Thursday, August 23, 2007

Ghosties and stormy weather

Well, the sun did come out for a bit today and it got nice and warm. I love warm weather. Be prepared for lots of whining when winter hits. Now it's getting kinda wonky ,weather wise. There's storm warnings all around us and we could get hit with a nasty one that's near Chicago. It will have to cross Lake Michigan, so we'll see how bad it will be. Mo at It's a Blog Eat blog World might get some bad weather. Batten down the hatches and cuddle your kitty babies, Mo! :) This scary weather has me thinking about ghost stories. We live in an area called Heritage Hill. Lots of old homes; ours was built in 1891 and there are many that are much older and much more elegant. We're talking HUGE with libraries and long winding "Gone With the Wind " staircases. Several of them have been documented as haunted by a local author who wrote a book about hauntings in our area. Every October we have the HH Home tours and I have no doubt that many of these homes are haunted. I'm not a Ghost Hunter or a Most Haunted member, (love those shows) but there have been a few times when on these tours I've felt a heaviness, a sense of being watched, like a "Why are these people in my house?" feeling. Sometimes it's been downright oppressive. Once, we were going up into the attic of one of the homes and my husband swore he saw an old rocking chair rock by itself, ever so lightly. Now my husband is a Vulcan ;) so for him to admit to seeing something like that is pretty credible. Last year we toured through a big Victorian and I felt a "tug" towards the walk in pantry and sensed it was the former maid's stomping grounds. Upstairs there was a playroom that just gave me the wiggins: creepy dolls and an old rocking horse. Then came the maid's former bedroom. They had discovered her uniform and even some of her under things like stockings and pantaloons, you know, her unmentionables!:0 They had laid them out on the bed and I swore in my head I heard a voice say, "She doesn't like her underclothes exposed for people to see!" I could feel her embarrassment, poor thing. I told my husband and he reverted to Vulcan and felt I was being sensitive. I don't know. Like Mulder on the X Files ,I want to believe.


Sunrunner said...

I know exactly what you're talking about! That sounds so much like what my hubby does. And I love Ghost Hunters and Most Haunted! Have a good weekend!

Lorianna said...

Hi sunrunner!
That's what's so cool about blogging; you can "meet" people who share the same interests, like tv shows, books, ect... Happy weekend.