Thursday, September 11, 2008

What's Cooking? No, Cricket, Not Him!

Yes, this is Toeshee in a roasting pan. No, Cricket did not put him in it. :)
Yesterday, I put the pan on the stove so it would be ready to use for dinner. Toeshee has developed a very bad habit of jumping up onto the stove and counter. I was doing dishes and when I turned around, there he was, looking adorable and totally comfy in the roaster! I hustled to get my camera and the little goober not only waited, he seemed to be posing!
I removed him from the pan after I took these shots and of course I washed it. :)
I swear, for every naughty thing he does, he does at least three cute things afterward. Too bad the naughty stuff is REALLY naughty!

Today we took our daughter to have her senior pictures taken. It went much better than I expected. I think they are going to be very nice and choosing which ones we want will be tough. Thanks to the digital age we will have the proofs and the glossy for the yearbook next week. I kind of would like to post one here. I know everyone well enough. :) I don't think any creepy comments will occur. Mother's protective instinct showing. She's a very pretty girl and I worry. But, all of my bloggie friends are nice and mostly women and kitties. So, I feel safe doing that. I should probably post another picture of myself. It's just that the Prednisone is making me look like the Chipmunk's sister. :0 My cheeks look very puffy to me and I feel a bit self consious. My
The husband says I'm imaginning it. I don't know though...

Well, I didn't have a chance to visit anyone's blogs today, so after I plug in my laptop and let it charge a bit, I will try to say a "Hi" to some. Hopefully tomorrow I can get to more.
HUGS To You!


Sweet Praline said...

I thought for a minute that Cricket has finally gotten back at Toeshee. Even though that was very naughty of him, I must admit, it is cute!

I look forward to seeing your daughter's senior picture!

Black Cat said...

Toeshee is just so cute!. You couldn't possibly be cross with such a sweetie, even if you did have to wash the roasting tin again, lol!

I've been catching up a bit and no, 41 isn't old and Blogger is very slow at uploading videos. Sometimes it does that to me too. It has a maximum size allowance for each video but I can't remember what it is; 100MB maybe?

I'm sorry you've not been feeling too good. I hope the higher dose medication will work for you without making you feel blah with side-effects:) xxx

Daisy said...

I think Toeshee is a real ham. Hahahaha! I made a pun!

JB's Big World said...

Toeshee looks like he is getting big, and he is becoming a handsome mancat! He better not jump on the stove when you are cooking and it is hot!
Will come back and look for your daughter's senior picture!

meemsnyc said...

Oh Toeshee, that is an adorable photo! We keep wondering what are the naughty things that you do?? You are too cute to be a naughty bad kitty.

Our Dante has yet to calm down too. We still can't leave him in the same room as the other cats. Because everytime he sees Yaffa or Sebastian he attacks them with claws and teeth. He goes for his 2nd vet appointment tomorrow to get neutered. We really hope he calms down after that procedure.