Monday, December 31, 2007

New Year ,Same Old Me

I don't have anything profound to say about the passing of one year to the next. I will say that 2007 has been without a doubt the saddest year of my life.
Usually I recognize the passage of time by the seasons. Summer is my favorite time, so I think of those three months as a gift to enjoy. I know not everyone likes the heat though, so I'm sure there are people who think of Autumn as a seasonal gift from above, loving the riot of colors and crisp days. Then there's Spring, full of promise. Winter, Hmm... not a big fan, but ok the snow is pretty for Christmas. (It could melt after that though.)
Today I will get out my new calendars. I have a Victorian themed wall calendar, brimming with images of all things Victoriana, themed for every month. Then there is my 365 cat's page a day calendar that I keep on my coffee table. I'm a loyal customer. I've been buying these two for many years.
I will say that I'm very glad I found so many fun wonderful and heartfelt blogs this year. There is so much pleasure to take in the "little things" in life and there is so much love to be cherished with our loved ones; animals and people. May everyone's New Year be Blessed. :)

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Cricket The Beautiful 2007

This is my Cricket monster admiring her favorite ornament. The picture was taken with my Husband's cell phone camera, but you can kind of get an idea of how pretty she is. :) I will probably use it again to capture pictures of my other fur babies, but the pictures could be better. Right after I took this picture the battery went down so I put it on the charger. Then, of course she decided to bat at the ornament and make it spin.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Celtic Women- Fairies

Do you believe? Enjoy. :)

Friday, December 28, 2007

Cabin Fever

Well, it is blowing and snowing here again in Michigan. My cat Cody is going completely buggy stir crazy. See, when it's nice out he likes to sit on our front porch, feel the breeze in his fur, then wander around the yard and sometimes the neighbor's yard if the dogs aren't out. All through the warmer months he and I walk around the yard and he "helps" me pull weeds, plant seeds and flowers and then we sit in the sun and let it warm our bones. He's a sweet little pal. Though he does like to put the bitey on me when I'm weeding or planting. I think it's the movement or maybe he thinks I'm playing. So yes when I screech in surprise it's usually not a bug. It's Mr.C attacking me. We're trying to encourage him to play with the cat toys, but mainly he eats and grumps around making frustrated sounds, sleeps and eats again. Poor kitty with Seasonal Affective Disorder.
While scrounging around yesterday I found some really pretty glass beads that I had forgotten about! I'm such a pack rat and living in a house with way too many rooms for our small family makes it even easier to loose track of things. I bought them at a craft store many years ago just as I was coming down with what turned out to be strep throat. Needless to say crafting was the last thing I felt like doing and somehow they were tucked away. How nice that I should find them now when I'm needing something to keep my self occupied.
It's so nice to read the kind comments from other people who love their pets and are so understanding of my melancholy posts. I'm trying to write about happier things. I don't want to depress anyone. I'm hinting for perhaps getting a digital camera during all of these post holiday sales. Then after I figure it all out I can show off my cute kitties. I'm afraid I'm very much a novice when it comes to technology. I'm pretty much a Victorian/Hippie Girl and my husband doesn't always explain things in simple terms. (He's a Vulcan) ;)
I'm going to go work on dinner and then enjoy some of the books and a very cool new magazine I purchased with my Barnes and Noble gift card that I got for Christmas. I'll tell you about the magazine next time. I will say it's one of those obscure ones that I have a tendency to find.
Here's to snuggling with our furbabies and tasty cups of tea.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Too Many Things, too little time

Usually this time of year I like to resume my crafting hobby that I abandon in the Summer. Well, this past Summer I didn't have any crafts to set aside, so if I want to craft I will have to start fresh. My fingers have been giving me a lot of problems, but I'm still going to try. Miss Peach's mommy, Karla showed some pretty paper crafting on her blog, so I'll start with that. I have some pretty papers, but I'll practice with construction paper first. I also want to try beading again. I used to make necklaces and bracelets. I like the really nice glass beads and they can be rather pricey, so I don't do it a lot.I also like to embellish jeans with ribbon and small decorative patches, which adds a nice touch of individuality.
One would think I'm a "Martha Stewart" with all the baking, crafting, and gardening I like to do, but actually most things I do don't come out any where near as perfectly as her projects. I just like to keep busy, because I'm stuck at home on disability because of rheumatoid arthritis. I used to work at a library, but putting books away ,pushing heavy carts around and being on my feet all day just put my body through the ringer. If I don't start the "heavy hitter "drugs soon, my hobbies will become difficult to manage too. I told my husband that when I can't get out of bed to take care of the kitties anymore then I'll go on the biologics. (They won't eat if he feeds them. ;0 )
Another Christmas gone. Another year will begin. I wonder what it will bring...

Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve And The Kitty Is Definately Stirring

Well, it's almost 10:00pm here and the house is fairly quiet, except for the t v. Oops, I spoke to soon; Cricket has decided to run around... and now she's alternating between eating her food and trying to bury it. *-* It's a cat thing? Cody, my gentle black bear of a cat is snoring away on my bed upstairs and Billie, my extra fluffy little girl is washing up after eating. My daughter is reading and half listening to the t v and my husband is doing a sudoku puzzle. He's getting a new one just in time tomorrow as he's almost finished with this book. I think in a bit I'll make some tea and read before going to bed. Tomorrow should be okay: Visiting, cooking and hopefully by late afternoon I can relax, maybe do some crafts and read some more.
I visited some of my favorite blogs today and as usual they made me smile and warmed my heart. I am so glad I discovered these lovely people and their beautiful, sweet kitties. Merry, Merry Christmas to Everyone!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Happy Solstice. Spring is Next

Isn't that video lovely? I was going to post a performance video of Sarah but then I saw this and it was so tranquil and pretty. I believe it was filmed in England. Today I went grocery shopping so I have all my ingredients to make Christmas Eve dinner. I celebrate Yule and Christmas. I like many of the kinder aspects of the Christian beliefs, just not all the hellfire and brimstone nonsense. Today is the Winter Solstice. Soon we will notice the days ever so slowly getting longer.
Ok, as I'm typing I hear Cricket behind me playing with the ornament again. Only that one. She loves to make it spin. =^..^=
I finished wrapping my husband's presents and he promised to help wrap Daughter's, so I will try not to worry. I'd like to spend the day reading and baking tomorrow, but we'll see. Usually if I plan too much I end up frustrated when it doesn't work out. I really would like a cheesecake for dessert on Christmas Eve though, so the baking should be done by Monday for certain.
Hmm, I see Cricket has become bored already. I think she would like some stinky goodness with cunchies on the side. That's how she likes her meals served and yes I know she's spoiled. :) After she has her treat I think I'll have some tea and a piece of chocolate from our Whitman's Sampler. No caramels or nougats please.

Sarah McLachlan - River

Merry Christmas...

Friday, December 21, 2007

The Sun Will Return and I Wait For It's Warmth

My little kitty Serenity jumps out of her basket to play with the cursor. It's so cute! "Mom, you do know she's not real?" Yes, but I love cute things like that.
I have so much to do yet. I haven't wrapped any presents and if I don't do it soon, I'll have to find a way to get Husband and Daughter away so they can't see what they're getting. Today is the last day before their respective Holiday breaks, so I need to get busy. I have been so tired and sleeping so deeply.
Last night I dreamed about Tookie. It was morning and I was feeding every one their canned cat food. I took out four small paper plates, just like I did before she passed and put food on each plate. I always gave her hers first and there she was, waiting so sweetly. She looked so healthy, her eyes were clear and as I gave her the food she began to eat. I stroked her soft fur and began to cry. She looked at me and I felt so much love from her. The other three kitties meowed for their food so I fed them. When I turned back to Tookie she had resumed eating and I think she was purring. I went to pet her again and then I woke up. I've been teary eyed all morning and my heart feels heavy. I'm trying to be happy, but I just cannot forget her and how much I love her. It's been six months since she passed and I'm still so lost. I didn't mean to go down this path when I started typing, but I guess it needed to come out.
Well, I better get some things done. The day is passing quickly and I don't have elves to help. Tomorrow is the Solstice. the Sun will come back soon...

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I'm Thinking of a Different Hobby

After watching last night's episodes of Paranormal State I'm thinking ghost hunting might not always be fun. They were dealing with some really scary entities. I hesitate to call them ghosts, because the families involved seemed to be quite distraught, terrorized actually. I'm okay with collecting voice phenomenon and infra red and digital pictures, but I don't think I want something evil challenging me to get rid of it. I would still like to see a ghost, but let's just keep it to seeing. I don't want it to say anything and I don't want it to try to scare me out of the house. *o* Nice ghosts only! (Yes I'm a bit of a scaredy cat.)
Speaking of cats, Cricket, my youngest kitty girl has decided that there is one ornament on the tree that is for her personal amusement. It's eye level with her when she sits on the arm of the loveseat and she delights in batting it and watching it spin. I don't think it will break if it falls because it will land on carpeting. She's so cute I can't bring myself to scold her for it either. If you really want to see some breakage go to Purrchance to Dream and read about Isis. That little kitty has been very busy. :) She's a small version of Cricket. I hope her butt doesn't get as big as Cricket's... Oh, speaking of the little stinker, she just sauntered into the room. I can see by the time that it's stinky goodness dinner time. I better feed the furbabies and clean the kitchen. And another day is done...

Friday, December 14, 2007


I adopted that little kitty last night. Isn't she cute? I named her Serenity because: 1, It's the name of the ship from one of my favorite shows Firefly, 2, It's a very pretty name, 3, I could use a little Serenity.
This weekend I have to go grocery shopping and finish shopping for gifts. It's so cold outside which means stiff joints for me. I'm thinking Holidays on a tropical island would be much nicer. Palm trees look so pretty with lights on them. :)

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Wandering through a Wednesday

Paranormal State On A&E Monday night was really good. I actually found it to be more intense and scary than Ghost Hunters and Most Haunted. I think it's because the young man who is the lead investigator is himself a very intense person. He seems to have some past issues with paranormal encounters that were eluded to, but not really discussed. He does seem to think that a particular "demon" is following him and has it out for him. He refuses to say this demon's name out loud. Very strange... I will continue to watch. The upcoming cases look quite interesting.
A few weeks ago in the grocery store I found an old "friend". Victoria Magazine is back and just as lovely and graceful as ever. This is a magazine to curl up with a cup of tea and just allow yourself to be taken on a tour of beautiful rooms, gardens, and little treasures that people collect and create. I missed Victoria when it went out of circulation and I'm pleased that it's the way I remember it.
The sun came out for a bit today and melted some of the ice. I'm ready to move right into Spring. I just can't get into a Holiday frame of mind this year. I know I'm depressed. I'm not ready to deal with it though. So, everyday I get up, keep busy, find things to keep my mind occupied, then go to bed and start it all over again. On the surface it seems like I'm coping, but it feels like I'm watching my self do all this normal everyday stuff and I'm outside of my body. It's as if my spirit has separated and is waiting for some kind of "permission" to take off and be done with it all. Sigh... Well that's a little to esoteric even for me. Is there any chocolate in the house?

Monday, December 10, 2007

Meandering Through Another Monday

After my husband and I did our shopping for our daughter Friday we went to the bookstore for some coffee and "decompression" from Holiday shopping. I found a magazine that sparked my interest. Haunted Times is geared toward those that have an interest in investigating the paranormal. There are articles about hauntings that have been investigated and articles about myths that may or may not be true. The editors never say outright that the hauntings are real or not. They leave it up to individual experience and scientific evidence. It's only published a few times a year and it costs over six dollars an issue, though it is pretty thick. I might pick up another copy sometime as I am a bit "ghost crazy" :)
I made a little progress on a new story I started. I still have two other works in progress, but I came to a wall with them for some reason. I really should get a memory stick to store all of them that are in my computer so far. Even though these stories may never see the light of day, it would be a shame to lose them. Well, reading blogs, commenting on blogs and writing in my own blog has added up to a very "bloggy" afternoon. I should get some house stuff done, so I can justify writing and maybe even fitting in a nap. (shh... don't tell, only my cats know I nap)

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Lighting Up A Cold Winter's Night

Our living room is looking very pretty. We have lights draped over our fireplace mantle and even though I bought them for Halloween (they are orange) they are casting a very nice warm glow. Our fireplace was built to be a coal burning fireplace so we do not use it. Our house was built in 1891 and it gets quite drafty in the winter. We close the pocket door between the front parlor and the living room and keep the door that opens to the front entryway and staircase closed too. The front of our house faces North, so you can imagine the wind. We have an artificial tree this year and it is sitting in the bay window of our living room. We were getting real trees every year, but I just didn't have it in me this year. The tree has white lights and some orange and purple toned ornaments and a purple and gold ribbon winds down the length of it. Sometimes my sleek and shiny naughty Miss Cricket will curl up under it. =^-^=
Oh, there's a new paranormal investigative show coming on Monday night. It's on A&E at ten I believe. It's called Paranormal State.
I would like to thank Miss Peach's Mommy for adding me to her blog role as Tookie's Mommy. She nearly lost her kitty this Fall and she understands... I'm trying, but when you've lost someone you have been with for 20 years, it's difficult to say the least. Well, later I will post some book reviews and talk about a cool magazine I found. Right now I better get ready for bed. It's 11:32 pm and I'm going to go to bed so Cricket can use me as her personal heating pad. :)

Thursday, December 6, 2007

I should clone myself

Ok, brrr! I've had enough cold weather now thank you very much! It's the kind of cold that makes the snow crunchy and leaves dangerously slippery patches outside the back door. Last night the weather man said that on this date in 2001 we had a high temp of 69! In Michigan that is an anomaly. I seem to remember my larkspur and pansies were still in bloom. It didn't last long, but it was nice.
My daughter's friends are starting to make requests for cookies and brownies for their Christmas presents. *0* Say what? Yes I do like to bake, in fact at one time I had wanted to be a pastry chef, but I'm not sure if I want to start baking for everyone that asks. I'm kinda flattered, yet I also know that I'm considered a bit of a pushover. I'll think about it. Maybe one batch of brownies and one batch of cookies that they can mix and match to share. I'm feeling like my personal time is disappearing again. I haven't been feeling well, but when I get a bit of energy I like to write. However, every time I start, I'm interrupted . (Yes my writing Muse is back) I'm wondering if I finally make that spare room and "office" will I finally get a little respect for my writing? Maybe it's just one of things you have to deal with as a mom. :) Well, it's quiet now, so I better take advantage of it. At least my kitties appreciate me. They nap all day and only come to see me for cuddles and the stinky goodness. Yes, I am the "magic can opening lady." Off I go...

Monday, December 3, 2007

Of Cats and Passing Days

I discovered that Pierre Loti was a nineteenth century writer from France. I could not find any information about his fondness for cats, but I did see a portrait of him with a small tabby cat at his side. :) I think occasionally I will post cute and touching kitty quotes from my 365 page a day cat calendar. Which reminds me, I need to buy a new one very soon.
I've been visiting a lot of kitty blogs and I will have to get their urls (is that right?)
so I can put them on my cool blogs list. Let's see if I can remember their names:
There's the Purrchance to Dream kitties of Mo's, Daisy the curly cat and her sister Pixie, Miss Peach, sweet little Chase, Marilyn Monreow and so many others that I will try to visit. Well, I better go for now. I have lunches to pack for tomorrow and my furry three will want big servings of the smelly stuff before I go to bed. Sigh, where did the day go?

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Kitty Love

There was such a lovely quotation on my cats page a day calendar yesterday:

"It is with the approach of winter that cats become in an especial
manner our friends and guests. They sit in our chimney-corners,
watch with us the dancing flames, and dream with us vague dreams,
misty and melancholy..."
~Pierre Loti~

I'm not sure who Pierre Loti is , yet. I will be looking him up because he sounds like someone who loves his kitties. I love my three kitty babies and I miss terribly, painfully, my beloved Tookie. This winter, nothing will warm me, because I don't have You my Love.