Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Warm and Floofy Thoughts

Warm and Floofy Wishes

We hope you had a Happy Easter. We hope you have a Happy Spring. We hope you you have Happy Happy Everything! Momma did not get a chocolate bunny, but she said, "That's okay. If I want something sweet, I have you Billie Honey!"

Hi everyone, Billie here, repurrting my thoughts today. I am happy to know that my sister in floof, Praline had a great checkup at her VET yesterday! Her Mommy Paula is healing from her tooth surgery and we hope she feels better fast.

Now, we are very worried about Miss Peach. Her surgery is today. She must get teeth removed and the tumors in her tummy taken out. We are purraying hard for her and Momma put her picture by her candles last night. I have a small tumor on my back, but it doesn't need to be removed unless it grows or turns into something bad. Momma is afraid of that bad "C" word that can cause so much trouble. But, right now, I only have my kidneys to worry about. One is working perfectly though, so I am feeling pretty good!

Our friend Helena has a kitty named Fluffy who has very very bad arthritis in her spine. So we hold her in our thoughts too. Momma says it's not fair that fur babies have to get sick. It is definitly an imperfect world!

But, we are glad for our friends and we hope the sunshine finds you all today!
Think happy warm thoughts okay?

Hugs! <3


Sweet Praline said...

Thank you for your well wishes and purrayers! Mom and I are convinced that is the reason my Vet visit went so well yesterday. We sent you a package and hopefully, you will receive it soon!

JB's Big World said...

I must go visit Miss Peach and Praline and Helena's kitty! I have missed so much, with mom so busy!