Monday, September 3, 2007

Summer vacation is nine months away

I can't believe today is Labor Day. Yikes! First day of school for my daughter tomorrow... Wow, summer is waning and I'm just not ready. Right now she's still out with her friend and her family somewhere in the country. At least it sounds country like with lots of land and an old barn. They do this every year and my daughter's friend invites her buddies to go along so she has someone her age to hang out with.
Hubby and I spent the day puttering around the house, going to the bookstore, and taking a walk. Now, he's taken over dinner making and we're having chicken, shrimp, and curry rice. I hope it's not too spicy :0 , 'cause sometimes he gets a little carried away. I still need to make some cookies or something for lunches and my alarm will need to be set an hour earlier than it's been all summer. (Groan, urrg, grumble) Wish me luck getting myself and every one going on the dreaded routine. 9 more months until June :)

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