Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Lost, One Toy Bat. (And My Mind)

I'm finally posting. Yay! I'm finally coming out of a pain medication stupor. I had a really bad flare in my ribcage yesterday. All the cartilage on my right side was inflamed. Ouch! I'm a bit better today. At least now I can sit upright. :)
See the rubber bat on the chair? That is Batly. He belongs to Cricket. He started out as a Halloween party favor that my daughter came home with a few years ago. Then Cricket discovered him and started carrying him around in her mouth. We tied a black ribbon around him so we could make him fly for her. If you do it just right, Batly really looks like he's flying! When she carries him around, sometimes Cricket will stop, put him on the floor and start meowing in a very plaintive manner as if she wants us to come see.
Well, this picture was taken a few weeks ago. Now we can't find Batly. We think Cricket hid him somewhere, but so far we haven't been able to figure out where. This old house has a lot of good hiding places for a kitty to hide toys. I know he's on of her favorite toys and I worry that she misses him. But, if she hid him then she must know where he is, right? Maybe if we find him she won't feel the need to be so aggressive with Cody when they play. Nah, I think it's just in Cricket's nature to play rough, still it would be nice to find Batly.
Tomorrow I have to go to the dentist so I hope I'm more mobile. At least I get to lie down for a while. ;) Oh Mother Nature play a really mean April Fools joke today. Yes, we had snow flurries. Fortunately , they didn't stick, so I guess her mood wasn't too bad. I hope no one had any bad joke played on them today. Some times it's fun, but I'm not really into April Fools Day. Besides, there's no candy involved! =^..^=


MISS PEACH >(^.^) said...

Oh Lorianna...I think you overdid the gardening to uncover the spring blossoms. Now you are in pain and that makes me so sad to know. I know how fresh you want it to be, to throw open the windows and let the air roll inside. Mommy opened the bathroom window and sometimes I sit in the bedroom window and let the morning sun warm my fur. Lapdaddy built extra wide windowsills just for me to sit on. Last night I slept with mommy curled up in her arms. The grandbean was home from school sick today so I slept under the covers lots.
Mommy spent some time working on a very special project this afternoon. She is always finding things to do that do not include having me in her lap!We did put away the easter thingies except for your lovely card and scrapbook page. Those will stay up until the heat of summer calls for sea shells and ocean glass.
Billie is such a beautiful lady cat. Mommy had troubles brushing Miss Minka, who was a blue~cremem Persian, the cat who came befoe me. She would get a nice crew cut each summer at the groomers. I am a wash and wear kinda cat:)
Remeber I love you lots and always keep you in my tiny heart...
Love Miss Peach

JB's Big World said...

Do you think Cody or Billie decided to hide Batly? I hope you start to feel better soon. Maybe once the weather warms up the pain won't be so great? I can not imagine that you had snow flurries again.....I don't think we could live where you live!
I am purring for you to feel better. Have a great day!

Princess said...

I bet that raking made your ribbie cage flare up! easy does it

I hope you find Batly. That should be your #1 priority. How could you disappoint Billiekins?

purrrs for a sunny happy day

Daisy said...

I am sorry you have been feeling poorly, but glad you are getting better today. I think you are right: holidays with treats and presents are better than holidays with tricks.

I sure hope batly can be found.

The Cat Realm said...

I am glad you are feeling better - and I hope you will feel even better tomorrow!!!
I bet you Cricket hit the bat! It will show up again! Mrs. OZ has one of those toy carrots - and she puts it in different places all the time!