Saturday, June 21, 2008

Wait, Saturday All Ready?

Billie's idea of helping me fold laundry is to crawl into a comforter I'm trying to fold. She is not fond of Toeshee at all. After I tuck him in for the night in the upstairs bathroom she comes for some attention and has been jumping up on to the bed to sleep along side me. Cricket is still sleeping on my legs or tummy. :) Cody doesn't seem bothered by the new addition much. Toeshee will actually follow him, watching him eat and groom himself before a nap. I think he looks up to Cody. Probably because Cody hasn't growled and hissed at him like the girls do.
This kitten is a ball of energy. He practical bounces off the walls and hops more than walks. When he's ready to snuggle and nap he's very sweet and purry. Maybe someday he will be a fat snuggly potato. :) Right now, I'm just tired trying to keep him out of trouble. I will have to put him in a cat carrier when I take a shower. It's for big kitties so it will be like a playpen for him. He will cry and complain and I will feel bad. (sigh...)
My husband is working today and I'm home with kitties and a bored daughter. I'm tapering off of the nasty Predisone. It helps with the stiffness, but makes me irritable and puffy. I will be starting a disease modifyer next week called Plaquinel. Blah... I just want some energy back. I really need it now.
I will come by to visit as soon as I can. Have a really fun first full day of Summer. I hope it's a wondeful season for everyone, full of fun and relaxation. Big Hugs! =^..^=


Daisy said...

I'll bet there is never a dull moment at your house now that Toeshee has arrived! That name is so cute.

MISS PEACH >(^.^) said...

Cody is such a sweet boy for taking to mentoring little M. Yes the girls will be hissy and pissy for a bit but they will adjust I am sure. My Lapdaddy has to work tonight so we are chillaxing on this firest day of summer. Me and mommy out on the patio lounger watching the rain storm bring some relief from the humid heat we are having right now.
We got most all of the weeding done and cleaned up the courtyard then there was this wind storm!!! YCUK...mommy just said bad words and how she can never get ahead with her clean up work around here...then she blew off the dust and mopped the floor again! I think she neds some coffee and chocolate!
Have a wonderful SUnday and love on the little M lots and don't forget that the old girls need some attention specially theirs so they are not too green with envy over M.
Adoringly yours Miss Peach

Team Tabby said...

We like your new kitten's name. It will take some time adjusting to having a young'un around again. We can hardly see Billie in that comforter! We enjoyed our first day of summer, hope you feel better very soon.

Mindy & Moe

JB's Big World said...

Hi Lorianna,
I am sorry I have not been by for a couple of days. My mom has been super busy and she has been preparing a presentation for a sales meeting next week. She will be gone Mon - Thurs! I am so sad.
Toeshee sure sounds like he is just getting all used to his surroundings. Cody is being a good kitty and being nice. I was the last kitty in my house and I was and still am pretty rambunctious (spelling??), so I did not care much if someone hissed at me. I just kept on playing! You should get Toeshee a Cat Dancer toy! He would love it I am sure!
See you soon!

MISS PEACH >(^.^) said...

Did you have a restful Sunday? I hope so but with a kitten in the house...well, maybe not:)
Mommy has finished in the garden for awhile now YEAH!
Now she needs to make lots of bracelets this week so she will be busy again. Rats~ because I can not sit in her lap when she is beading! Always something!
Mommy loves the little smelly thing you sent to her....she keeps it in a tea cup on the dining room table.
Today I have a posty that might touch you but in a good no crying:) Lots of love and gentle hugs to you my dear friend...your Miss Peachy