Thursday, September 6, 2007

Falling into Routine

Well we are now knee deep into the nine month routine and I'm tired. My husband is tired too. He does morning school drop off duty on his way to work and that involves not only getting daughter there on time, but three other girls also. (My daughter's friend, her sister, and another girl who lives a block away.) All these girls go to the same school and the mom of the sisters picks them up and does drop off in the pm. Whew! On another more relaxing subject, I am re-reading a book I bought last year Autumn Equinox; The enchantment of Mabon, by Ellen Dugan.
She's a very good down to earth writer who writes about natural magick that is all around us. Nature is magickal; our gardens, the changing seasons, the aromatic spices and herbs we use in our cooking. I like her books because she's just a normal mom and wife who talks about her home and family and garden and she gives fun easy ideas to bring a little magickal joy into every day life. I like all of her books actually. She's even written one about cats. I hate saying goodbye to Summer, but this book about Mabon makes the Autumn season a little more enjoyable. Ok, enough slacking for me, time to get going. Housework and finishing a chapter on my WIP are beckoning. Happy day! :)

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Sunrunner said...

Cool! I'll have to check out her books.