Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Time flies while I stand still

Yesterday I had, counting my daughter, 7 teenagers in my house and I fed all of them. The house is still standing, but I'm pretty wiped out. Snacks, soda, video games, music and food seemed to be all they needed to keep them happy. They had all attended orientation at school that morning, so I knew I was due for a stampede anytime after noon.
I'm not ready for the whole school year routine to begin again: Making 2 lunches (yes I make husband's too) playing drill sergeant to get her moving and out the door in time, worrying that she didn't get enough sleep, or eat enough breakfast. I know I'll miss it all when she graduates. I think I just prefer the more relaxed non-schedule oriented vibe of Summer. Well, at least with an empty house, (except for kitties of course, who cause me no stress, usually) I will be able to get back to writing without distractions. Sigh... Is it just me, or does time begin to move faster as we age?


Sunrunner said...

You are brave!!! 7 teenagers and you're still sane??

Lorianna said...

Well, the "Sane" is highly debatable :)I'm just glad they felt comfortable here and that they behaved themselves. (I still need to vacuum.)