Monday, March 23, 2009

Colorful Cricket

Pop Art Cricket

I wake up with Momma every morning. We are both rather crabby at first. Then she has her coffee and I have my stinky goodness with crunchies.
It is still very cold and dark here in the mornings. After the
Teenagergirl and the Daddyman leave Momma and I go back to bed for a bit. I lay on her legs and sigh, she sighs, and then we dose off for a while.
We are very worried about Miss Peach. We hope her surgery goes well so she can have her wedding with Mickey. A late spring wedding would be pretty.
Things are rather quiet here, except for Toeshee causing trouble sometimes. He broke another lamp and jumped on Cody's back and wouldn't let go until Momma squirted him with water.
Toeshee is FAT! He is! Momma feels bad because she made him that way. I just think he has poor will power and he is lazy. Maybe I will help him exercise... I could thwap him and then let him chase me. That could be fun!
Do you know that he is afraid of me? Yup! I am the only cat he won't pick on.
It's good to be queen!
We hope you have a happy week!


Daisy said...

Hi Cricket! You look good in every color. I am worried about Miss Peach, too. She's such a delicate lady, but I think she's a fighter.

Sweet Praline said...

Cricket, I guess it's up to you to straighten Toeshee out!

Princess said...

Hello sweet Cricket. I love your pop art. You are a beauty!!!

I am purring for MissPeach. I want her to get all better soon. I know she will do well with the surgery becuase we are praying for her doctor to be careful <3

It is good to go back to bed after seeing the others go to school and work!

meemsnyc said...

Love the pop art Cricket! Oh Toeshee, we do hope that you don't jump on the other kitty's backs, that is not nice. Dante does that too!

PS, Dante says thank for the lovely card and for the Party Mix crunchies!! He loves treats!

Elin! said...

Hi! Thank u for stopping by my bloggie! It's nice to meet all of u, hope that we can be furriend!

Elin from Malaysia~

Helena said...

Popart Cricket! LOL!!!!

Tell your Momma I am sending her the notelets this week as a pressie :)

Karen Jo said...

You are very colorful today, Cricket. I think you should whap Toshee and get him to chase you for exercise. Sleeping and eating with Mom sounds great to me.

michico*Adan said...

I like that you waking up your mommy eating your breakfast with your mommy's first coffee at the same time, it's very sweet~!

Shaggy, Scooby and Scout said...

Cricket that pop art of you is wonderful!
We like how you & mom spend your mornings.
Shaggy is the fat one here! Mom is worried about him. He is constantly begging for food and moms willpower isn't good. She's better at not giving in lately though. The vet is going to lecture her again when we go in.