Sunday, April 20, 2008

Another Weekend Has Passed Me By/Sunny Sunday!

I survived the mall! I'm tired today though and am anxious to go outside and get some sun. Right now Billie is on my lap, so I will wait until she decides to get up. She's not sleeping, just purring away.
Miss Peach's Mommy, Karla and her husband, (Lapdaddy) are going to Hawaii for a week! Miss Peach will be going to a very nice Kitty Hilton. I will keep them all in my thoughts for a nice vacation and a safe trip home. I'm sure going to miss them!
While I was waiting in the changing area for my daughter to try on things I met a cute little girl who was waiting for her mom and sister as they tried on things. She asked me who I was waiting for. After I told her my daughter she asked how old she was. "Sixteen" I said. "My sister is seventeen." She said, and then asked me if my daughter was "mean", because her sister was mean! :) I replied that mine could be rather grumpy. She sighed, "My sister is grumpy. I have five sisters."
This little girl was so cute and so bored! My daughter came out of the changing room huffing and puffing and complaining. I glanced at the little girl and she smiled and I smiled back. Yup, grumpy teenager. Someday, that little girl will be a tempermental teen too.
I'm going to take my meds and soak up some sunshine now. Billie has left to nap elsewhere. I hope you all have a nice Sunday!


Daisy said...

What a sweet moment of connection you had with the little girl!

MISS PEACH >(^.^) said...

Dear Lorianna! I will miss you more than words can say while I am away. I will think about you each day. I wanted to let you know that before I went to bed. Stay in the warmth of the sun and remember today you and that tiny sister had a real moment...those are what make life go round between the lines:)
Love and hugs, Karla & Miss Peach

Princess said...

Ah yes, but those moody teens still really need their moms. We had two of them here and my mom would say "when you act like that I still love youuuu" or sometimes she would fake cry or just get all pouty when they were mean to her hahahahahhaha

I hope you had a very sunny day. We had a lot of rain.


Cecil the Cougar: said...

Awww, little girls are so sweet and innocent. I would like a little girl to cuddle wif. Somtimes Mommie is grumpy!