Monday, October 29, 2007

Another (maybe) haunted house story

Okay, I'm going to tell another (possibly) haunted house story. I don't know why I'm always experiencing things like this...
A few weeks ago some realtors with home for sale in our neighborhood joined together to hold open houses during the afternoon. Since we couldn't afford the annual Heritage Hill tour tickets this year my husband and I thought this would be a fun way to see historic homes for free. We chose some in walking distance from our house and set out on a nice warm afternoon. Now the first house looked like it should have been haunted. It sets up on a little hill before the road dips down heading downtown and it's big with slightly peeling white paint and tall pine trees that are growing too close to the house. Inside, the rooms just go on and on; three floors counting the attic. The only thing scary about that house was having to clean it and the asking price. (ouch!) After that, we made our way to the next house a few blocks away. This one didn't look menacing at all. It was a cute Victorian era home that had been divided into upstairs/downstairs good sized apartments. Now, first thing, the realtor wasn't there, but, her husband was and he seemed really antsy and kept walking outside. He told us to just walk around. (
Okay...low pressure is good?) As soon as we started walking through the first floor apartment I got the "feeling." The tingle starts at my neck, making me involuntarily hunch up my shoulders and then moves down my spine. It didn't feel like something negative, but still pretty disconcerting. As we headed upstairs I said "Hmm..." and my husband said "No, really?"
"I think so, give me a minute."
So we walked through the upstairs sitting room and , you know that feeling when someone stands really close behind you, invading your personal space? Like, if you stopped walking they would smack right into you? That's what I "felt." Still the presence wasn't scary and I got a feminine impression from it. I also picked up loneliness, as if there was some relief that someone "knew" (she?) was there. Feeling kinda silly, I whispered, "What do you need?" Silence, thank goodness, because I'm not sure what I could have (or would have) done anyway. But I did get the impression that she didn't want me to go. I felt bad about leaving too. It was a really nice house with lots of natural light and new, pretty paint on the walls. I don't think that whoever buys it will have anything really scary happen to them. My husband says that whenever I get that feeling and tell him about it he suddenly feels claustophobic. :)
Later, I tried to get some background info from the HH online database, but there was only a note on how the entryway had been remodeled when it was converted to a 2 family. There wasn't anything about any of the former residents. Now, I wonder if I didn't imagine it all, who was that lonely female and will she go into the light someday? I'm still wanting to believe... I would really like to actually see something. (no, really, I would!)

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Animals need angels too

The fires in California have been on my mind quite a bit this week, (I'm sure they've been on everyone's.) I feel so sad for the people that have had everything they own turn to ashes. I'm especially worried though about the animals. Pets and strays and wild animals that must be terrified and confused amid the choking air and encroaching flames. I watched a lot of news coverage during Katrina and went into a deep, sobbing depression over all of the animals that had been left behind. I'm trying to limit my news watching this time, but they are in my thoughts and prayers.
I wish life wasn't so painful. Sorry, I'll try to write about some fun Halloween type thing next time I blog.

Monday, October 22, 2007

New notebook and new pen (poetry)

Twilight's Muse

When the Sun and Moon share the sky
And when Mourning Doves and Robins sing out a goodnight cry
That is Twilight's Muse
My Cat chases Moths across soft green Grass
Another warm, mellow day comes to pass
That is Twilight's Muse
After Twilight in Dreams I seek
My Beloved who left
My Heart Broken, fragile, weak
Am I Twilight's Muse when I bask in His golden Glow?
Or will He let Night take me
Down paths I do not know?
Morpheus take my hand
My feet wet and bare on the sand
Even as I search for Mine
I long to be Twilight's Muse

Friday, October 19, 2007

Mercury ,hungry teenagers ,and other scary stuff

The weather has been crazy lately and I'm wondering if Mercury in retrograde has anything to do with it. I know it affects all forms of communication and travel.... hmm... It was very warm for October the past few days and last night we had wicked storms barrel through. I actually kinda liked the scariness factor, (It is the season after all.) and, I will never complain about warm weather.
Speaking of scary stuff, Mo's blog talk radio show on hauntings was very interesting. People called in with their personal stories of encounters with ghosts and I actually felt goosebumps listening to them. I think I'll listen to the archived version of it again this weekend if my internet behaves. (stupid Mercury!) There's some fun scary stuff on tv tonight too.
On Lifetime it's Lisa Williams: Life Among the Dead if you like psychics, then there's Blood Ties also on Lifetime if you like really cute vampires. On the Travel Channel is Most Haunted and I always get a chuckle when they start swearing, especially when they start using British slang. :) I have a lot of work to do if I want to relax tonight. Yes, I'm doing it again, my daughter's friends are coming over this weekend. The physics project is due next week and they have hardly anything done. That means I will need food in the house and I will have to remove all my breakables from the living room. Now, I'm really scared! :0

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Billie, Cody, and Cricket

I have three cats and I'm certain they all are mentally ill. A few mornings ago I awoke to find all three of them on my bed looking at me. Intently watching. I don't mind them cuddling and sleeping with me, it's kinda cozy and sweet, but sitting there staring creeped me out. I'm still not sure what was wrong. Maybe someone knocked on the door and it spooked them, or maybe they wanted breakfast and were worried that I wouldn't get up. My pain reliever that I take for ra pain tends to knock me out if I take it when I'm already tired. I don't know... If it happens again I think I will wander around the house and investigate. What if they're hearing something that I'm not? Ick, I don't want to think about it. Crazy cats!
I think fall has officially arrived here in Michigan. Last week we had record heat, near 90 degrees for a few days. It was awesome. Now it's cold, it's gray, and it's been raining. I think my gardening days are over. I do have some more bulbs to put in, but that's it. :( Oh well, I guess that gives me more reading and writing time. It's just that I hate being cold. I would love to move south. My ideal would be Savannah Georgia. I've done a lot of research on Savannah for my writing and it is the coolest city. Probably too expensive to live right in the city, but I wouldn't mind living in a quaint little area near by. Yup, someday I'm going to head south, just like the birds, only I won't be coming back in April to a foot of snow. ;) Oh and if my loony cats are still with me they can come too.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Haunted Blog

I can't believe how quickly the days fly by. I get so busy with this and that, not sure if I'm really accomplishing anything and before I know it another weekend is encroaching. Let's see... I listened to The Mo Show on Blogtalk Radio. Very fun discussion about scary movies. I watched Ghosthunters last night. One of the cases was kinda sad. A little girl had moved in with her aunt after her mother died and ever since they've been experiencing strange noises and seeing shadows and figures.The Ghost Hunting team caught what was believed to be the girl's mother's voice on their voice recording device. She used a special nickname for her daughter. It was very touching because it seemed like the mom was just trying to make contact with her family. Technically not a haunting, I think it was what I would call a spirit visitation. I am so fascinated with ghosts and hauntings. I would love to go ghost hunting and I think I'm ready to actually see an apparition or hear "something". Next week on Mo's Blogtalk show he will be talking about ghosts and hauntings and I can't wait to hear some good stories. :)
Next time I blog I think I'll talk about my neurotic cats. I'm not sure what is up with them, but wow, they are strange little critters!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Halloween is near, hide the good candy

October is here, which means my favorite holiday is coming: Halloween or Samhain if you prefer. (I'm fine with either, but the word Halloween sounds more fun.) I've decorated a little bit, but I still need to get pumpkins. Baby pumpkin didn't fare too well and sadly became a treat for the fat and sassy squirrels that live in the many trees on my street. I swear those little rodents are part of some squirrel mafia. Even my cats are afraid of them.
I like the colors associated with Halloween: orange; glowing like sunlight through leaves, black;silky and dark like my two kitties, mysterious as the night sky, dark purple and green work well with orange and black and happen to be colors I wear and decorate my house with. My Best Cat Ever was/is orange and black too. I don't think one is ever too old to enjoy Halloween. Look forward to the candy, the pumpkin shaped cookies, doughnuts and cider, and crunchy leaves underfoot on a dark, cool night. Listen to the kids yelling Trick or Treat and try to capture their joy if only for a moment in your own heart. If only every night could be so magical.