Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Wandering through a Wednesday

Paranormal State On A&E Monday night was really good. I actually found it to be more intense and scary than Ghost Hunters and Most Haunted. I think it's because the young man who is the lead investigator is himself a very intense person. He seems to have some past issues with paranormal encounters that were eluded to, but not really discussed. He does seem to think that a particular "demon" is following him and has it out for him. He refuses to say this demon's name out loud. Very strange... I will continue to watch. The upcoming cases look quite interesting.
A few weeks ago in the grocery store I found an old "friend". Victoria Magazine is back and just as lovely and graceful as ever. This is a magazine to curl up with a cup of tea and just allow yourself to be taken on a tour of beautiful rooms, gardens, and little treasures that people collect and create. I missed Victoria when it went out of circulation and I'm pleased that it's the way I remember it.
The sun came out for a bit today and melted some of the ice. I'm ready to move right into Spring. I just can't get into a Holiday frame of mind this year. I know I'm depressed. I'm not ready to deal with it though. So, everyday I get up, keep busy, find things to keep my mind occupied, then go to bed and start it all over again. On the surface it seems like I'm coping, but it feels like I'm watching my self do all this normal everyday stuff and I'm outside of my body. It's as if my spirit has separated and is waiting for some kind of "permission" to take off and be done with it all. Sigh... Well that's a little to esoteric even for me. Is there any chocolate in the house?

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