Thursday, October 11, 2007

Haunted Blog

I can't believe how quickly the days fly by. I get so busy with this and that, not sure if I'm really accomplishing anything and before I know it another weekend is encroaching. Let's see... I listened to The Mo Show on Blogtalk Radio. Very fun discussion about scary movies. I watched Ghosthunters last night. One of the cases was kinda sad. A little girl had moved in with her aunt after her mother died and ever since they've been experiencing strange noises and seeing shadows and figures.The Ghost Hunting team caught what was believed to be the girl's mother's voice on their voice recording device. She used a special nickname for her daughter. It was very touching because it seemed like the mom was just trying to make contact with her family. Technically not a haunting, I think it was what I would call a spirit visitation. I am so fascinated with ghosts and hauntings. I would love to go ghost hunting and I think I'm ready to actually see an apparition or hear "something". Next week on Mo's Blogtalk show he will be talking about ghosts and hauntings and I can't wait to hear some good stories. :)
Next time I blog I think I'll talk about my neurotic cats. I'm not sure what is up with them, but wow, they are strange little critters!

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Sunrunner said...

I just watched that episode on my Tivo. It was very touching, and they handled that case very well.