Sunday, October 14, 2007

Billie, Cody, and Cricket

I have three cats and I'm certain they all are mentally ill. A few mornings ago I awoke to find all three of them on my bed looking at me. Intently watching. I don't mind them cuddling and sleeping with me, it's kinda cozy and sweet, but sitting there staring creeped me out. I'm still not sure what was wrong. Maybe someone knocked on the door and it spooked them, or maybe they wanted breakfast and were worried that I wouldn't get up. My pain reliever that I take for ra pain tends to knock me out if I take it when I'm already tired. I don't know... If it happens again I think I will wander around the house and investigate. What if they're hearing something that I'm not? Ick, I don't want to think about it. Crazy cats!
I think fall has officially arrived here in Michigan. Last week we had record heat, near 90 degrees for a few days. It was awesome. Now it's cold, it's gray, and it's been raining. I think my gardening days are over. I do have some more bulbs to put in, but that's it. :( Oh well, I guess that gives me more reading and writing time. It's just that I hate being cold. I would love to move south. My ideal would be Savannah Georgia. I've done a lot of research on Savannah for my writing and it is the coolest city. Probably too expensive to live right in the city, but I wouldn't mind living in a quaint little area near by. Yup, someday I'm going to head south, just like the birds, only I won't be coming back in April to a foot of snow. ;) Oh and if my loony cats are still with me they can come too.


Cassandra said...

Hey Sugar!

I used to be owned by cats, so I know the feeling! LOL The main thing with them is that cats are very honest. They don't try to hide their self-interest.

So, yes, their main focus was probably on their empty tummies. And if their human planned to do anything about it. :)

Sorry to hear that you have RA. It is a dreadful illness to have. My mum has it. She does an herbal regiment and it eases the pain and swelling, but so far nothing she's done or any drs. have done will cure it. But she is still hopeful.

It is so easy to fall into depression with auto-immune disorders. So seeing that you write, you are ahead of the pack.

Already you feel lighter by sharing the weight of your burden, simply by writing it done, and allowing your creative muse to guide you in other ways.

All the best,

Cass Curtis

Sunrunner said...

Well, if the wind we have right now keeps up, I think I'll be posting from Kansas!!!