Friday, December 11, 2009

Yucky Week

Long Week

Hi everyone. I'm so sorry we haven't been visiting this week. It's been a rough one. We have been hit with quite a nasty snowstorm here. Frigid temps and blowing snow. The stupid man who owns Sylvester did not let him in! My husband actually put him in our PTU and carried him over there.
We gave them the chance to do the right thing and it didn't last long.
The next bitter cold morning he was out again and on our front porch.
I brought him in and my husband said he could stay in our enclosed back porch for a while. It's still really cold back there though and Sylvester got a bit wild and knocked shelves over and just generally cried the whole time.

My husband had to go wait for his dad's surgery to be completed at the hospital, so it was just me, my daughter, her boyfriend and five high strung cats. When my husband came home he was really sad and upset.
His dad has two kinds of cancer in his bladder. One is evil and spreading. His doctor said he has six months to a year left.
I also didn't have a chance to talk about his beloved Aunt Grace, (his dad's sister) who passed away last Saturday. My husband and I loved her because she was always so sweet and kind to everyone. She was 94 years old.

There's just so much going on, it's hard to put it all down. (sigh...)

Anyway, we can not keep Sylvester. My husband said absolutely not. He went back outside yesterday and seemed to be heading back to his house. He couldn't wait to get out of here, after crying and spraying and knocking things over. He's fixed, so the spraying was a surprise. I kept looking for him all evening and he never came back. Then this morning I saw him on the front porch! I went to get him some food, hoping to coax him back into the house so I could put him on the back porch again. (yes, I'm a glutton for punishment and my husband is at work) When I returned, Sylvester was gone. :(

I am just so sad and frustrated with everything right now. Why do people have to get cancer? Why can't people care for their pets? What is wrong with them!?

Sorry about the rant there... Anyway, I still have to get my cards to the post office. We have not done any Christmas shopping yet and I just want to stay in my pj's and visit blogs. But, I need to get dressed and try to shovel and maybe chase after a cat who doesn't understand that I just want to help him.
How do we get through to his owners? What should I do?
Now, I'm crying again...

Okay, things will get better. Cricket says they must and she is the Queen of everything. So I will go give her and my other kitties some nom noms, take a shower and get on with my day. I will try really hard to start visiting too.
Wish us luck.

Cricket, here; Don't worry, I will look after her. I won't even complain if she lets that Sylvester in again. He just better not eat all my Fancy Feast! I will try not to be very naughty either. (boy, that will be tough!)


Daisy said...

I'm so sorry you are having a rough patch right now. I wish for much brighter days ahead.

Anonymous said...

We're sorry to hear of all the things that are going on for you all right now. We're truly sorry for the loss of your husband's aunt and that his dad didn't have the results he was looking for. We are firm believers in beating that terrible "C"! A few people mom knows beat it and so can he!!! Hope Sylvester is ok and his owners need a good WHAP right upside their brainless heads!

Anya said...

Take care .....
We thinking positive !!

Shaggy, Scooby and Scout said...

Sorry to hear about the sad news in your family. We are purring for all of you.
We don't think you will be able to get through the the nasty neighbor. People who do that to their pets are not pet lovers. The cat is somehow an inconvenience to them, so their answer is let the cat try to survive on his own.
Perhaps you could make one of those insulated shelters you see on the internet feral sites. A medium size rubbermaid container lined with styrofoam top, sides & bottom. And inside to make a nest one of those reflective survival blankets you can get for a few bucks. It doesn't absorb wetness from the snow, so it won't freeze like blankets or a towel would. We have a bunch of our old Purr Pads in Zolies shelter, they absorb heat and won't absorb moisture either, You cut a small hole near the end of the long side and make sure it is facing out of the wind. It could be put in a discreet corner of the porch.

Helena said...

Oh my, once again I wish we lived nearer to each other as we seem to go through so much alike. I am so sorry with all your husband's news. And as for Sylvester...

Well mum has a similar problem in Tigger. Tigger is about 8 years old and "lives" about 5 doors away, but they never take him in. We even have carried him up there and handed him back to them. Then he goes straight out their back door and, blow me if he isn't back at OUR door before us. We simply CANNOT adopt him. Fluffy vehemently defends her terrotory and really goes for him. Meanwhile Scooter is made nervous and upset by him. Eventually Scoot does chase him away, but we can't be having them getting too close as Scooter is FiV+.

Mum leaves the shed door open, and inside she has left a box with an old jumper in it, also a summer garden chair with a blanket on it. He always has a water bowl in there. For food, he gets what Scooter and Fluffy leave, plus some cheap kibble. He is soooo appreciative it is heartbreaking- he has such a loud purr!!!

Yesterday at mum's I was cooking lunch while she was a t church. I left the back door open and he sat on the doorstep. When it started raining he sneaked in, just a paw length.

yes WHY do people get cancer? Why do loved ones pass away, esp. so close to Xmas? WHY don't people care for their animals? WHY do people get strokes when their cholesterol is low and they are only 67??????

Boy we are in for some solid gold luck sometime soon, you and I. I really hope things take a good turn for us all :)

Hang on it there.

Amy and The House of Cats said...

Oh Lorianna, we are all sad to hear about the bad news for your husband's dad. We had hoped things would be ok for him. And adding to that the loss of his aunt is just terribl. We went through the big C with my mom and dad and it sucks but you have to try and be sure to make every day a good one with him. And tell him everything you feel the need to - I did that with my mom and am one of the few people I know who doesn't regret not saying something while she was still here. It is hard but hopefully he will have a lot of good days while he is still here with you. I am a firm believer in living while you can. The big C sucks, and I wish no one - human, cat, any animal, had to have it. We are sending lots of purrs and prayers to him, so he has a lot of good days!

And you neighbors, well boy you don't want to hear my opinion of them. Over at Misses Peach's blog she had a wonderful post with a link to building some kitty shelters - since you can't bring Sylvester in, and his "owners" (I use that term loosely) are jerks, maybe you can build one for him.

And you - well you need to just relax and take care of yourself too. You have so much going on right now that you need to be sure to take care of yourself too (which of course is so much easier said than done). Take time and just hang out with all your kitties - they will help you to feel good. It is hard with all this bad stuff going on around you but just take care of the things you can, and that includes you. We all know how much you want to help and know it has to be frustrating to not be able to do as much as you want (like taking in Sylvester, and well, curing the big C for everyone) but know we are the same way.

We are sending you lots of purrs and headbuts and prayers and hugs - we are all here for you to vent or rant or whatever you need! Hopefully it helps you to de-stress a bit!

JB's Big and Small Worlds said...

We are so sorry you are having such a hard time right now. Cancer is so awful and we will purr for your husband's dad so hard.
And poor Sylvester! What kind of people don't care for their pets like this? Poor kitty. We are glad you are trying to help him.
We have to say we got your beautiful card yesterday! You truly are creative and talented. And CocoBean was jumping up and down when she saw the coupons! She wants mom to go to the store today on her lunch break. Thanks again, we wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas, and you will get through this rough time.