Monday, October 29, 2007

Another (maybe) haunted house story

Okay, I'm going to tell another (possibly) haunted house story. I don't know why I'm always experiencing things like this...
A few weeks ago some realtors with home for sale in our neighborhood joined together to hold open houses during the afternoon. Since we couldn't afford the annual Heritage Hill tour tickets this year my husband and I thought this would be a fun way to see historic homes for free. We chose some in walking distance from our house and set out on a nice warm afternoon. Now the first house looked like it should have been haunted. It sets up on a little hill before the road dips down heading downtown and it's big with slightly peeling white paint and tall pine trees that are growing too close to the house. Inside, the rooms just go on and on; three floors counting the attic. The only thing scary about that house was having to clean it and the asking price. (ouch!) After that, we made our way to the next house a few blocks away. This one didn't look menacing at all. It was a cute Victorian era home that had been divided into upstairs/downstairs good sized apartments. Now, first thing, the realtor wasn't there, but, her husband was and he seemed really antsy and kept walking outside. He told us to just walk around. (
Okay...low pressure is good?) As soon as we started walking through the first floor apartment I got the "feeling." The tingle starts at my neck, making me involuntarily hunch up my shoulders and then moves down my spine. It didn't feel like something negative, but still pretty disconcerting. As we headed upstairs I said "Hmm..." and my husband said "No, really?"
"I think so, give me a minute."
So we walked through the upstairs sitting room and , you know that feeling when someone stands really close behind you, invading your personal space? Like, if you stopped walking they would smack right into you? That's what I "felt." Still the presence wasn't scary and I got a feminine impression from it. I also picked up loneliness, as if there was some relief that someone "knew" (she?) was there. Feeling kinda silly, I whispered, "What do you need?" Silence, thank goodness, because I'm not sure what I could have (or would have) done anyway. But I did get the impression that she didn't want me to go. I felt bad about leaving too. It was a really nice house with lots of natural light and new, pretty paint on the walls. I don't think that whoever buys it will have anything really scary happen to them. My husband says that whenever I get that feeling and tell him about it he suddenly feels claustophobic. :)
Later, I tried to get some background info from the HH online database, but there was only a note on how the entryway had been remodeled when it was converted to a 2 family. There wasn't anything about any of the former residents. Now, I wonder if I didn't imagine it all, who was that lonely female and will she go into the light someday? I'm still wanting to believe... I would really like to actually see something. (no, really, I would!)

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Sunrunner said...

I had a really strange flash last Saturday night while I was driving. I was getting into a turn lane to turn right when I saw a flash of white directly in front of me. I hit my brakes quickly, but the next instant there wasn't anything there. My husband thought I was nuts. I stuttered and told him I thought it was a little animal (he doesn't believe in ghosts). Weird.