Saturday, April 19, 2008

Friday Afternoon In The Garden With Cody.

Cody and I relaxed outside yesterday. It was 75 degrees! He seemed a little high strung yesterday, my husband noticed it too. We think the earthquake aftershock bothered him. The early morning one was barely noticeable, but Cody has always been sensitive to things like that; thunderstorms, fireworks, garbage trucks. :) I'm just glad here in Michigan we will probably never have an actual earthquake.
The tulips haven't opened yet, but when they do I'll take some pictures. I have to take a teenager shopping today. (my daughter) I fear this will not end well. sigh... ;0
Have a Happy Weekend Everyone!


Daisy said...

Your garden is beautiful! It's no wonder Cody looks so happy and peaceful to be there.

Mo said...

Lovely garden pics!
Cody looks quite content!
And what I felt the other night was "real" enough for me! :)

Quasi said...

Wonderful garden pics! As we begin the Passover weekend, Cody might be interested in my latest blog post. It tells the feline story of Passover, or Purrover. Have a great weekend!

MISS PEACH >(^.^) said...

What a nice garden snap Lorianna! All the tiny blue scilla and a sweet angel just like you.
It was nice to get to meet Cody and his pretty fishie charm. I can not wear a collar because I do not much fur on my neck as a cushion. I do not even have a tag, but if I did, it would be a tiny fishie like Cody has.
I am overjoyed that you are happy with your bracelet. I made it with a special magnetic catch so you would not have to fuss with it if your hands were hurty. I think it looks so much like Tookie. When I found the kitty in the window graphic, I just knew what to do with it:) I was so please that it resembled Tookie enough also. Did you like MY tea? It is mommies favorite tea.
We will miss you so very much while we are in Hawaii. Please keep me in your daily thoughts and purrrayers so I will be OK. Mommy is so worried that I will get sick again. I told her I would not but she does not want to relax and believe me. She does not like to be away from me.
Thank you for your love and means more to me than most things that are very tangible.
Love Miss Peach

Cecil the Cougar: said...

IF I ever came to visit you, I would want to hang out in the garden with Cody! It looks like the purrfect spot for a cat. ~ I hope that the shopping went ok. My Mommie says it wasn't that long ago for her that she was a crazy teenager let loose in the mall. Acourse the only difference is now she is older but she is still a little crazy when let loose in the mall. Daddie and I have to make her surrender the debit card!