Friday, April 24, 2009

Cricket at Twilight

Cricket At Twilight Time

Momma loves the "time in between time." Before the sun sets and there is still a soft glow. She took my picture at that time a few days ago. Our walls are actually a sea glass blue, but they took on a glow that matched my eyes.

It was super wonderful warm today. 85! It was one of those one of a kind days in April here in Michigan.

The night before last I went into the bathroom and Momma heard me throwing up. I barfed up a lot! She was very worried, but I bounced right back and have been enjoying my stinky goodness with crunchies on the side like usual. I sleep with Momma every night still, just as Tookie asked before she went to the Rainbow Bridge. Momma still misses her and probably always will. I hear her cry sometimes, but she only cries in front of me, so don't tell anyone.

We have learned that Miss Peach is slowly on the mend, but has a bad cough. Her fiance Mickey did not have a good test result fro his VET. And, Jelly Bean was very sick with a high fever yesterday. We are very worried for our friends and just wish sickness would leave the furbabies alone for a while!

Momma says it's time to light a candle and Purray really hard. She will have to handle the candle part, but I can certainly purray. I may be naughty, but I can also be very nice for those I care about.

We hope you all have a great happy weekend. Oh, and if you are feeling frisky and healthy go ahead and be just a little bit naughty. It's fun!

Purrs, Cricket the Naughty Noodle


Sweet Praline said...

It's rough when our furry friends are sick. I think your mom's candles and your purrs really help, because I am doing so much better.

The fires in SC are about 3 hours away from us, but the area that is burning is destroying a lot of expensive homes.

Mom says she will email your mom soon. Mom's back is a little better.

Daisy said...

Cricket looks very mysterious and beautiful at twilight!

I wish our friends never, ever had to get sick. I am purring my best for them!

JB's Big World said...

I am sad for all the kitties that are sick. And we are sorry that we have not kept up with everyone.
JB seems to be better, but this morning she had a little blood coming out of her nose which freaked me out a lot. I called the vet and he said it should not be anything to worry about, but how can I not worry? He said to watch her, if any changes. Her fever is gone and she is acting normal and eating so I am hoping all is ok.
I have been having a really hard time with the ex.....he is causing me a lot of grief, and I will think twice again on ever getting mixed up with a man like this again!!!
Hope you are well. 85 sounds great. We have rain and thunderstorms here today.
--Deb (and JB and Chester)

Shaggy, Scooby and Scout said...

Did you eat a bug or something to make you barf like that?
Cricket you are very gorgeous at twilight!