Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hoping and Wishing

Hoping and Wishing

A few days ago we had lovely warm weather. 85 degrees! The kitties were thrilled when I opened the window. Cricket was so funny. I asked her if she wanted the window and like Tookie, she understood what that meant, so she hopped up on the sill. Well, my hands do not work as well as they used to so I had a difficult time opening the storm window. Cricket became very impatient and actually growled at me! Then she made this little huffing sound and jumped down. I apologized and managed to get it open and she jumped back in, settling down with this sigh, that just spoke volumes. Clearly she was exasperated with me and must have thought I was teasing her. Cricket is very sensitive and has a bit of a temper. She's such a funny, spooky cat. :)

Toeshee loved the window too and when Cricket wasn't in it he was. Poor Billie never did get to sit in it. Cody took over at night.
Now, it's chilly and cloudy and we have had a lot of rain. I have been remiss in blogging and visiting. I'm trying to catch up and have been making sure to check in on the kitties that are sick. It has been a rough month for so many!
I hope May is better. It just has to be!

I light a candle every night, sometimes more than one and think about everyone who needs wishes and healing thoughts. A soft light glowing with hope. I wish I could do more... Still, Hope is a powerful thing and something that we all need.

My kitties and I send you all Love and Hope. Imagine a candle, bright in the window sending out hope and healing.


Daisy said...

I am imagining your beautiful candle today. I think it will help me, because I am still feeling poorly. I only have a cold, but it's real icky and I am blowing bubbles out my nose!

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Sounds like confusing weather. Jan can't get our windows open so we love an open back door.

Sweet Praline said...

Mom doesn't open our windows because she doesn't trust the screens, but I just love sitting in the sunlight.

Thank you for lighting a candle for all of the kitties and beans who are feeling poorly.