Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Just Hangin' Around The House

It was all about hanging around the house today, just me and the kitties. My husband went back to work still convinced he was the first man ever to catch a cold. ;) My daughter went back yesterday. I didn't mind waiting on them, but after fetching medicines and making chicken noodle soup (yes, homemade) I'm a bit worn out.

Billie was good company while I cut coupons and started a grocery list. She had been washing her brisket, (I'm told that's the name for the chest area of an animal.) and she ruffled up all of the fur. I think she looks cute all disheveled and sleepy. I still need to take the comb to her tonight, but I need to wait until Toeshee calms down. His wildness makes her nervous and cranky, then, I get all scratched up.

Cody is just not liking Toeshee at all. I'm constantly breaking up fights between the two and Toeshee is always starting them. I thought hoohaectomies calmed cats down! The only peace Cody gets is when I put Toeshee in the upstairs bathroom for the night. How long will I have to do that? Sigh... Nothing is ever easy is it?

The kitty sitting on the chair is one of the rubber stamps I ordered. After I colored her and cut her out, I cut out a chair from a magazine and glued her to it. I put folded paper under her to add dimension and glued the chair to an old card I had saved. I did it the other day while the soup was simmering. Not a great work of art, but it was fun. I love rubber stamping. It's so relaxing and I don't need the dexterity that I needed and no longer have for cross stitching.

Well, I'm slowly catching up on my blog visiting and hope to say "Hi' to as many as I can this week. For now, I'm going to watch Ghost Hunters and then make lunches for tomorrow.
Hugs for now!


Sweet Praline said...

I wondered why Miss Billie looked so tussled and needing a brushout! Mom is going to brush me special tomorrow for my birthday.

Daisy said...

That Toeshee is a real character!

meemsnyc said...

Lorianna, I can so relate. Toeshee and Dante must have been separated at birth. They sound like twins. It's been a week since he has had his hoohaw operation, and not a change in behavior at all either with him! I don't understand why he's not calming down at all. He's very frisky and does biteys to everyone. And they aren't a little peck friendly bite, but full on teeth biting. Sigh....