Monday, December 10, 2007

Meandering Through Another Monday

After my husband and I did our shopping for our daughter Friday we went to the bookstore for some coffee and "decompression" from Holiday shopping. I found a magazine that sparked my interest. Haunted Times is geared toward those that have an interest in investigating the paranormal. There are articles about hauntings that have been investigated and articles about myths that may or may not be true. The editors never say outright that the hauntings are real or not. They leave it up to individual experience and scientific evidence. It's only published a few times a year and it costs over six dollars an issue, though it is pretty thick. I might pick up another copy sometime as I am a bit "ghost crazy" :)
I made a little progress on a new story I started. I still have two other works in progress, but I came to a wall with them for some reason. I really should get a memory stick to store all of them that are in my computer so far. Even though these stories may never see the light of day, it would be a shame to lose them. Well, reading blogs, commenting on blogs and writing in my own blog has added up to a very "bloggy" afternoon. I should get some house stuff done, so I can justify writing and maybe even fitting in a nap. (shh... don't tell, only my cats know I nap)

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