Monday, September 29, 2008

Manic Mancat In Training And Other Monday News

The thing about cats,
As you may find,
Is that no one knows
What they have in mind.
~John Ciardi

Toshee seems to have a split personality. He will be sweet and snuggly for a bit, then out of the blue his pupils will grow and he becomes a wild child, biting and attacking and running around the house. I love him, but he's exhausting!

The weekend was quiet. My daughter still has a cough from her cold, so I think she will be seeing the doctor. She's tired from coughing so much and she didn't want to get up for school this morning. So, when the office opens I will try to get her in.

I found a new cat treat that I think Billie can tolerate in moderation. They are called Party Mix. They have rice gluten which I think is easier to digest. I still am careful with how much she gets now, but she seems very happy to have a special treat again. :)

Autumn is settling in here in Michigan now. It gets quite dark by 7:30 in the evening and it is supposed to be chilly and cloudy for most of the week. Not my favorite time of the year. Where did summer go? Oh, for just a few more warm sunny days! I promise not to take them for granted!

I hope the sun finds you this week. I will be visiting as many blogs as I can this week. Hopefully, it won't get too crazy, busy here!

Friday, September 26, 2008

September Garden

While Cricket and the other kitties napped I went outside to see what was still blooming in the garden. All of my vibrant summer bloomers have faded away for the season, leaving mums and cool weather pansies to provide color for a few more weeks. We have lots of squirrels in our yard and they are pretty used to people. They love all of the trees that surround all of the old houses in the neighborhood.
The leaves are still quite green. It has been very warm for late September, but they will probably start to turn when it gets chillier next week. I'm not ready for chilly.
This weekend will probably be rather quiet. My husband has to work for a few hours tomorrow, but it would be nice to get out somewhere. I would like to get some tulip and hyacinth bulbs to put in the ground for next spring. You can never have enough pretty flowers to greet you after a long winter. It would be so nice to live in the south and garden all year long.
I hope to visit blogs throughout the weekend. Daisy has a new brother, Miss Peach and Mommy Karla should be returning from vacation and I'm sure there are far more interesting things going on than here. :) Actually, I will take boring over stress any day, so I won't complain. Quiet is nice. :)

I hope everyone has a really nice, un-stressful weekend!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Just Hangin' Around The House

It was all about hanging around the house today, just me and the kitties. My husband went back to work still convinced he was the first man ever to catch a cold. ;) My daughter went back yesterday. I didn't mind waiting on them, but after fetching medicines and making chicken noodle soup (yes, homemade) I'm a bit worn out.

Billie was good company while I cut coupons and started a grocery list. She had been washing her brisket, (I'm told that's the name for the chest area of an animal.) and she ruffled up all of the fur. I think she looks cute all disheveled and sleepy. I still need to take the comb to her tonight, but I need to wait until Toeshee calms down. His wildness makes her nervous and cranky, then, I get all scratched up.

Cody is just not liking Toeshee at all. I'm constantly breaking up fights between the two and Toeshee is always starting them. I thought hoohaectomies calmed cats down! The only peace Cody gets is when I put Toeshee in the upstairs bathroom for the night. How long will I have to do that? Sigh... Nothing is ever easy is it?

The kitty sitting on the chair is one of the rubber stamps I ordered. After I colored her and cut her out, I cut out a chair from a magazine and glued her to it. I put folded paper under her to add dimension and glued the chair to an old card I had saved. I did it the other day while the soup was simmering. Not a great work of art, but it was fun. I love rubber stamping. It's so relaxing and I don't need the dexterity that I needed and no longer have for cross stitching.

Well, I'm slowly catching up on my blog visiting and hope to say "Hi' to as many as I can this week. For now, I'm going to watch Ghost Hunters and then make lunches for tomorrow.
Hugs for now!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Don't Hide. It's Only Falling Leaves.

I'm not sure if Toeshee is pretending to be a mechanic or if he's looking for a toy. He certainly keeps himself busy. He's still pretty naughty. Cody keeps trying to run outside to get away from him. He makes it out unsupervised when my husband opens the door. Usually I don't find out about it until later. Then I hurry to go look for him only to find him on the porch sleeping or napping in the plants in the garden. Whew!

Today is the first day of Autumn. It's usually a very short season here. Right after the leaves are finished turning color and many have fallen we will get freezing cold temperatures and often a dusting of the white stuff that I will not name. I like Fall when it's warm and mellow and golden. We are supposed to stay fairly warm this week so that will be wonderful.

We are going through our first head cold of the season here. First my daughter had it and now my husband. I'm the nurse. :) If I catch it I will just go to bed and not want to be bothered. (which is a good thing because neither of them know where anything is as far as medicine and such) ;)

I have been a bit off kilter lately with my blogging, but I hope to get back to it. I have been feeling a bit down. I'm hoping it will pass. I just don't want to be depressing while blogging. That's no fun.

I'll be sure to visit soon! Hugs!

Thursday, September 18, 2008


You will see

Over the Rainbow Bridge
Through the Misty Veil
There is a Special Place for us
That one day we will share
You have gone before me my Love
And at times it is more than I can bear
Your precious spirit has moved on
You are happy and free
You visit me at night and whisper,
"One day my Love, you'll see, you'll see.
To your memories hold fast."
One day I will cross that Bridge
and pass through that Misty Veil
You and I together
My tears left for the past

Monday, September 15, 2008

When Mommie Sees You Again She Will Kiss Your Little "M"

I have just learned that Daisy's sister Pixie has gone to the Rainbow Bridge after living with a heart problem for a very long time. Pixie was so good and so brave. She took all of her medicines like a good kittygirl and as you know loved bananas very much. She is a beautiful tabby girl and I just know she is having a lovely time getting to know all of the furbabies that have gone before her. I think she and Tookie will be very good friends.
My heart is hurting for Daisy and her Mommie. I will keep them in my thoughts and prayers.
Oh, Pixie, you are so sweet. We will miss you, but I know you will see your family in the blink of an eye. Goodbye for a little while.

Morning, Noon, And Night

I have been up since 5:30 am. Fortunately, I had finished most of my coffee before Billie sneezed in my cup. Why do the kitties seem intent on ruining my morning coffee? :)

This afternoon, I took out some Halloween decorations. Toeshee decided to test out the cauldron. Yes, he is actually sticking his tongue out! Daisy is right; he IS a Ham! Throughout the day he kept jumping in there and curling up in a ball. He doesn't stay that way long because he's a bit chubby.

Cricket seems to prefer coming down from my bedroom in the evening. She seems to know that her black fur and green/gold eyes are set off perfectly against that green pillow. she reclines on it a lot.

Cody has been staying upstairs away from Toeshee. He's so tired of getting chewed on.

It finally stopped raining here after 6 inches of rain. Now, it's just very chilly with a faint scent of that mildewy, dying leaf smell in the air. I'm really tired. It's a good thing I finished a lot of cleaning today though. Now, tomorrow I can do fun stuff like visiting blogs, reading and crafting. And maybe even take some more pictures of my camera hog kitties. :)


Saturday, September 13, 2008

Another Rainy Saturday...

Cody thought he would help me with my crafting projects. He actually rested there on the floor as I stamped and colored. I really need a special place to explore my new hobby, because getting up and down from floor level is getting more difficult. I do like the company though. :)

It has been raining since last night. Buckety buckets full of rain! And it's really humid too. The old varnish on our doors is raising up and feels sticky. Gross!
We all stayed home today, reading, napping, making dinner and I did some stamping. I have been on "Clutter Patrol" for the past few days, but I'm not feeling like I'm making any progress.
I think I will have to be more ruthless in my decisions on what to keep and what to purge. I really do not need hot pink hoop earrings from the 80's! :)
I will however, hold on to my Rick Springfield album. It was the first record I ever purchased and I had such a crush on him. Not so much anymore, but he used to be soo cute! Who did you have a crush on? Still... ?

Happy Weekend!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

What's Cooking? No, Cricket, Not Him!

Yes, this is Toeshee in a roasting pan. No, Cricket did not put him in it. :)
Yesterday, I put the pan on the stove so it would be ready to use for dinner. Toeshee has developed a very bad habit of jumping up onto the stove and counter. I was doing dishes and when I turned around, there he was, looking adorable and totally comfy in the roaster! I hustled to get my camera and the little goober not only waited, he seemed to be posing!
I removed him from the pan after I took these shots and of course I washed it. :)
I swear, for every naughty thing he does, he does at least three cute things afterward. Too bad the naughty stuff is REALLY naughty!

Today we took our daughter to have her senior pictures taken. It went much better than I expected. I think they are going to be very nice and choosing which ones we want will be tough. Thanks to the digital age we will have the proofs and the glossy for the yearbook next week. I kind of would like to post one here. I know everyone well enough. :) I don't think any creepy comments will occur. Mother's protective instinct showing. She's a very pretty girl and I worry. But, all of my bloggie friends are nice and mostly women and kitties. So, I feel safe doing that. I should probably post another picture of myself. It's just that the Prednisone is making me look like the Chipmunk's sister. :0 My cheeks look very puffy to me and I feel a bit self consious. My
The husband says I'm imaginning it. I don't know though...

Well, I didn't have a chance to visit anyone's blogs today, so after I plug in my laptop and let it charge a bit, I will try to say a "Hi" to some. Hopefully tomorrow I can get to more.
HUGS To You!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

She's The Boss And That's That!

Cricket and I are planning an afternoon nap escape. Yesterday and all ready this morning have been hectic. After dinner last night we had to run out to the mall because my daughter is having her pictures taken Thursday and she wanted some new clothes. *_* Then, because we had to rush after dinner to get there, I had to do dishes at 9:00 pm in the evening. Next I had to put lunches together so I could get some extra sleep in the morning.
This morning Toeshee plunked a toy into my coffee cup! Never mind, I didn't want it anyway... Actually, I really need the caffeine so I will probably just make a cup of Earl Gray Tea later.
My allergies are bothering me a bit and the cool snap and rain has my joints creaking and snapping. I think some rest and then some free time to do some crafting or reading would do a lot to improve my mood. Now, if I could just get Toeshhe to settle down!
Cricket seems to be interacting with him more. It kinda looks like they are playing, but she puts her claws out and she is really acting as if she's angry and wants to put some hurty on him. He actually backs down from her and retreats. I think Toeshee needs that right now. He needs to learn when to give the aggressive playing a rest and Cricket is just the Chica to do it. :) I watch to make sure no claw to cat contact actually occurs, but just seeing her put "The Fear of Cricket" into him is pretty funny.
I will try my best to visit blogs this week as often as I can. Yawn... Time for that tea now...
Hugs everyone. <3

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Tubby Tabbies, Floofy Girls, and Stuffed Kitties Saturday

It's another sleepy Saturday evening. Billie's favorite spot of late is under the coffee table instead of on the glass top. Probably because it's cooler now. Her little ears amongst all that floof is so cute!

Toeshee is getting, um... tubby? He weighs over 6 pounds and he's only 6 months old. He's so active though. The Vet thinks he's going to be a big cat.
My family is starting to tease me about overfeeding him. My husband hopes that he gets too chubby to move around and harass the other cats. I think the other kitties hope so too. :)

Karla sent me the cute white kitty in velvet green overalls. I named her Princess Billie Holiday Hunny Bunny. Those are the names of three pretty white ladycats I'm aquainted with. I still liked stuffed animals. :) I like Barbie too, but I like the collectable ones that I can't afford. I do have an I Dream Of Genie Barbie. She even came with a little pink lamp. (Now, I have the theme song in my head!)

Today was grocery shopping and cleaning the kitchen day. I'm behind on my blog visiting again, but I'll be by as many as I can. Cricket will be blogging at House Panthers. I haven't been good at all about doing that. I need more hours in the day. I wish I had more energy. Oh to be as hyper as Toeshee! Imagine how much I could get accomplishes if I had that much youthful energy!
I hope everyone's weekend is going wonderfully!

Friday, September 5, 2008

A Nice Day Brightner

Tinkerbell and Sweet Praline passed this award on to me. Thank You! Now I will pass it on:
Shaggy, Scooby and Scout. (cute kitties!)
Meemnyc -Yaffa, Sebastian and a new brother!
Adan and Lego and Michico <3>
Mickey- so sweet and Miss Peach's beau. :)
Jelly Bean (JB) So pretty! She's so glamorous. A Texas beauty!
Miss Peach- I love her and Mommy Karla.
Helena's sketch and colour blog. She is so sweet and creative!
Daisy- I adore her!

Okay, that was for the Brilliant Weblog award.

Now Michico and Adan gave me the I Love Your Blog Award and I will pass
this on too.
I want to pass I Love Your Blog onto all of the above Bloggie Friends and add:
Sweet Praline- I just want to snuggle her! Her mom is super sweet!
Tink-she loves tinkerbell the fairie and her kitties!
Zoolatry-Funny floofies and creative Mom!

Thank You for these awards. I always worry that my blog is kind of snoring boring, but it's so nice to have friends that stop by to read my musings on my quiet life with my beloved kitties.

Now, I have a sinkfull of dishes to attend to. :( but, I will be visiting as much as I can and try to post again as soon as I can.

Oh, I did the linky thing, but sometimes it doesn't seem to want to work for me. So, hopefully you all know how to find these blogs if it's not working.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Cutest Brat Cat In Town

Well, here he is! Toeshee is a neutered Almost Mancat. He will be six months old on September 18th, so he will be a kitten for a while yet.
I have given him the official title of Brat Prince. Yes, he's very naughty, spoiled, and getting a bit chubby. He's over 6 lbs all ready!
He has his sweet moments. When I am having my coffee in the morning sometimes he will sit on my lap and purr and be very affectionate. He will follow me around the house if he's not annoying a big kitty, or sleeping.

Today was hot and bone dry. 92 degrees with a dewpoint in the 40's! Billie is on the glass topped coffee table and Cricket and Cody are in windows. Toeshee is on the tile hearth.

It was my daughter's first day of school today. Her Senior year! The last year of High School! I can't believe I'm the mother of a high school senior! I'm only 41! (Only... 41 isn't old is it?) :) If it is, don't tell me.

I'm still tired and still very sore. I'm going back to 10 mls of Prednisone though I really don't want to. That stuff is not fun. 10 is as far as I will go on it.

I'm back to the old routine. Making lunches, getting up earlier, nagging at a teenager to get up. :) I am so not going to college with her!

I hope you all are having a good week, with no storms, literal of figurative coming you way. ~Hugs and Warm Thoughts~