Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Pain, Pain Go Away

I found out that the jaw is vulnerable to RA damage too. Ow... :( The ol' hinge joint hurts when I open my mouth or chew. I upped my anti-inflamatory meds and then I needed extra acid blocker meds to protect my tummy. (The med circle goes round and round.) I've been putting off the Biologics because even with insurance they are very expensive. They also suppress the immune system down to like, nothing. That means I would have colds and other nasties on a regular basis and the side effects can be rather unpleasant. They do prevent joint damage, but I've been told that after a while their effectiveness wears off and you must switch to another one. I'm just not sure what to do. I'm tired of being in pain, tired of being tired, and tired of feeling like I'm constantly coming down with the flu. I know damage is being done. I feel it in every move I make and I see it in my bent fingers and crooked toes.
Ok, enough whining. On a more pleasant topic; I read that the next Harry Dresden book "Small Favor" will be released in late April. That's very close to my early May birthday. ;) I haven't heard about the new Sookie Stackhouse book yet. Usually one comes out around my birthday too. My husband can spot the distinctive artwork on sight and takes my 'hint" and picks it up. At least I make it easy on him. Hmm, maybe I'll get two books this time. *-*

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