Monday, December 3, 2007

Of Cats and Passing Days

I discovered that Pierre Loti was a nineteenth century writer from France. I could not find any information about his fondness for cats, but I did see a portrait of him with a small tabby cat at his side. :) I think occasionally I will post cute and touching kitty quotes from my 365 page a day cat calendar. Which reminds me, I need to buy a new one very soon.
I've been visiting a lot of kitty blogs and I will have to get their urls (is that right?)
so I can put them on my cool blogs list. Let's see if I can remember their names:
There's the Purrchance to Dream kitties of Mo's, Daisy the curly cat and her sister Pixie, Miss Peach, sweet little Chase, Marilyn Monreow and so many others that I will try to visit. Well, I better go for now. I have lunches to pack for tomorrow and my furry three will want big servings of the smelly stuff before I go to bed. Sigh, where did the day go?

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