Saturday, November 24, 2007

Books, oh how I love them

I don't have a lot of magazine subscriptions because they can really add up, but one I have to have is Romantic Times Book Reviews. This magazine reviews all kinds of fiction, not just romance: Mystery, Urban Fantasy, Science Fiction, Mainstream Fiction, Paranormal Romance, Historical Romance, Contemporary Romance Inspirational Romance and E-books in all categories. And, not just reviews; they have author interviews, tips for writers and publishing industry news. It's also loaded with glossy adds for all kinds of books. Oh, they also review Erotica and while there's never anything x-rated, sometimes the adds for those books can be a little racy, so if you have curious kids be aware. ;) Their reviews are never snarky and usually pretty good. And each category has all the books listed by author, book title, and publisher. (Makes a great shopping list.) Their website is Wouldn't that be a great job? Just think; reading books then telling what you thought about it, then getting paid for it! I wonder if they're hiring?

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Tempest Knight said...

I discovered RT magazine back in 1992 through what was going to be a small romance novel series. I've been a subscriber since then. I've watched it grow from its rag paper to the glossy ones, and I love it. *g*