Saturday, September 6, 2008

Tubby Tabbies, Floofy Girls, and Stuffed Kitties Saturday

It's another sleepy Saturday evening. Billie's favorite spot of late is under the coffee table instead of on the glass top. Probably because it's cooler now. Her little ears amongst all that floof is so cute!

Toeshee is getting, um... tubby? He weighs over 6 pounds and he's only 6 months old. He's so active though. The Vet thinks he's going to be a big cat.
My family is starting to tease me about overfeeding him. My husband hopes that he gets too chubby to move around and harass the other cats. I think the other kitties hope so too. :)

Karla sent me the cute white kitty in velvet green overalls. I named her Princess Billie Holiday Hunny Bunny. Those are the names of three pretty white ladycats I'm aquainted with. I still liked stuffed animals. :) I like Barbie too, but I like the collectable ones that I can't afford. I do have an I Dream Of Genie Barbie. She even came with a little pink lamp. (Now, I have the theme song in my head!)

Today was grocery shopping and cleaning the kitchen day. I'm behind on my blog visiting again, but I'll be by as many as I can. Cricket will be blogging at House Panthers. I haven't been good at all about doing that. I need more hours in the day. I wish I had more energy. Oh to be as hyper as Toeshee! Imagine how much I could get accomplishes if I had that much youthful energy!
I hope everyone's weekend is going wonderfully!


Daisy said...

It looks like Toeshee has big feets, so maybe he will be a big Mancat when he is all grown up!

Mo said...

Toeshee is gonna be BIG!
Thanks for your post over at House Panthers!
The kitty that Miss Peach sent you is way cute!

Sweet Praline said...

Give the other kitties time - they will show Toeshee who is boss!

My mom has a bunch of stuffed kitties. Come visit my blog today (Monday) to see our newest!

Princess said...

Yes, I believe that Toeshee is going to be a big kitty.
Pierro is almost one year and he weighs about 6 and a half. He is tiny and we love that... he is not a big eater either

I am so honored that you named the adorable kitty after me... well one of her names <3

I hope your week-end was fun and I am glad you are having cooler weather... sort of cooler here.

Love and hugs
<3 Princess <3

Karen Jo said...

I also think that Toeshee is going to be a really big cat when he grows up. Your stuffed kitties are really cute.

MISS PEACH ~(^.^)~ said...

Ahhhhhh such a sweet posty! I am honored that you like the stuffed kitty so much you named her for the nice whitsters you love.
Looks like Toshi will be a really big Buddy in our back yard. He is gigantic!