Saturday, April 26, 2008

A Visit To The Garden

Yesterday was very warm. 80 degrees! Cody couldn't wait to go outside with me. He is a bit of a camera hog. After I took one picture of him he kept trying to get into the other shots of the flowers.
The pink heart shaped flowers are called Bleeding Hearts. The white daffodils with the peach ruffles are called Salome. Then there are some early blooming tulips and pansies.
Today and for the coming week it is going to be quiet cold. Bummer. I will probably get some more cleaning done and bake some cookies. My husband and daughter are in the basement building a bookshelf. The house smells like sawdust. I think I will just visit some more blog friends before I get to work.
Tomorrow I will try to post some more Billie and Cricket pictures. They are back to power napping and bird watching.
Cecil and Cecil's Mommie; If you come by to visit; I will miss you very much! :(
I hope you will still leave a comment just to say hi and let me know how you are doing. Please take care and I will keep you in my thoughts. Cecil you are the stripiest cutest cougar ever.
Happy Weekend Everyone.


Anonymous said...

Mom almost bought some bleeding hearts yesterday. We're planing our vegetables right now so no time for preparing another flower bed... We're already getting so hot here, it's hard to imagine cold.

We will also miss Cecil, our stripey Cougar.

JB's Big World said...

What beautiful flowers! And 80 degrees? I bet you and your kitties loved that.
Oh, did you hear that Cecil will be blogging once a week on Thursdays? I am happy he is not gone completely!

Team Tabby said...

Our garden is not as far along as your beautiful garden is. It is cooler here, but it is starting to warm up now. Cody looks so happy to be in the garden.

Mindy & Moe

Daisy said...

You have beautiful flowers! I think that daffodil color is really pretty and unique.

meemsnyc said...

Wow, 80F degrees, what wonderful weather? It was slightly chilly for us this weekend. But still a lovely weekend. We very much enjoy pictures of your pretty flowers in the garden. We miss having a garden here in Brooklyn. But we keep a lot of flower boxes. The flowers have not bloomed yet, we have a few spring flowers to expect soon. We are anxiously awaiting.

Sunrunner said...

We aren't quite planting here yet. I'm hoping in another week or two... Your flowers are really pretty!!

Cecil the Cougar: said...

Hi Lorianna! Sorry for not dropping by sooner! Fanks for thinking that I am a very stripey cougar! I try to be as stripey as possible for pictures ;) This has been a slow week for me, I has just spent a lot of time outside on the balcony looking at birdies through the screening. They look so tasty! See you on Thursday, promises!