Saturday, August 18, 2007

Kitchen "magick" and other things

I've been busy. Yesterday was stay at home and cook day, so I made roast chicken and roasted yukon gold potatoes. I used lots of rosemary and garlic on both and dinner turned out quite well. After dinner I made a huge batch of chocolate chip cookies; something that my daughter had been jonesing for since earlier in the week. The trick is real butter and a bag and a half of chocolate chips. I use the traditional semi sweet and half a bag of dark chocolate chips. I also use dark brown sugar. My daughter is naturally thin (Grrr) and can eat her weight in them.
Today I'm extra sore and stiff and the cool air and rain isn't helping. That's the nasty thing about RA; Things that used to come so easily, like baking and gardening now take a toll on damaged swollen joints. But doing things for my family is important so I won't give in to this disease. I will however take it easier the rest of the weekend (try to anyway) and read and maybe get some writing done. I finished Devil May Cry and have now started Sex and the Psychic Witch. It's a cute light paranormal romance, perfect for a rainy weekend. Time to relax

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