Thursday, October 25, 2007

Animals need angels too

The fires in California have been on my mind quite a bit this week, (I'm sure they've been on everyone's.) I feel so sad for the people that have had everything they own turn to ashes. I'm especially worried though about the animals. Pets and strays and wild animals that must be terrified and confused amid the choking air and encroaching flames. I watched a lot of news coverage during Katrina and went into a deep, sobbing depression over all of the animals that had been left behind. I'm trying to limit my news watching this time, but they are in my thoughts and prayers.
I wish life wasn't so painful. Sorry, I'll try to write about some fun Halloween type thing next time I blog.

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Sunrunner said...

It seems like hardly anyone thinks about the animals losing their homes, both domestic and wild. I hope the state is getting the help it needs.