Thursday, April 10, 2008

Would Anyone Like A Piece Of Cake?

The mermaid is the work of artist Renae Taylor. I cut out that picture from Fairie Magazine a few months ago, pasted it on posterboard, cut it out again and put clear plastic over it. Then I punched a small hole in the top, threaded a ribbon through and hung the picture from a kitchen cabinet handle. It hangs over the coffee maker. :) I would love to order an actual print from the artist someday.
The mermaid needs her coffee to cause mayhem. Cricket prefers her stinky goodness and crunchies in the morning before she begins a long day of shredding furniture, playing with toys, and napping.
I'm sorry if my blue mood is bumming you out. I don't mean to be a big ball of sad. Warm weather is slow in coming here and even though I love summer I'm dreading the month of June. Tookie went to the Bridge on June 4 last year. I'm just not ready to face the fact that I haven't had my kitty for a year. You all would have loved her. Oh, she was the best! So good natured, really smart and talkative. Please don't think I love my other 3 kitties any less. I love them very much. But, Tookie and I were just so close. I think that cat understood me better than anyone else. It's hard to lose someone like that.
Keeping busy is helping a little. Yesterday I baked a chocolate cake and my husband and I went to the bookstore and out to dinner while my daughter went to movie night at her friend's house. You would think that with all the baking that I do I would weigh 300 pounds. Actually, I'm fairly petite, thanks to RA. Not that an auto immune disease is a recommended way to lose weight mind you, but it does affect my appetite and the low grade fevers I get raise my metabolism. No, I'm not skinny and I really need to tone up! I like baking though. It's creative and the end result makes everybody happy.
Oh, a couple of nights ago there was a f1 tornado west of us in a small county. It moved east through a few more miles before it fizzled out. There was some damage, but no body was hurt. Michigan has 3 seasons; winter, road construction, and severe weather. Sigh.... I need more coffee...


Daisy said...

I sure wish I could have met Tookie! I'll bet we would have been good friends.

Do not worry about being blue sometimes! I just wish you did not feel sad.

MISS PEACH >(^.^) said...

I wish I could send you a bouquet of daffodils from my garden to cheer you up even more...or two or three! I think what you need is a vacation to The Grand Hotel on Macinaw(sp?) Island. Meet me there in time for the lilacs to bloom!
I do understand your blueness really. But you will get through this whit help from above. The signs are in the shadows...if you look for them. Mommy still makes a big step over the spot where Minka used to sleep in the bedroom. She has been gone since 2001. She wanted me to sleep in her cozy cup, but I will not. She can not bring herself to give it away it sits under the dining room bench and gathers dusty memories. Some stuff you just need to keep!
I got to go out on the patio today for the first time yeah! it was warm then mommy said to come back in so I do not catch a chill.
I am glad you has a relaxing evening away fromthe cozy Victorian:)
Love Miss Peach

Mo said...

Winter, road construction, and severe weather! We have all 3 rolled into 1 this week!
The storms that missed us the other night must've come near you. Glad your family is safe.
As for Tookie, I know she will always be in your heart, but only time will make that heart feel better. Time and blog friends! :)
Know you are loved!


DaisyMae Maus said...

Tookie sounded very special ... It's hard when someone so loved goes to the Bridge. Give yourself some time.

Adan*Michico said...

Sometimes I feel blue as well, but I am not like you, I can't bake anything, you are so much better than me.

I wish your blue could leave you soon, I am praying and purring for you~!

MISS PEACH >(^.^) said...

See how loved you are Tookies Mommy?! Adan is so sweet and Mo is the best guy in the world. Is he single? hee hee
I wanted to share the most uplifting and beautiful site I know about. This is where I got when I need a respite and a get away from the world time. A magic place full of beautiful images. You might already know about it but just incase you don' the duir and go on is called the Duirwaigh Gallery. I have the link on my sidebar if you want to find it that way.
Have a wonderful friday dear friend. I will be cleaning house and fixing a nice supper as our Lapdaddy has to work late:)
Love Karla & the Peach

JB's Big World said...

I think that when spring truly comes you will feel much better. My mom hates it when it is gloomy and cloudy and the sun does not shine. Oh, and my mom says she would like a piece of cake!
You had a tornado near you too? We did too, sort of, two nights ago. We had some terrible straight line winds quite near our house, but all was ok in our neighborhood, thank goodness.
Happy Friday!