Tuesday, September 9, 2008

She's The Boss And That's That!

Cricket and I are planning an afternoon nap escape. Yesterday and all ready this morning have been hectic. After dinner last night we had to run out to the mall because my daughter is having her pictures taken Thursday and she wanted some new clothes. *_* Then, because we had to rush after dinner to get there, I had to do dishes at 9:00 pm in the evening. Next I had to put lunches together so I could get some extra sleep in the morning.
This morning Toeshee plunked a toy into my coffee cup! Never mind, I didn't want it anyway... Actually, I really need the caffeine so I will probably just make a cup of Earl Gray Tea later.
My allergies are bothering me a bit and the cool snap and rain has my joints creaking and snapping. I think some rest and then some free time to do some crafting or reading would do a lot to improve my mood. Now, if I could just get Toeshhe to settle down!
Cricket seems to be interacting with him more. It kinda looks like they are playing, but she puts her claws out and she is really acting as if she's angry and wants to put some hurty on him. He actually backs down from her and retreats. I think Toeshee needs that right now. He needs to learn when to give the aggressive playing a rest and Cricket is just the Chica to do it. :) I watch to make sure no claw to cat contact actually occurs, but just seeing her put "The Fear of Cricket" into him is pretty funny.
I will try my best to visit blogs this week as often as I can. Yawn... Time for that tea now...
Hugs everyone. <3


Daisy said...

Hooray for Cricket! I think Toeshee needs to learn his place in the cat hierarchy, and then maybe he will be a little bit more relaxed.

Sweet Praline said...

Looks like Cricket is truly showing Toeshee who's boss!

Hope you are feeling better. I bet the winter is really tough on your joints.

Mickey said...

Good on ya Cricket!!! Teach the little whipper snapper!!!!! Heehee
You deserve a nice nap with Mom. I hope she feels better :)

Purrs Mickety

JB's Big World said...

It osunds like things are getting a little better with Toeshee? Uh, except for the coffee incident!

Princess said...

Cricket needs to remind Toeshee that she is the boss. I scream at Pierro to show him that I will not tolerate his wild unpredictable behavior.
Still... he hides and wants to surprise me... what a skunk!

purrs to your mom