Thursday, April 30, 2009

Soft Purrayers

Come on girls, feel better!

Miss Peach, Jelly Bean and Daisy. We all Love you so! Please feel better!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hoping and Wishing

Hoping and Wishing

A few days ago we had lovely warm weather. 85 degrees! The kitties were thrilled when I opened the window. Cricket was so funny. I asked her if she wanted the window and like Tookie, she understood what that meant, so she hopped up on the sill. Well, my hands do not work as well as they used to so I had a difficult time opening the storm window. Cricket became very impatient and actually growled at me! Then she made this little huffing sound and jumped down. I apologized and managed to get it open and she jumped back in, settling down with this sigh, that just spoke volumes. Clearly she was exasperated with me and must have thought I was teasing her. Cricket is very sensitive and has a bit of a temper. She's such a funny, spooky cat. :)

Toeshee loved the window too and when Cricket wasn't in it he was. Poor Billie never did get to sit in it. Cody took over at night.
Now, it's chilly and cloudy and we have had a lot of rain. I have been remiss in blogging and visiting. I'm trying to catch up and have been making sure to check in on the kitties that are sick. It has been a rough month for so many!
I hope May is better. It just has to be!

I light a candle every night, sometimes more than one and think about everyone who needs wishes and healing thoughts. A soft light glowing with hope. I wish I could do more... Still, Hope is a powerful thing and something that we all need.

My kitties and I send you all Love and Hope. Imagine a candle, bright in the window sending out hope and healing.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Cricket at Twilight

Cricket At Twilight Time

Momma loves the "time in between time." Before the sun sets and there is still a soft glow. She took my picture at that time a few days ago. Our walls are actually a sea glass blue, but they took on a glow that matched my eyes.

It was super wonderful warm today. 85! It was one of those one of a kind days in April here in Michigan.

The night before last I went into the bathroom and Momma heard me throwing up. I barfed up a lot! She was very worried, but I bounced right back and have been enjoying my stinky goodness with crunchies on the side like usual. I sleep with Momma every night still, just as Tookie asked before she went to the Rainbow Bridge. Momma still misses her and probably always will. I hear her cry sometimes, but she only cries in front of me, so don't tell anyone.

We have learned that Miss Peach is slowly on the mend, but has a bad cough. Her fiance Mickey did not have a good test result fro his VET. And, Jelly Bean was very sick with a high fever yesterday. We are very worried for our friends and just wish sickness would leave the furbabies alone for a while!

Momma says it's time to light a candle and Purray really hard. She will have to handle the candle part, but I can certainly purray. I may be naughty, but I can also be very nice for those I care about.

We hope you all have a great happy weekend. Oh, and if you are feeling frisky and healthy go ahead and be just a little bit naughty. It's fun!

Purrs, Cricket the Naughty Noodle

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day From Billie

Happy Earth Day

We are celebrating Earth Day by eating green! I'm enjoying treats with greens in them and Toeshee is eating his wheat grass which he likes very much. Praline sent us some little treats to try and I am guarding some that Momma gave me quite closely. Toeshee tried to take them after she put them next to me on my chair. He will try to eat anything that smells like food and is always hungry.

Momma is very nervous because she has to give herself a shot today. She keeps reading the instructions over and over so she doesn't mess up. I think she is worrying too much, but that's my Momma for you. She is a bundle of nerves and worries about everything!
We will let you know how it goes, but don't expect any pictures of her poking herself. She thinks that's just too gross. :)

We hope you all have a Happy Earth Day!

Hugs! >3 ~ Miss Billie

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Chill Like A Cat

One Cat Just Leads To Another. ~ Ernest Hemingway

Cats Are Connoisseurs Of Comfort. ~ James Herriot

Now those men knew their cats! :) Cody, Billie, Toeshee and Cricket don't spend their days bustling about and worrying about getting things done. And though they don't always manage to get along, they don't waste their time holding grudges and constantly bickering. They have learned there must be some peace in this four kitty household. (maybe not all the time of course!)

I found this Faerie yesterday and imagined that she could be a special Kitty Tooth Faerie. Maybe she will come to visit Miss Peach! Perhaps she also attends to kitties that need to take medicines and shots. She calms them down and helps them rest. Isn't the little kitten with her cute?

I hope everyone can have a nice relaxing and fun weekend.
Hugs and Purrs From Us!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Little Downtime Snug at Home

Sleepy Time

I took the picture of Billie sleeping on her head last night. I love her little face. I love her and how she comes to keep me company. Do you know kitties are psychic to our moods? She always knows when I need a friend to snuggle next to.

I took the picture of Toeshee this morning. As he gets older he sleeps more. When he was little he was like a little rocket bouncing off the walls. Now he's more like a furry wrecking ball. When he crashes into things I am left to decide if I need the Super Glue or the broom and dust pan.

I am trying to get some rest today. I had a long doctor visiting day yesterday and I'm feeling a bit discouraged. I will be starting a higher dose of Methotrexate and I must inject myself with it from now on. The needles are thin and I practiced the whole procedure with the very nice nurse, so I think I can do it. It's just the idea of poking myself with a needle I guess. Ick!

Not much else is new. I think coming up will be spring chores: Steam cleaning the carpet and furniture, (the kitties hate the giant sucking machine) and helping my husband clean windows, and getting Frontline for the kitties before flea season really kicks in. My flowers are coming up, which is always a happy thing to see.
I hope everyone has a happy mid April day! Special purrs to Miss Peach!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Warm and Floofy Thoughts

Warm and Floofy Wishes

We hope you had a Happy Easter. We hope you have a Happy Spring. We hope you you have Happy Happy Everything! Momma did not get a chocolate bunny, but she said, "That's okay. If I want something sweet, I have you Billie Honey!"

Hi everyone, Billie here, repurrting my thoughts today. I am happy to know that my sister in floof, Praline had a great checkup at her VET yesterday! Her Mommy Paula is healing from her tooth surgery and we hope she feels better fast.

Now, we are very worried about Miss Peach. Her surgery is today. She must get teeth removed and the tumors in her tummy taken out. We are purraying hard for her and Momma put her picture by her candles last night. I have a small tumor on my back, but it doesn't need to be removed unless it grows or turns into something bad. Momma is afraid of that bad "C" word that can cause so much trouble. But, right now, I only have my kidneys to worry about. One is working perfectly though, so I am feeling pretty good!

Our friend Helena has a kitty named Fluffy who has very very bad arthritis in her spine. So we hold her in our thoughts too. Momma says it's not fair that fur babies have to get sick. It is definitly an imperfect world!

But, we are glad for our friends and we hope the sunshine finds you all today!
Think happy warm thoughts okay?

Hugs! <3

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Cody Takes It Easy

Taking It Easy With Cody

Hey efurryone! Momma and I had a nice early spring day yesterday. The sunshine warmed up the afternoon nicely and I went outside with Momma and the Daddyman. She was feeling queasy from her RA monster medicine so she relaxed on the sunny front porch with me while the Daddyman raked out the flower bed. Momma wore a coat because she doesn't have long soft furs that soak in the sun like me. :) She had some gingerale and that really helped her tummy. She liked the bottle because it had a tiger on it. It had real bits of ginger floating in it and wasn't too sugary like some other gingerales. She let me sniff it, but I wasn't impressed. She doesn't know why it's called ginger beer, because there is no beer in it. Momma can't have stuff like that because of her medicines. (She's loopy enough anyway.)
Too bad they don't make catnip ale. Maybe someone should!
After our outdoor excursion I rested for the evening. It was my turn to snuggle with Lily the Bunny. Momma says soon the fairies will return to the garden to dance with the bunnies and fireflies at Twilight. She has a wild imagination doesn't she? To be honest, as a kitty who gets up to gaze out the windows I have seen some things... mysterious wonderful things that only a cat can see... ;)
Momma is looking for some cute Easter pictures to post and I suspect she will be pointing that flashy box at us again.
We hope you all have a sunny sweet Easter tomorrow!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Give Somebunny A Hug

Love SomeBunny

I survived the nasty bug that hit me! Things still smell and taste funny and I'm trying to fight the sinus infection without antibiotics. Probably not a good idea, but I have all ready been on one for strep throat last month and my stomach has been queasy enough without adding another irritant to it. So, lots of fluids, vitamins, decongestants and rest for me. As soon as that immune supressant I'm taking for RA really took hold, every germ around has gone after me. My toe is much better too. :) Oh, did that hurt! "Stoopid" sofa!
I can't believe it's almost Easter! I haven't done any shopping for treats or for Easter dinner yet! And, why is it that when Mom is sick the house looks like a tornado has gone through it? How am I ever going to catch up?

Toeshee has a new friend! This little bunny has been around for about a month and her name is Lily. She clucks like a chicken when you press the button on her front leg . He doesn't like the clucking noise though. He does seem to like her whiskers. This will be Toeshee's first Easter. I will have to remember to get the kitties some treats too. Maybe some plastic eggs with Nip inside! That would be fun!

Well, I am going to try to fold laundry and maybe get dishes done. I don't suppose any of my kitties want to help? No... I didn't think so. Kitties have it so easy!
I will try to get to visiting everyone!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Is This Week Over Yet?

Nurse Billie and Nurse Cricket

We are taking care of our Momma this week. You name it and she has it!
She caught a head cold that has turned into a sinus infection. She has been sick to her tummy. While feeling awful she had to go to the dentist because one of her teeth had begun to get a cavity near the gumline and it really hurt!
But, what really started her off on a bad foot this week was her fracturing her big toe on the living room sofa! Cody was barfing up a hairball and momma was hustling to get some newspaper for him to barf on. The stoopid sofa jumped in her way and she hit her toe on it's leg! she says it's a hairline crack, like a cracked eggshell, so it should heal soon.
Today she is up for a bit and has had a popcicle. Her mouth and throat are so dry. She is all stuffed up too. Billie and I are watching over her.

"I am helping her blog for us right now! Momma you look a little green, don't barf okay, because I can't get newspaper for you!"

"Billie she won't barf here. Momma, maybe you better lay down again. I'll let everyone know that we are still around, we love you and we will try to visit soon."
Hugs<3 from us!