Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Mid Week Catch UP

My three days of off and on fevers has ended. Yay! Yesterday afternoon I napped with Cricket. But, before I did, I eased my guilt about feeling lazy by doing some spring cleaning. My body decided that I was not listening, so my joints locked up and my temperature soared. So, I went to bed and Cricket happily joined me. She can be a very sweet kitty sometimes.
The weather has been so pretty here this past week. 70 to 75 degrees and sunny. I actually like it around 80 to 85 and humid. I know many people are not fond of humidity, but to me it feels wonderful. My husband agreed that if we ever have the chance to move out of state, we can move to Florida or Georgia. But, our home has to have central air and a pool would be nice too. The only thing that scares me about Florida are alligators. Did you see the one that actually broke into a lady's house? He was huge! She found him in her kitchen. She took out her camera and filmed him from a distance of course. At least I think she's the one that filmed him. He hissed! Yikes!
This afternoon and evening after dinner I need to play catch up and visit some blogs. I miss visiting Miss Peach. I hope she's ok and that Karla and her husband are enjoying Hawaii.
Today's picture is titled "Playtime". I hope every one manages to have some playtime this week. =^.. ^ =


Cecil the Cougar: said...

Lorianna, I fink it would be great if you moved to Florida! Then Cricket, Daisy and I could have playdates and the Mommies could drink iced tea or whatever you human Mommies do!

My Mommie loves kissing my forehead, and I love it too :) I headbutt hers and then she kisses mine!

meemsnyc said...

Last summer we were in Florida and we saw a "wild" alligator for the first time in this pond on a golf course. We were super scared!!

Daisy said...

Move down here! It is very humid almost all year 'round, and every house has central A/C. There are some alligators, and I have seen one in my very own backyard. Just stay away from them.

Team Tabby said...

Hi, we came over from meemsnyc's blog. We heard the story about the alligator on da radio recently. Very scary to find it in her kitchen. It supposedly climbed thru her screen door to get to her cat, they think. The kitty was okay tho. Above 80 degrees is too warm for us, cause we live near da ocean on Canada's east coast. Have a great day.

Mindy & Moe

Princess said...

my comment was eaten by stoopit blogger i will try again


Princess said...

I think warmer more humid weather would be very good for you.
How about North or South Carolina?
Nice seasons, and lots to do... no hurricanes or alligators to worry about. How about Virrrginia? You would like Virginia. They have great "retirement communities here... mom hates to admit it but thinks she would actually even want to live in one at some point. Williamsburg near the shore is very very nice. Blizzie is transferring to the College of William and Mary next year... her older sisser (Christabelle)graduated from that college already.

I think Cricket is a very sweet and comforting kitty to come and be with you when you need your rest.

I hope that today was a much better day for you.

purrs always <3

JB's Big World said...

Hi Lorianna,
It will take me a while to get caught up on reading your blog, but I wanted to come by to say hello and hope you are feeling better. My mom is back and she got home this afternoon and she still has to unpack. But, my mom is back!!!1 Whooo hoo!! Ok, I am just a little bit excited.....see you again soon!