Saturday, November 14, 2009

Kitty Crush

Sylvestero and Crickiette

Sylvester is still coming by every day. His beans will not let him in, it seems and Momma feeds him and gives him scritchers and baby talk. She thinks that perhaps he has a crush on me because he makes a point of looking in the window when I am looking out. Notice that I do not look amused!
(Notice that Momma really needs to clean the window too!)

So far no one else has caught the flu and the Teenagergirl is getting better. Momma has had a nasty RA flare up and isn't sleeping really well, but for her this is becoming almost normal.

It has been rather mild and sunny here lately and it's nice to have that golden glow during the short daylight hours. Silly Momma has been getting into her pj's at around 7:00 pm almost every evening. Way to live it up Momma!

Well, not much else is new to report. We may put up our tree before Thanksgiving, just to cheer up the living room a bit. This time of year every little faerie light one can plug in helps chase away the dreariness.
We will get around to visiting all our blogging friends too, as that chases the blues too. We see Whickey visited us and that made Momma happy as she has been a bit worried about him and his siblings. Now, there's a handsome mancat!^..^

We hope you all have a great weekend!
Remember kitties; Be just a little bit naughty!


Shaggy, Scooby and Scout said...

Poor Sylvester! What a mean mom he has to make an indoor kitty suddenly have to be outside all the time. We are glad you mom is feeding him. Does he have a sheltered place to sleep?
Glad your girl is getting better. They say just to stay home and rest is the best thing to do.
Purrs to your momma and her hurty hands. Purrrrrrrsss.

Sweet Praline said...

So glad no one else has gotten that nasty flu bug in your house.

Parker said...

That's not a very nice family that Sylvester has...

Anonymous said...

We think Sylvester wants to move in with you! He is furry kyute, ya know! And, we want to invite you to come to our place tomorrow for Skeeter's 13th purrday pawty!

Amy and The House of Cats said...

We feel bad for poor Sylvester - it is so nice of your mom to feed him. We hope he has a warm spot to sleep now that winter is coming.

We think it stinks that your mom's RA is flairing up - that is bad and we are sending her feel better purrs and prayers.

But it is good news that no one else caught the flu, and that the teenagegirl is getting better.

Everycat said...

Lorianna you are so sweet to feed poor Sylvester, what a mean family to not let him in their home - it is HIS home too :( Who wouldn't have a crush on your Cricket? ;) *swoon*

So happy the floooo is leaving the girl now and no one else has it but we hiss at that nasty RA ((((Lorianna)))) + rumbly purrs to ease the pain.

Please don't worry about us, we are doing ok, sleeping away warmly as the winds of winter blow in. We keep an eye out and get around the blogs as we can.

Stay cosy all of you

Whicky Wuudler et al