Friday, August 31, 2007

Bouncing Baby Pumpkin makes me smile for a little while

Today is the last day of August. Where did it go? Geez, I better not blink or I might miss September! Yesterday while meandering in my backyard I decided to take a look at my sad little pumpkin vines which have produced pretty orange flowers, but no pumpkins. Well, I found one. Yup, a cute little green pumpkin growing all by his lonesome far from where I had planted the seeds. I hope it makes it. I would love to have a big orange pumpkin for Halloween. Actually, I might not have the heart to carve it. I mean it is my first pumpkin that I grew in my garden ever.
I'm going to have more coffee and keep myself quietly busy today. (I may also take my stronger pain reliever because I'm in a nasty RA flare, still since Wednesday.) I'm still feeling so sad for Mo and sweet Ubee, but all anyone can do when someone suffers a loss is to let them know we care and understand. Losing someone we love is not something to get to "Get Over" it's more like something we get through slowly, never forgetting the love we shared.
Blessed Be

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