Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Halloween is near, hide the good candy

October is here, which means my favorite holiday is coming: Halloween or Samhain if you prefer. (I'm fine with either, but the word Halloween sounds more fun.) I've decorated a little bit, but I still need to get pumpkins. Baby pumpkin didn't fare too well and sadly became a treat for the fat and sassy squirrels that live in the many trees on my street. I swear those little rodents are part of some squirrel mafia. Even my cats are afraid of them.
I like the colors associated with Halloween: orange; glowing like sunlight through leaves, black;silky and dark like my two kitties, mysterious as the night sky, dark purple and green work well with orange and black and happen to be colors I wear and decorate my house with. My Best Cat Ever was/is orange and black too. I don't think one is ever too old to enjoy Halloween. Look forward to the candy, the pumpkin shaped cookies, doughnuts and cider, and crunchy leaves underfoot on a dark, cool night. Listen to the kids yelling Trick or Treat and try to capture their joy if only for a moment in your own heart. If only every night could be so magical.

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Sunrunner said...

Oh yes, the Halloween excitement has hit our house too!! My kids have had their costumes for a month!