others identity? I am rather confused about that. It's not like another cat can come along and take away my identity. I AM Cody and that is that! Beans are very strange sometimes...
But, there are some very Friendly beans too! Karen Jo, the wonderful Limerick Lady got this award from the beautiful Elin, a kitty who lives in Malaysia. Karen Jo passed it on to some bloggers, including us.
There are no rules, just pass it on to whomever you would like, but be sure to mention Elin. She is a very pretty Persian!
We will pass it on to Shaggy, Scooby and Scout, Yaffa, Sebastian and Naughty Dante, Daisy and her friendly brother Harley, Princess and her cute brother Pierro, and Pretty, Perfectly Parker and Jelly Bean with the big blue eyes. We also want to pass it to Whickey and his siblings. He has not been blogging much and we are worried about him.
Momma always frets when she has to pass on an award because she wants everyone to have it. So, please all of our friends, take this Friendly Award because you are all awesome to us!
Have a Happy Day!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Colorful Cricket

Pop Art Cricket

I wake up with Momma every morning. We are both rather crabby at first. Then she has her coffee and I have my stinky goodness with crunchies.
It is still very cold and dark here in the mornings. After the
Teenagergirl and the Daddyman leave Momma and I go back to bed for a bit. I lay on her legs and sigh, she sighs, and then we dose off for a while.
We are very worried about Miss Peach. We hope her surgery goes well so she can have her wedding with Mickey. A late spring wedding would be pretty.
Things are rather quiet here, except for Toeshee causing trouble sometimes. He broke another lamp and jumped on Cody's back and wouldn't let go until Momma squirted him with water.
Toeshee is FAT! He is! Momma feels bad because she made him that way. I just think he has poor will power and he is lazy. Maybe I will help him exercise... I could thwap him and then let him chase me. That could be fun!
Do you know that he is afraid of me? Yup! I am the only cat he won't pick on.
It's good to be queen!
We hope you have a happy week!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Very Special Kitties

Three Mommies who love their older kitty girls.

Please keep Mommy Paula in your thoughts as she has gum surgery today. :( ouch! And Praline who has to still have her blood work done in a few weeks.

Miss Peach will need surgery on her tummy for that tumor and her teeth pulled too. Please think of her and Mommy Karla who obviously is very worried about her. Miss Peach also has infection in both ears. :(

Billie has given me a few scares this past year, but right now she seems to be doing pretty well. She seems to be drinking a bit more water, so I will keep an eye on her.

We hope everyone has a peaceful happy weekend! Lots of Love <3

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

More Birthday Pictures

Here are some more pictures of Toeshee celebrating his birthday today.

(don't tell my family I put a candle in the Fancy Feast for Billie and Toeshee this morning. They all ready think I'm a crazy cat lady. ) ;)

Please help yourselves to more cake. There's tea and Niptinis and "Nip Julips"
for our southern friends. There's also Party Mix.

Hugs from My Kitties and me!

Toeshee Is One Today!

Happy 1st Birthday Toeshee!

He was just a little kitten when he came to us last summer. Now he is an official Big Kitty! Still wild, still naughty, still adorable.
Please help yourselves to some buttercream cake and take a party hat!
We will be popping in later to set out more treats and hopefully some candid birthday boy pictures.

"Hey everybuddy! Toeshee here! I am so excited about being one today! I don't know why Momma had to drag out the baby pictures, but you know how mom's are. It is very early here, so Momma will set out the more savory treats and Niptini's later. Momma, am I old enough for a niptini?"

Have a happy day everyone!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Billie and Toeshee had a little parade with some pretty green ribbon. ;)
It was tied around the Birthday Present Toeshee got from Dante.

I am getting ready for Toeshee's Birthday tomorrow. For some reason he is being extra naughty today! I guess he's not ready to grow up yet. :)

I will try to get around to visit everyone. I am so behind again.
We Love You All!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Glamor Girl Monday

Glamor Girls

My girls Billie and Cricket are so pretty! Billie is content to curl up and nap. Cricket, when she's not napping is often found looking out the windows. She is looking forward to spring.
The other night both girls were on alert when a stray kitty came up on the front porch and peeked in the window. It was a tabby cat with a white chest like Toeshee, but his/ her fur was shorter. The kitty ran to our garage and in through a little "cat door" that a raccoon so nicely made a couple of winters
ago. I took some food out and slid it into the garage for the poor kitty. I haven't seen her/him since, but Billie and Cricket will let me know if our visitor returns.
We hope everyone has a great week! Toeshee's Birthday is Wednesday and he will be having a party. So please drop by for Fancy Feast, Party Mix, Nip Sweet Tea and cake with Vanilla Cream frosting. :)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Game of Cat and Mouse

Cat and Mouse

Last Friday evening was rather mild here for March. I was feeling a bit yucky and watching t v while my husband carried in some groceries. My daughter and her friend had just returned from a movie. The back door was open and not being closely watched. Cody took the opportunity to run outside.
"He'll be fine. " My husband said. "It's nice out Mom." My daughter said.
"He's a black cat out in the dark and we're around the corner from a busy street!" I cried. Needless to say, I was worried sick. I kept opening the door calling for him and going from window to window looking for him.
Finally, my husband went to the back door and called for him. Cody trotted into the backyard meowing loudly. He walked into the back porch, which is enclosed and continued meowing. My husband turned on a light to see what was wrong. Cody proudly dropped a mouse onto the floor.
He was all ready rather uh... chewed up. :( My husband let Cody stay on the back porch with it and came in. "Cody's back. He's fine."
"Oh, thank goodness! Where is he?"
"On the back porch eating a mouse."
"Oh ick! Couldn't you rescue the poor thing?"
"Nope, too late. Besides, Cody is so happy and proud. It's just a little snack."
If I had known, I would have tried to save the mouse, but from the sound of it, I would have been too late. This wouldn't have happened if, everyone had been paying more attention. I'm just grateful my Cody made it home safe and sound.
"Psst, Cody here. Hee hee! What can I say? Mouse is tasty!"

I am now on an antibiotic for strep throat. I had a feeling that's what was going on. I have to stay off of the Methotrexate until I finish it. My throat is starting to feel a bit better. It was really painful. Maybe by this weekend I might actually feel half way decent.
I hope everyone is having a good week. Billie, Cody ("mouse breath"), Cricket, Toeshee and I send hugs and purrs.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Fun For Toeshee

Fun for Toeshee

We received a very nice surprise yesterday. Dante, Yaffa and Sebastian and their Mommy Mimi sent Toeshee a fun filled package for his Birthday which is next week. He will be a year old!
Dante and Toeshee are both very very naughty kitty boys. Toeshee's naughtiness is back in full force after a brief try at being sweet. I guess he's decided that being bad is more fun. (I wonder if I have Cricket to thank for that.)
I think the green ribbon looks quite fetching on Toeshee. It will be great for St. Patrick's Day which is the day before his B-Day. I should have taken a picture of the pretty package. It was wrapped so nicely. The kitties smelled the Nip right away! They all agree, Brooklyn Nip is Primo! :)
Yesterday, I finally felt well enough to get out of my pajamas. I have been just taking hot showers and putting my thick fleece pj's back on. So, I put on some jeans and a sweat shirt and tried to catch up on some housework. By late afternoon my throat started to hurt and I had a sinus headache.
Yup, this morning I woke up with a very sore throat and swollen glands. The medicine I'm on is shutting my immune system down so it stops attacking my joints, so now I can catch every virus that's lurking around. This one came from my daughter. Everyone at her school is sick!
Oh well, at least I'm coming out of the nasty flare that had me crawling into bed all week. I sure hope this throat/sinus thing doesn't send me back! Cricket sure likes to have me to nap with though. :)
I am looking forward to free time to visit everyone. After I work my way through the dishes I can see my way clear to being almost caught up.
Next time I will have to tell you about Cody's adventure and the poor little mouse that met an unfortunate end. I know cats will be cats, but if I had known what was going on I would have intervened and helped the poor thing get away. :(
I hoped you enjoyed Toeshee's cuteness! Have a happy day and we send you hugs and purrs!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Cricket Updates the Blog

Cricket Gives an Update

Hi everyone. I am blogging today for Momma. She has been feeling really icky since Friday and is finally out of bed for longer than an hour today. Her whole body hurts and she just wants to sleep. I keep her company of course.
She makes sure to feed us and pet us and just make sure we are okay. Us kitties are her reason for getting up.
She misses visiting her blogging friends and posting about how wonderful we are. (
Me being the most wonderful of course.)
She is hoping that if she can just get enough rest this weekend things will be back to normal. It would be nice if the Daddyman and the Teenagergirl would help a bit, but I'm not holding my breath. You wouldn't believe how nasty my upstairs litter box got before the Daddyman would change it! And that was only after Momma begged him to because she couldn't lift the heavy bag of Tidy Cat.
So anyway, Momma is going to give me my lunch now and get some rest before she has to make dinner. I think she should order pizza. ;)
Momma seems sad to me and I hope she feels better soon. Don't worry though; me and Billie will look after her. The two boys are, in my opinion not very good at nurturing. I'm an excellent nurse!
Take care everyone. We send you big hugs.