Monday, August 20, 2007

Monday,Monday Blah

It's been raining since Saturday night and it's been very chilly. I don't like it. Sure rain is good for the plants, but does it have to be so cold? August is supposed to be a warm, sunny, golden month. On a positive note; I found The Dresden Files dvd set yesterday. I've watched one episode so far while my daughter slept in. I plan to savor it seeing as @%$# SciFi canceled the series. Why? Jim Butcher is a best selling author and his Dresden Files books have a huge following. I don't understand networks and their choices. I'm always the one to find unique shows that don't go with the mainstream and then the ax falls and that's that. Thank the stars for dvds.

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Sunrunner said...

They writers of the shows wrote themselves into a corner because they didn't follow the books closely enough! I'm going to miss that show. I really liked it!

Blessings, and have a good weekend!