Wednesday, August 1, 2007

August is golden

Today is the first day of August and unofficially the final month of summer. I've noticed already that the sun casts a more golden glow in the afternoon. My plants are beginning to fade in the garden, but the sunflowers and sedums are still growing strong and the Glads should be opening any day. It's so dry here and really hot; mid 90's. We need a long all day all night session of thunder showers. Nothing violent, just rumbling thunder and a few lightening flashes, maybe a good 2 inches of rain. August is beckoning, "Come on, last chance to bask in summer's warmth, walk along the shore and wade into the water. Hurry, enjoy my glow before I pass and am just a memory on a winter's day." I will try to appreciate this month's gift of gold

Blessings, Lorianna

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Sunrunner said...

I am visiting from Morgen's site. I hope you had a blessed day!