Friday, December 21, 2007

The Sun Will Return and I Wait For It's Warmth

My little kitty Serenity jumps out of her basket to play with the cursor. It's so cute! "Mom, you do know she's not real?" Yes, but I love cute things like that.
I have so much to do yet. I haven't wrapped any presents and if I don't do it soon, I'll have to find a way to get Husband and Daughter away so they can't see what they're getting. Today is the last day before their respective Holiday breaks, so I need to get busy. I have been so tired and sleeping so deeply.
Last night I dreamed about Tookie. It was morning and I was feeding every one their canned cat food. I took out four small paper plates, just like I did before she passed and put food on each plate. I always gave her hers first and there she was, waiting so sweetly. She looked so healthy, her eyes were clear and as I gave her the food she began to eat. I stroked her soft fur and began to cry. She looked at me and I felt so much love from her. The other three kitties meowed for their food so I fed them. When I turned back to Tookie she had resumed eating and I think she was purring. I went to pet her again and then I woke up. I've been teary eyed all morning and my heart feels heavy. I'm trying to be happy, but I just cannot forget her and how much I love her. It's been six months since she passed and I'm still so lost. I didn't mean to go down this path when I started typing, but I guess it needed to come out.
Well, I better get some things done. The day is passing quickly and I don't have elves to help. Tomorrow is the Solstice. the Sun will come back soon...


Daisy said...

Hey, I never realized the little kitty could jump out of the basket. I played with Serenity!

I am sorry you are feeling sad about your sweet kitty. We know how that feels.

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

I'm sorry you are feeling sad. I lost my sweet little Bear in April, after 18 wonderful years. She was a tiny poodle that thought she was a cat.
I have the same kind of dreams and then have to wake up to the loss all over again.
Like I said before, there is a huge, Bear-shaped hole in my heart now.
ML (Mary Lynn)