Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Little Downtime Snug at Home

Sleepy Time

I took the picture of Billie sleeping on her head last night. I love her little face. I love her and how she comes to keep me company. Do you know kitties are psychic to our moods? She always knows when I need a friend to snuggle next to.

I took the picture of Toeshee this morning. As he gets older he sleeps more. When he was little he was like a little rocket bouncing off the walls. Now he's more like a furry wrecking ball. When he crashes into things I am left to decide if I need the Super Glue or the broom and dust pan.

I am trying to get some rest today. I had a long doctor visiting day yesterday and I'm feeling a bit discouraged. I will be starting a higher dose of Methotrexate and I must inject myself with it from now on. The needles are thin and I practiced the whole procedure with the very nice nurse, so I think I can do it. It's just the idea of poking myself with a needle I guess. Ick!

Not much else is new. I think coming up will be spring chores: Steam cleaning the carpet and furniture, (the kitties hate the giant sucking machine) and helping my husband clean windows, and getting Frontline for the kitties before flea season really kicks in. My flowers are coming up, which is always a happy thing to see.
I hope everyone has a happy mid April day! Special purrs to Miss Peach!


Daisy said...

I'm glad Toeshee is settling down, at least a little bit, as he gets older! He's such a character.

I hope all goes well with the injections. I'll bet the first time is the hardest, and then you will be a pro at it!

Sweet Praline said...

Both Toeshee and Billie are adorable. I'm so sorry to hear about your injections, but if it helps, it will be worth it.

Have you gotten your package yet?

Elin~ said...

Love the photos!


michico*Adan said...

Everything is going well and acting normal is the most happinest thing in the whole world~!

JB's Big World said...

Hi Lorianna,
Your kitties look so sweet. I think Teoshee is very handsome. Billie is so cute sleeping on her head.
My mom has been super busy, so it has been hard for me to visit many blogs. And our wireless router is not working, and usually mom used to sit with her laptop in the evening in front of the tv to help me blog, but now no wireless access.
Hope you can soon start feeling much better. With spring coming, that should help!
Gaia does not have a forever home yet, but we are going to ask the rescue group that is sponsoring her, to put a link to my post on Gaia's listing to see if that will help at all.

Mimi said...

We iz da kitties over at Our family cat-a-blog and we comed over here ta say tanks and meow-y fer comin' ta see us and say nice tings about our first bloggy day. We iz using our mommy's bloggy name ta mail ya cuz she can have opposable thumbs. What doez dat mean? Must be 'portant.

Mimi said...
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Karen Jo said...

I hope you get used to your injections soon and that they help. Hopefully the warmer weather will help, too. The pictures are darling.

MISS PEACH ~(^.^)~ said...

Hello dear Lorianna! I wanted to come by and tell you how much I can feel your love for all of us here from so far does help comfort us while we go through this with Miss Peach. All of our friends give us such great encouragement.
Peach is eating more with each day and things are going so wellwith her recovery. We are both tired and need more rest than we can get.
You are always on my mind and I keep thinking there must be a way for you to get some relief from your pains...
Know you are loved by us and I pray it helps a little bit. I love the picture...but then you already know that it is my favorite because it reminds me of you and Tookie...