Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy Mew Year 2010

Happy Mew New Year!

Hi everyone! Cody here as the senior cat, wishing on behalf of all of us, Happy New Year!
We hope it's super wonderful for all of you!

Momma has been a little busy caring for Teenagergirl and resting due to a flare-up from going off her nasty RA medicine. She is helping us visit a little tonight and hopefully continuing her visits throughout the long weekend.

Hugs and Purrs Everyone!


Sunday, December 27, 2009

Now we can be Naughty again!

Rocking around the Christmas Tree

Hello, Cricket here. I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and received all the gifts you wanted, no matter how Naughty you were.
I like to perch by the tree to relax and admire the lights. If you Bigafy this last picture though you can see who decided to pretend to be a pressie and sit under the tree. Pesky little bother Toeshee!

The Teenagergirl is on the mend slowly from her tonsilectomy. She is still quite hurty and taking a medicine for pain. She is eating soft food like mashed potatoes and soup and ice cream. Stuff she likes anyway, so that's good.

Momma is trying to help us blog and visit whenever she gets a free moment. She is looking forward to a quiet night alone in the family room with just us kitties and some lit candles and a cup of tea. She has been fighting the joint hurties, so we must be patient with her.

We hope you all are having a fantastic holiday week and we look forward to checking in on you all soon!

~love and naughtiness`` Cricket~

Monday, December 21, 2009

Waiting for Mr. Sunshines

Waiting for the sun.

It is a long cold winter's night. But today is the Solstice.
Slowly the days will grow longer. The sun will win by springtime.
It is the beginning of Christmas week. We are sleepy kitties and Momma is tired too. We look forward to snuggly days and evenings, treats and naps.
The Daddyman's dad is in the hospital again, but he may be able to go home this week. He is very sick.

We are still so sad about Prinnie. The little stuffed white cat that Billie cuddles with sometimes is named Princess.

Us kitties hope all of you have a very Happy Holiday week. We will try to get around to do more visiting this week. Momma helped us visit a little bit today.
If any of you kitties are having any fun parties for Mew Years, let us know.

Lots of Purrs,
~Twilight's Muse Kitties (Lorianna's kitties)

Friday, December 18, 2009

Goodbye Prinnie. Sunbeams forever now.

Sweet Little Lamb Kitty...

I just went online for a bit tonight and found out that Princess has gone to the Rainbow Bridge. She went peacefully and is now with her beloved brother Caesar. Her Mommy Rosemary took such wonderful care of Prinnie. Her devotion touched me greatly.

So far this has been a pretty icky December...
I am so sad about so much.
I'll try to get some cute pictures of my kits up soon and I know visiting blogs will help me feel not so alone. Perhaps later this weekend.
My daughter's tonsilectomy, which was canceled due to her flu is happening Tuesday morning.
Good thoughts would be very welcome.

My thoughts are with a cute lambie-pie white curly kitty and her devoted Mommy.
Sunshine for you always now Prinnie. Enjoy it with Caesar and Tookie.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Yucky Week

Long Week

Hi everyone. I'm so sorry we haven't been visiting this week. It's been a rough one. We have been hit with quite a nasty snowstorm here. Frigid temps and blowing snow. The stupid man who owns Sylvester did not let him in! My husband actually put him in our PTU and carried him over there.
We gave them the chance to do the right thing and it didn't last long.
The next bitter cold morning he was out again and on our front porch.
I brought him in and my husband said he could stay in our enclosed back porch for a while. It's still really cold back there though and Sylvester got a bit wild and knocked shelves over and just generally cried the whole time.

My husband had to go wait for his dad's surgery to be completed at the hospital, so it was just me, my daughter, her boyfriend and five high strung cats. When my husband came home he was really sad and upset.
His dad has two kinds of cancer in his bladder. One is evil and spreading. His doctor said he has six months to a year left.
I also didn't have a chance to talk about his beloved Aunt Grace, (his dad's sister) who passed away last Saturday. My husband and I loved her because she was always so sweet and kind to everyone. She was 94 years old.

There's just so much going on, it's hard to put it all down. (sigh...)

Anyway, we can not keep Sylvester. My husband said absolutely not. He went back outside yesterday and seemed to be heading back to his house. He couldn't wait to get out of here, after crying and spraying and knocking things over. He's fixed, so the spraying was a surprise. I kept looking for him all evening and he never came back. Then this morning I saw him on the front porch! I went to get him some food, hoping to coax him back into the house so I could put him on the back porch again. (yes, I'm a glutton for punishment and my husband is at work) When I returned, Sylvester was gone. :(

I am just so sad and frustrated with everything right now. Why do people have to get cancer? Why can't people care for their pets? What is wrong with them!?

Sorry about the rant there... Anyway, I still have to get my cards to the post office. We have not done any Christmas shopping yet and I just want to stay in my pj's and visit blogs. But, I need to get dressed and try to shovel and maybe chase after a cat who doesn't understand that I just want to help him.
How do we get through to his owners? What should I do?
Now, I'm crying again...

Okay, things will get better. Cricket says they must and she is the Queen of everything. So I will go give her and my other kitties some nom noms, take a shower and get on with my day. I will try really hard to start visiting too.
Wish us luck.

Cricket, here; Don't worry, I will look after her. I won't even complain if she lets that Sylvester in again. He just better not eat all my Fancy Feast! I will try not to be very naughty either. (boy, that will be tough!)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Miss Billie Blogs Today

Miss Billie's living room tour

Hi everyone! It's Billie here to show you Momma's beloved fireplace mantle and the birdies on our tree. The birdies are not real. I can tell because they have glitter on them and they are not singing.

Us kitties have our own stocking. I hope we get some yummy treats!
Momma hung the pretty Artists Trading Cards that Mommy Karla sent. The one with the four days of Christmas kitties is the one Mommy Karla made.

You can see a picture of our Beloved Tookie in the heart shaped frame. Momma still cries for her. I am the only kitty who knows this, so don't tell anyone. I miss her too, as she was my older sister.

It stays very dimly lit in our living room in the winter even if the daytime. Momma says to pretend it is twilight in the Summer time.

It is going to storm
here soon. Momma wants to get us enough food and some human food so we do not run out in case it gets Really Bad. I am so glad that I am a pampered Persian Princess and do not have to worry about going out in an icy blizzard.

We hope you all stay snuggly. Please pray for those animals that do not have homes. Momma hates winter because of all the homeless furbabies that have no homes to turn to. This makes her cry too. I will have to sit by her and purr for her tonight to help her not feel so sad.

Sending Love and Purrs,
~Miss Billie~

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Kitties and Catch Up

Toeshee can't help himself!

Mr. Cody?

What? Can't you see I'm trying to nap?

Why does this tree look real, but taste like plastic?

Because it's not real and it is plastic. You're not supposed to be chewing on it anyway. Every time you do, you get a squirt from the squirt bottle. Which, honestly, I think is hilarious!

Hey! That's not funny!

Hi, Lorianna here. It's been pretty quiet here with random bouts of naughtiness. Oh! I just looked out the window. Snow! Ick! I am not a fan of winter. The sun is out, so maybe it won't last.

We are feeling a bit low this season. My husband's dad has found out he has bladder cancer. He is very tough though and has pulled through both lung and colon cancer a few years ago.
Money is a wee bit tight now. My daughter's tuition bill has arrived and it will take a huge bite out of our bank account. Christmas should be interesting...

But, we must take each day as at it comes and try to enjoy the little things. That's why I'm so grateful for my kitties. They certainly can take one's mind off troubles with their cuteness.
The other night my husband picked up Toeshee and held him like a baby and Toeshee fell asleep in his arms! It was so precious; a twenty pound furry baby! :) My husband said, "I need to go to bed, but I don't want to put him down!"

Today I am keeping Misses Peach in my thoughts as she is not feeling well.
I am also keeping Sweet Praline's Mommy Paula in my thoughts because she has shoulder surgery tomorrow. Lots of Love and Purrs to them!

It's December all ready... My countdown to Spring starts now!

Have a happy rest of the week!